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Streamline in-store checkout with a specialized POS interface. Efficiently handle orders across multiple POS locations. Easily locate products using barcodes. Enhance sales with an advanced loyalty program and more.

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Nearly 50 years of establishment have endowed Verifone with a thorough understanding of commerce to improve their payment services. With a high emphasis on innovation, Verifone has developed a range of payment solutions for merchants worldwide, including payment gateways, virtual terminals, and Android payment terminals to easily and flexibly handle payments online and in-store.

Verifone has POS software incorporated into their payment devices, but the function of this POS is insufficient for business scenarios today. Merchants not only need to process payments, but they also have to manage other aspects of their businesses like inventory, customers, and employees across a mix of channels.

Therefore, to leverage the payment capacity of the Verifone credit card machine without compromising on operational efficiency, business owners are on the hunt for a Verifone POS that works smoothly with Verifone payment terminals. To help you speed up the process, we compile the list of the 7 best POS for Verifone to help you make the right decision. Let’s dive in!

What is Verifone and what does Verifone do?

Verifone is a U.S. multinational corporation that provides end-to-end payment solutions for businesses of various sizes and industries, from small retail stores to large banking institutions. To date, Verifone has customers from more than 165 countries worldwide and processes over 12 billion transactions each year with transaction values estimated at 500 billion through their gateways, which indicates Verifone’s extensive reach at the global scale.

Considering themselves payment gateway architecture, Verifone relentlessly innovates to offer their customers modern and updated payment services. Verifone enables merchants to accept and process online, offline, and omnichannel payments using both local and global methods in a fast, seamless, and secure way. What characterizes Verifone is their suite of value-added tools and unified commerce solutions that allow businesses to manage payment devices, centralize cross-channel payment data in a single dashboard, and generate reports on customers’ transactions to identify spending habits and trends for business decision-making.

Verifone terminals vs POS software

Understanding Verifone terminals and POS software thoroughly is helpful for you to choose the best fit for your business.

Verifone terminals

Verifone has a wide selection of payment terminals readily integrated with their POS software. However, Verifone POS has fewer functions in comparison with other standalone software in the market. Its main function is to accept and process payments only. Besides, the software is exclusively compatible with Verifone card terminals, making it more difficult for users to use on 3rd-party devices, customize, and add more features to meet changing business requirements for rapid growth and expansion.

As Verifone payment terminals lack the features required to run your daily operations productively, you had better examine your business needs cautiously and consider whether you need a POS compatible with Verifone terminal for more complete functionality.

POS software

A comprehensive POS software, on the other hand, gives you a host of tools to monitor your entire business operations effectively. In addition to connecting with different POS hardware like barcode scanners, POS terminals, and card registers to process payments, POS software allows business owners to track and manage inventory, employees, and orders and sync crucial business data across channels in real time, thus delivering a complete view of your business situations.

To get a clearer view of the differences between Verifone terminals and POS software, take a look at the table below.

Benefits of integrating POS software with Verifone terminals

Verifone offers different types of payment card terminals to accommodate diverse business needs, from mobile credit card machines to portable card terminals. Integrating your preferred POS software with these terminals harnesses the strength of both systems for business management and customer satisfaction.

The POS and payment terminal integration accepts and processes a wide variety of payment methods like contactless and mobile payments with high speed and security, thus giving your customers greater freedom to choose how they want to pay. In addition, you also get many tools to help run and manage your daily business activities, including:

  • Manage your inventory across channels and locations like stock movement and purchase orders
  • Keep your key business data consistent across online stores and physical locations
  • Build customer relationship and loyalty programs
  • Track and manage employees to improve productivity
  • Offer your customers buy online, pick up in store, and other order fulfillment options

Top 5 desired POS features for smooth integration with payment terminals and running daily operations

To integrate with Verifone payment terminals and facilitate comprehensive control of your business operations, POS software should have some key features as follows.

POS compatibility

Your chosen in-store POS should be compatible with the Verifone payment machine for smooth payments without unexpected conflicts and errors. Besides, it should work properly with other apps for more features, including some as below.

