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Magento Gift Card – Magento 2 Gift Card

Magento 2 Gift Card is a built-in module in our 3 bundles of Magestore POS solution for Magento retailers (also available for Magento 2.3). We give you a powerful tool set to retain existing customers, attract new customers to your stores and increase your revenue.

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Needless to say running a Magento 2 Gift Card campaign is a great way to boost sales during holiday season. Magento 2 Gift Card module helps you build a powerful gift cards/ gift certificates system for your Magento 2 store. It’s so easy that you don’t need technical skills or extra developers. Your customers can buy gift vouchers with or without discount. They can send gift certificates to their friends via email/post office or simply redeem the gift cards whenever they want it, on website or at physical stores.

Our Magento 2 Gift Card is seamlessly integrated with our Magento Web-based POS. Hence, you can build up a sales-boosting campaign to engage customers with your online-to-offline retail.

Along with Magento 2 Gift Card, you can also easily keep your customers coming back via other Magento loyalty programs like Reward Point, or Store Credit.

magento 2 gift card extension


Gift cards are not only a common holiday gift, but also a year-round method to spread the love. While gift cards benefit customers of a cashless shopping experience, they boost sales for retailers, too.

No matter what type of store you have – online site, physical store or both, you’ll likely benefit from providing gift certificates in your stores. That’s why we developed a simple yet efficient Magento 2 Gift Card module to help retailers connect with the customers and boost sales for their stores. Here are some highlights of this powerful Magento 2 Gift Card:

  • Support both e-gift card and physical gift card
  • Redeem Gift card on Magento store or POS (at physical store)
  • Allow you to buy Gift card at physical store then redeem online
  • Customize gift card with new Amazon Gift Card template or 4 other stunning templates
  • Offer a full-featured pack of printed out or emailed cards
  • Create unlimited Gift Cards/ Gift vouchers with different price types: fixed price, price range, or price dropdown
  • Include pre-built HTML responsive templates and unlimited gift card images
  • 100% compatible with Magento, hence, works directly with Magento like a built-in gift card extension without extra integration


1. Configure settings for the gift card value & price

As mentioned, our Magento 2 Gift Card is 100% compatible with Magento. Hence, you can find all settings & data in Magento backend just like a normal extension. All Gift Card rules immediately come into effect once you enable them.

Magento 2 Gift Card module allows you set 3 types of Gift Card/ Gift Voucher value with the flexible pricing scheme.

  • Set a fixed Gift Card/ Voucher value
  • Let customers set min/max gift amount within a pre-set range of values
  • Build a list of predefined values in a drop-down menu

For each type of Gift Card value, you can let your customers choose pricing types for your gift cards/ certificates:

  • A price similar to Gift Card value
  • A fixed price that can’t be modified
  • A price based on percentage of Gift Card value

magento 2 gift card extension - config price

2. Configure settings for a gift card product (Magento gift certificate) to sell online

Adjust gift card settings according to your specific requirements and choose the options that customers can buy on the product page. When creating the Gift Card product, you can specify:

  • Gift Card type: Physical, Virtual or Combined (enable either one type or all of them);
  • Gift Card templates
  • Product name, SKU and other information
magento 2 gift card extension - config ecommerce

3. Configure settings for Gift Card message and Magento rules

This module enables you to create Gift Card message and limit Gift Card usage to some specific items or orders with Shopping Cart Conditions and Cart Item Conditions. E.g, customers can only use Gift Cards on products with SKU No. 1,3 and the quantity in cart is 2.

Besides, you can also limit the number of users per gift card code and select store view for gift codes usage.

magento 2 gift card extension - config message

4. Generate gift card codes in bulk

The Magento Gift Card/ Magento 2 Gift Card module lets you generate an unlimited number of gift codes in seconds. It’s easy to start from scratch within the Gift card extension, or import gift codes using a CSV file.
Meanwhile, you can still customize Gift Code Pattern options: choose value, template/ store view for gift codes usage, set expired date & gift code quatity. You can review your gift vouchers again any time in the ‘Manage Gift Code’ tab. It’s also possible to import gift codes using a CSV file.

magento 2 gift card extension - generate bulk codes


5. Buy Gift Card

Selling Gift Card is a great way to attract new website traffic and drive customers into your physical store. Our Magento 2 Gift Card module offers both e-gift cards and physical gift cards, so your customers can buy gift vouchers online/ in-store and send them to their friends and family. Customers are able to see usage conditions (if any) before making a purchase.

Customers can easily adjust gift vouchers to their specific needs. This module will help you:

  • Select Gift Card at different values (dropdown/ fixed amount or a value range);
  • Buy Gift Card/ Certificate at lower price than their actual value;
  • Upload the favorite card images with ease;
  • Enter recipient name, email address;
  • Attach a gift message right on the Gift Voucher;
  • Specify a date of dispatch and a time zone.

All gift card details will be shown on the shopping cart page.

magento 2 gift card extension - buy gift certificates

Note: Magento 2 Gift Card is one of our 3 Magento loyalty programme modules which also cover Reward Points and Store Credit. The complete Loyalty program bundle gives you a powerful tool to engage customers & boost multi-channel sales.

