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Magestore POS Demo Video

Watch our POS demo video

Discover the whole POS solution in a 4-minute video to see what Magestore can do for your retail business.

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Magestore Solution Overview

Get an overview of how Magestore POS will be the best centralized retail solution for your Magento system! Let’s sell on different channels with all the information in one place.

POS Terminal

See how easy it is to check out and refund any orders with payment terminals on Magestore POS. This video uses Stripe Verifone P400 as an example.

Online Payment Gateway

See how easy it is to check out & refund any orders with online payment gateways on Magestore POS. This video uses Stripe, one of our standard integrated payment gateway, as an example.

Magestore POS Synchronization

Learn about the different synchronization options Magestore POS offers you. How to set them up and adjust, as well as checking their status.

Barcode Reader

Magestore POS works with most common USB and Bluetooth connected barcode readers. Learn how to utilize a barcode reader on Magestore POS to help your customers quicker and more efficiently.