  • Payments: Square, Stripe, Adyen, etc.
  • Accounting: QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, etc.
  • CRM: Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, etc.
  • ERP: NetSuite, SAP, Dynamics 365, etc.
  • Marketplaces: Amazon, eBay, Etsy

Inventory management

The POS must be able to help you manage inventory effectively across sales channels and locations by performing the following tasks.

  • Update inventory levels across channels and stores
  • Transfer stocks between locations
  • Adjust inventory quantity
  • Manage stocks with barcodes
  • Deliver low-stock alerts
  • Create and manage purchase orders

Real-time data syncs

Most businesses sell their products on many online and offline channels, so the POS should sync critical metrics in real time to ensure data consistency between channels, including:

  • Sync customers
  • Sync products
  • Sync orders

Customer loyalty

An ideal POS for Verifone payment terminal is the one that can help you foster relationships with your customers by:

  • Collect customers’ information
  • Build and sync customer profiles across channels
  • Run and manage loyalty programs like loyalty points, store credits, and gift cards

Analytics reporting tools

To assess your business correctly and adapt accordingly, you need access to varied types of reports. Therefore, the POS software should deliver and update in real time some major reports on:

  • Sales: daily, weekly, and monthly sales; sales by products, brands, suppliers, etc.
  • Employees: sales performance of each employee, working hours, commissions
  • Inventory: on-hand stocks, stock movement, incoming, etc.

Top 7 POS software to complement Verifone terminals

Below we compare the 7 best Verifone POS in terms of key features, pricing, pros, and cons. These POS solutions are arranged in the ascending order of pricing.

POS system
Key features
Best use cases
Customer reviews
Magestore POS
  • Order creation and processing in seconds
  • Customer-facing display and self-service modes
  • Offline mode
  • Many payment types like cash, debit cards, credit cards, split payment, reward points, store credits, gift cards, buy now pay later, etc.
  • Cross-channel inventory, customer, order, and product syncs in real time
  • Multi-location and cross-channel inventory managemen
  • Enable refunds, returns, and exchanges
  • Purchase order creation and management
  • Employee management
  • Omnichannel order fulfillment options like store pickup
  • Omnichannel loyalty programs, including reward points, store credits, gift cards
  • Work with many POS hardware types
  • Real-time reports
  • Integrate with 3rd-party service providers
Custom pricing
Fast-growing startups, medium, and large omnichannel retailers
4.7/5.0 on Capterra
  • Robust and reliable POS
  • Very good service
  • Excellent and efficient
Lavu POS
  • Self-ordering kiosks, online ordering, and QR code payments
  • Sync online and offline order data into one single system
  • Offer cash discounts with dual pricing
  • Track and adjust stock levels
  • Let customers create their profiles
  • Integrate with delivery, order management services, and more
    Contact for a quote
    Small and medium restaurants, cafes, and bars
    4.1/5.0 on Capterra
    • Simple and easy to use
    • Good POS system
    • Great features
    Epos Now 
    • Cross-channel inventory and employee management
    • Many payment types, including Google Pay, Apple Pay
    • Track online and offline orders
    • Offer click and collect, loyalty programs, and promotions
    • Allow redeeming loyalty points gained online and in-store
    • Support barcode management and automatic purchase orders
    • Allow bundling items
    • Different kinds of reports
    • Provide industry-specific features for hospitality businesses
    From $349
    Small retailers and restaurants
    3.3/5.0 on Capterra
    • Helpful customer services
    • Easy to use and economically friendly
    • A useful system for SME
    RetailEdge POS
    • Accept many payment methods, including contactless payments
    • Work with many POS equipment types
    • Manage stock transfers between locations
    • Create purchase orders automatically based on stock levels
    • Offer time-based discounts, store credits, gift cards, and more
    • Support multiple sales screens, split payments, and email receipts
    • Sync inventory, customers, sales, and loyalty information across locations
    From $495 (one-time) 
    Multi-store retailers
    4.8/5.0 on Capterra
    • Exceptional support
    • Feature-rich software
    • Very easy to use and straightforward
    • Accept credit, debit cards, contactless payments, and more
    • Centralize inventory across locations in one place
    • Low-stock, overstock, and out-of-stock notifications
    • Support auto ordering
    • Provide inventory database import tools
    • Allow running deals and discounts between multiple locations
    • Refund customers with store credits or money
    • Integrate with 3rd-party accounting, CRM, and loyalty software
    $59 – $69/ month
    Small retailers of different types
    4.7/5.0 on Capterra
    • Great customer service
    • Excellent POS system
    • Quite useful
    TouchBistro POS
    • Support designing floor plans, and transferring tables
    • Accept many payment methods like cash and digital wallet
    • Allow creating and managing all menus in one place
    • Sync menu changes to online ordering and in-venue menus
    • Offer easy-to-use modifiers
    • Reports on sales, employees, and more
    • Support tableside ordering, upselling, and bill splitting
    • Track employee activities, working hours, and sales performance
    • Integrate with 3rd-party services
    From $69/ month
    Small and medium restaurants
    3.9/5.0 on Capterra
    • Great software
    • Powerful and user-friendly
    • Great functionality
    Lightspeed Retail POS
    • Support cards, digital wallets, and other payment types
    • Cross-channel and multi-location inventory, sale, and customer management
    • Offer built-in purchase order feature 
    • Cross-channel bulk changes in prices 
    • Advanced marketing like customer segmentations, email marketing 
    • Support selling products on online marketplaces and social media platforms 
    • Customizable reports with real-time updates 
    $138 – $538/ month
    Small and medium omnichannel retailers
    4.1/5.0 on Capterra
    • Friendly to use
    • A great all-inclusive system
    • Complete and easy POS