6. Use Gift Card on the checkout page

Gift Card Credit can be redeemed during payment process. Customers can use their Magento gift voucher as a discount coupon or a discount method when they check out. No matter where they buy the voucher, customers have the flexibility to use it either on webstore or at physcial store.
For example, you can let your customers buy gift card at physical store, then redeem it online. That’s how an omnichannel loyalty program gives shoppers convenient shopping experience.

magento 2 gift card extension - checkout screen

7. Send Gift Card to friends

The Magento 2 Gift Card module enables your customers send Gift Card as a gift to their family or friends, even a virtual or physical one.

Imagine customer Jane lands into your store and buys a Gift Card for her friend. Then she is able to write her own greetings and schedule to send through emails or post office on a specific date. Her friend will soon receive a free gift card to use at a physical store or a Magento gift voucher to spend online. At the same time, customer Jane can also buy herself one Magento 2 Gift Certificate – as she loves your store’s Gift Cards already!

magento 2 gift card extension - send online

8. Customize Gift Card

A self-customized Gift Card? It’s extremely great for your customers. Magento 2 Gift Card lets your customers can:

  • Select a default Gift Card template or upload their own image to replace the current one (drag & drop)
  • Preview Gift Card with information and design before adding to cart.

There are various templates – all are impressive and easy to use. Make this an irresistible incentive in your ecommerce management effort.

magento 2 gift card extension - customize

9. Check a Gift Card status

It’s easy to do this with Magento 2 Gift Card. All information about Gift Card – balance, status and the expiration date are updated in My Account of each customer. The best thing is Customers can check Gift Card information without logging in to website account or any additional plugin support. Just need to insert the code in the corresponding field and click on the “Check Gift Card”, customers can see all information of their gift certificates.

magento 2 gift card extension - tracking

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For Store Visitors

  • Offer Gift Cards at different values for Customers to choose at their convenience
  • Gift Card usage conditions (if have) will be shown before Customers purchase
  • Send notification emails to buyers when recipients receive Gift Card
  • Buyers can choose to provide their name or not when sending Gift Card to friend.
  • Customers have a chance to buy Gift Cards at a lower price than their actual value
  • Customers can select Gift Card template and upload their preferred image with 4 types of templates
  • Buyers can preview Gift Card with information and design chosen before adding to cart
  • Buyers can drag & drop to upload image for Gift Card
  • Buyers can write a custom message on Gift Card for friends
  • Buyers can schedule to send Gift Cards on a certain date
  • Gift cards are delivered through email or post office
  • Customers can send Gift Card to themselves via post office
  • Customers can choose the time zone to send Gift Card via email
  • Allow multiple people to use one gift code as configured in backend
  • Customers are able to redeem their gift codes to Gift Card credit balance to use as a discount method in checkout
  • Customers can track the status of their gift codes and know when they will be expired
  • Customers can quickly check and manage Gift Card codes. Right after they buy Gift Cards, the system automatically adds gift codes to their Gift Card list
  • Gift code can be used as a discount coupon or a discount method when customers check out
  • Auto-add Gift Card to customers’ Gift Card list when using Gift Card at checkout
  • Allow recipients to add Gift Card to their lists by clicking on the link in the email
  • Customers can check Gift Card information without logging in to Magento 2 website

For Store Administrators

  • Allow admin user to configure Gift Card pricing types to different Gift Card products, based on Gift Card actual value.
  • Provide Gift Card history for better tracking gift codes, order ID, Customer email, redeemed value, status, etc.
  • Allow customers to use Gift voucher codes with coupon codes or not
  • Allow adding Gift Card product with the recipient, email… when creating order in backend.
  • Allow using Gift Card discount after or before tax.
  • Easily manage templates and images for Gift Card product and preview them before they are applied.(Hot)
  • Hide template selector from Customers if there is only 1 option available. 
  • Create unlimited Gift Card products in Magento to sell online (Magento gift certificate)
  • Set different values of Gift Card products to be shown as a drop down, fixed amount or a range.
  • Configure the quantity and codes of Gift Card products.
  • Limit Gift Card usage to some specific items or orders with Shopping Cart Conditions and Cart Item Conditions.
  • Admins can import gift codes from CSV files, add, print or generate gift codes using patterns to reward customers or use vouchers offline.
  • Auto send emails informing recipients and Customers of Gift Card code.
  • Easy tracking with auto updating voucher status.
  • Allow checking whether Gift Cards are sent or not in backend.
  • Configure Gift Card usages such as conditions, numbers of users, expiration, paying for shipping fee, etc.
  • Configure what will be displayed on Gift Card product page and the shopping cart page.
  • Allow changing logo in Gift Card printout.
  • Allow showing expiration date on Gift Cards

Magento 2 Gift Card is a built-in module in our 3 bundles of Magestore POS solution for Magento retailers (also available for Magento 2.3). In order to get this module, you can see our pricing plan

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