    1.Magestore POS: Best for fast-growing startups, medium, and large omnichannel retailers

    The high compatibility of Magestore Magento POS with 3rd-party solutions is what makes it gain great credibility with international merchants. The POS can connect well with many payment service providers and POS hardware, including Verifone payment terminals, to deliver a diverse, quick, and secure checkout experience for customers.

    This Verifone POS software also has quite a few well-developed tools available for you to operate your business easily and successfully. With Magestore POS for Magento 2, you can take full control of your inventory no matter how many stores you have online or offline, from tracking stock movements to managing purchase orders.

    Besides, syncing key business data like customers, orders, and products across channels and locations in real time also eliminates the risk of data inconsistency. Other features of the Magestore Verifone POS system like fast order creation and processing, loyalty program, self-checkout services, and more all contribute to giving your customers a high-quality shopping experience.

    Another remarkable Magestore’s POS software is Shopify POS specifically crafted for Shopify merchants. Seamlessly integrating with Shopify, the POS facilitates effective inventory management and omnichannel loyalty programs. Magestore Shopify POS can also work on both desktops and tablets for greater flexibility, assist employee management, refunds, and fast checkout.

    magestore-omnichannel-point-of-sale (1)

    Key features

    • Support various payment methods such as cash, debit cards, credit cards, split payment, layaway, buy now pay later, reward points, store credits, gift cards, etc.
    • Run on any device and can work without the Internet connection
    • Accelerate checkout with order generation and processing in seconds, self checkout services, and customer facing display mode
    • Sync products, customers, and orders from multiple channels in real time
    • Support multi-location and cross-channel inventory management
    • Assist refunds, returns, exchanges
    • Create and manage purchase orders from a single dashboard
    • Supervise employee working schedules and sales performance: permission login, working shifts, recording salespeople’s names on receipts, etc.
    • Offer store pickup and other omnichannel order fulfillment options
    • Support omnichannel loyalty programs including reward points, store credits, gift cards
    • Work with various POS hardware
    • Generate real-time reports for detailed business insights
    • Easy to customize and scale to your changing needs
    • Integrate with 3rd-party services providers, including shipment (ShipStation, FedEx), ERP (NetSuite, SAP), payments (Worldpay, Adyen, Square, Stripe,), accounting (Xero, QuickBooks), marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Etsy)


    Magento POS: Custom pricing based on your business complexity, the number of stores, and expected levels of support and services. You’ll only pay once for the POS license.

    Shopify POS has 2 pricing options:

    • Lite plan: $ 15 per month for 1 location
    • Standard plan: $50 per month per location

    You’ll have a 30-day free trial before purchase.

    Pros and cons

    High customizability and stability
    The feature-rich Magento POS has a high upfront cost yet you’ll enjoy money-savings and benefits in the long term thanks to the one-time payment policy.
    Easy to use, robust, and reliable
    Highly safe and secure
    On-demand expert support and consultation
    Unlimited users and devices
    Compatible with the latest Magento versions
    Dedicated support throughout your project
    No charges for solution implementation and transactions
    No monthly fees for Magento POS
    No hidden costs


    2.Lavu POS: Best for small restaurants, cafes, and bars

    Coming equipped with ample functionality specifically developed for restaurants, Lavu POS is one of many Verifone POS systems that can help you streamline your operations while ensuring smooth integration with Verifone credit card terminals. Lavu POS enables you to deliver your customers best-in-class services with self-ordering kiosks, online ordering, and QR code payments. Using the POS also lets you give cash discounts to the customers who pay in cash and encourage customers to create their profiles to save their favorites for future reordering and loyalty points.


    Key features

    • Support self-ordering kiosks, online ordering, and QR code payments
    • Sync online and offline order data into one single system
    • Provide kitchen display systems for sending orders to kitchens
    • Offer dual pricing that gives customers discounts when they pay in cash
    • Track inventory by adjusting stock levels subject to online and on-site orders
    • Enable customers to create their profiles for future orders and loyalty points
    • Supply in-house invoice management and payment processing services
    • Integrate with external services and apps like delivery and order management


    You need to contact the Lavu team to get a quote.

    Pros and cons

    Easy to set up
    Only work on iPads
    Flexible and reliable 
    No free trial

    3.Epos Now: Best for small retailers and restaurants

    Regarded by many as the best POS system for convenience stores, beauty salons, pharmacies, and other hospitality businesses, Epos Now is highly compatible with a range of POS devices and payment providers to accept multiple payment types. Besides the integration capability, the POS assists in multichannel inventory management with features like automatic purchase orders and barcode management. What’s more, you can track orders across online and offline stores, sync customer profiles, and enable them to redeem loyalty points obtained online right in store.


    Highlight features

    • Manage employees and inventory across sites and channels in one place
    • Accept different payment types, including Google Pay, Apple Pay
    • Monitor orders across online and offline stores
    • Support click and collect, loyalty programs, and promotions
    • Sync customer profiles and loyalty points between channels
    • Allow redeeming loyalty points that customers gain online right in stores
    • Support barcode management and automatic purchase orders
    • Let users search inventory by size, color, brand, or other product features
    • Enable users to create, edit, and bundle items
    • Create different kinds of reports for real-time insights
    • Integrate seamlessly with eCommerce platforms, 3rd-party payment processors, and more
    • Provide many industry-specific features for hospitality businesses like monitoring floor plans in real time and automated ordering


    Epos Now offers a complete POS solution with a price starting from $349. The solution includes POS software, built-in printers, card machines, and payment terminals. You can contact the Epos Now team to get detailed pricing.

    Pros and cons

    24/7 technical support
    No loyalty programs
    Expert advice
    Only compatible with Epos Now hardware
    Easy to implement 
    Limited customization
    Charge cancellation fees
    No free trial

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    4.RetailEdge POS: Best for multi-store retailers

    RetailEdge is a multi-store POS software that integrates well with the majority of hardware in the market, including Verifone payment devices, and any payment processors of your choice to give your customers many safe and secure payment options.

    Mainly focusing on retail businesses, the POS has a list of noticeable features to ease retailing management. It can keep customer, inventory, sales, and loyalty data aligned between physical locations for a consistent and centralized view. What’s more, RetailEdge helps you supervise stock transfers and track inventory levels to automatically create purchase orders. The POS also supports layaway orders, email receipts, split payments, and many loyalty programs to satisfy your customers and generate more sales.


    Key features

    • Accept numerous payment methods, including contactless payments
    • Work with a variety of POS equipment
    • Let users manage inventory across locations through stock transfers
    • Track stock levels to create purchase orders automatically
    • Support time-based discounts, store credits, gift cards, and more
    • Track sales performance by departments, items, and vendors
    • Support multiple sales screens, split payments, and email receipts
    • Supply sales data like layaways, saved sales, daily totals, and gift certificates
    • Sync inventory, customers, sales, and loyalty information across locations
    • Provide mobile POS that can work without the Internet connection
    • Integrate with external services like eCommerce platforms, payment processors


    RetailEdge POS costs $495 and this is a one-time price. Besides, if you need support, you can choose one support plan from the ones listed below.

    • Bronze plan: Free
    • Silver plan: $5.00/workstation/month
    • Gold plan: $45/month/location

    Pros and cons

    Good support including free email technical support, training videos, and blogs
    Confusing to use at the beginning
    Easy to set up and navigate 
    Not easy-to-use security features

    5.KORONA POS: Best for small retailers of different types

    As a good complement to the Verifone terminals, KORONA POS boasts many features to help you monitor your business effectively in addition to payment acceptance and processing. This Verifone point of sale system informs you of inventory situations with low-stock, overstock, and out-of-stock notifications, provides auto ordering features, and allows you to import inventory databases for new locations quickly and effortlessly. With this POS, you can also reward your customers with storewide loyalty programs or run discounts for multiple locations.



    Key features

    • Accept popular payment options like credit, debit cards, and contactless payments
    • Consolidate inventory across locations in one place
    • Provide low-stock, overstock, and out-of-stock notifications
    • Support auto ordering and inventory database import for new locations
    • Gather customer data and offer loyalty programs and promotions
    • Allow running promotions and discounts between multiple locations
    • Support refunding customers with store credits or money
    • Manage employees with time lock and access setting features
    • Integrate with 3rd-party accounting, CRM, and loyalty software
    • Supply many reports to get insights into customers’ behaviors, revenues, and more


    KORONA POS has the pricing plans as below.

    • KORONA POS Core: $59/ month for standard business operations
    • KORONA POS Retail: $69/ month for businesses that need more automation and inventory management.

    Pros and cons

    Easy to use
    Confusing and unintuitive user interface sometimes
    Free 24/7 support
    Need a learning curve
    Fast and reliable 
    No contracts
    No hidden fees
    Automatic software updates
    Unlimited new users

    6.TouchBistro POS: Best for small and medium restaurants

    Managing restaurants becomes much less challenging with TouchBistro POS. This POS lets users centrally manage all menus in one place, take tableside orders, split payments, and boost upselling. With TouchBistro, you can create proper floor plans, allow table transferring without disrupting your services, and manage your venue capacity to maximize revenues. In addition, TouchBistro works well with Verifone POS machines, along with other terminals, to offer many payment choices for customers.




    Highlight features

    • Support designing floor plans, transferring tables, and managing venue capacity
    • Accept many payment methods including cash and digital wallet payments
    • Enable users to create and manage all menus in one place
    • Sync menu changes to online ordering and in-venue menus
    • Allow users to fulfill special requests with easy-to-use modifiers
    • Integrate with kitchen hardware for order routing
    • Schedule menus to change subject to times of days and seasons
    • Provide many thorough reports on sales, employees, and more
    • Support tableside ordering, upselling, and bill splitting
    • Track employee activities, working hours, and sales performance
    • Integrate with numerous 3rd-party services like accounting, payment


    TouchBistro costs from $69 per month. You should contact the team to get pricing details.

    Pros and cons

    Intuitive, reliable, and fast
    Only work on Apple devices
    Easy to set up and maintain
    No free plans or free trial
    Not easy to customize

    7.Lightspeed Retail POS: Best for small and medium omnichannel retailers

    Being compatible with plenty of hardware, Lightspeed Retail POS is a good option for multi-store businesses who want to employ Verifone terminals for handling payments. The POS possesses many features to help merchants centralize store, inventory, supplier, and sales management.

    In particular, this Verifone point of sale allows you to track stock levels and order new inventory right from the POS with built-in purchase orders, identify inventory using unique serial numbers, and sync product information from suppliers to the POS easily. Besides, Lightspeed Retail also collects customer data to automatically create segments for marketing and generates customizable reports for business insights.


    Key features

    • Support many payment types like cards and digital wallets
    • Manage inventory, sales, and customers across stores and channels
    • Allow ordering new stocks from the POS with built-in purchase orders
    • Add loads of product data from suppliers easily with B2B Catalog
    • Facilitate changing prices for products in bulk across channels
    • Track customers’ purchase history and interactions for automatic segmentations
    • Support selling products on online marketplaces and social media platforms
    • Offer omnichannel loyalty programs
    • Generate customizable reports with real-time updates
    • Integrate with 3rd-party ERP systems, accounting software, and more


    Lightspeed Retail POS costs vary subject to your region, location, and register quantity. Generally, the POS has 4 pricing plans, each of which includes the base plan cost, fees for additional locations, and registers.
    For instance, if you’re in the U.S. and have 2 locations and 2 registers, then the detailed pricing is as follows.

    • Lean: $138/ month if you pay annually and $178/ month if you pay monthly
    • Standard: $238/ month if you pay annually and $298/ month if you pay monthly
    • Advanced: $398/ month if you pay annually and $538/ month if you pay monthly
    • Enterprise: Custom pricing

    Pros and cons

    24/7 support
    High recurring costs
    14-day free trial
    No free plans
    One-on-one onboarding
    Scalable and reliable
    Many apps for expansion

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    Which is the best POS for Verifone?

    Besides the compatibility with Verifone POS terminals, there are no one-size-fits-all criteria to determine the best Verifone POS. Generally, which one is the ideal solution depends primarily on your business needs and budget. While the POS must have enough features to help you manage your day-to-day operations with ease, purchasing and utilizing it for your business had better not exceed your financial capacity. The chosen POS should also be customizable and scalable to meet the ever-changing requirements in today’s increasingly competitive market landscapes.

    Therefore, it’s necessary to define clearly your business situations, goals, and expenditures before making decisions. Let’s take an example: an omnichannel retailer with a network of online and offline stores or a small restaurateurs often chooses Magestore for their business, but a larger restaurant will prefer TouchBistro or Lavu POS for their use cases.


    What is POS integration?

    POS integration is the connection between POS software and 3rd-party business services and tools to enhance POS functionality and facilitate data synchronization between those systems.

    What is an integrated POS terminal?

    An integrated POS terminal connects smoothly with POS software to accept and process payments fast, efficiently, and securely. This connection syncs transaction data between the POS system and the terminal.

    Is Verifone a POS system?

    No, Verifone is not a complete POS system. It provides payment-related services and products like online credit card terminals, POS terminals, fraud protection solutions, and more.

    How to connect payment processing services with your POS system?

    To integrate payment processing with your POS system, you need to choose a payment service provider compatible with your existing POS system. Then you should follow the guidelines of your POS or resort to their support team to integrate the payment processing with your POS.

    How much does Verifone charge per transaction?

    Verifone’s transaction fees depend on your country and transaction volumes. For example, the fees for the U.K. and EEA regions are 0.3 – 1.2%. You can contact the Verifone sales team for custom pricing based on your transaction quantity.

    What merchants use Verifone?

    Verifone serves merchants across multiple industries like financial services, banking, retail, and information technology. Some Verifone customers are CSS Corp, Tesco, and Zara.

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