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Go omnichannel by switching from

Quickbooks POS to Magestore POS

Choose the POS system that is built for You, not for everyone.

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why choose switching pos system

A better world for your business awaits

Sticking with an unsuitable system is like being trapped in a failing relationship. It’s holding you and your business back from progress and growth.

If you’re running a Magento site with Quickbooks POS system, chances are you’re facing continuing problems like separate data or inaccurate information across channels.

Sound familiar? It’s time to make a change and break up with the current system.

Magestore POS is different, and switching from

Quickbooks POS is easy.

Let’s review 6 key reasons why Magestore is the perfect partner for your business

Synchronize All Data Across Channels

Connect your online and offline data in real time

Non-Magento systems like Quickbooks POS works independently from the Magento site. So it’s hard for you to control everything from sales orders, purchasing, customer, to inventory across all channels.

Meanwhile, Magestore’s POS solution is native to Magento and ensures real-time data sync between the online website and physical store. Your staff doesn’t have to manually check information in many different places, avoiding inaccuracies and inefficiencies.

Provide customization to match your new demands in the future

Imagine a world where your POS system is tailored to your personal needs and is so easy to use that you feel in complete control.

Unlike Quickbooks POS software which is hard to change the system design, the tailor-made solution from Magestore is ideal for your fast-growing businesses with a lot of unique features and is always changing.

Customization projects
POS end user interface

Design a better end-user interface to boost productivity

We know that your store staff needs a more intuitive POS system to serve the customer faster. That’s why we focus our efforts on a user interface that’s more straightforward and easier to use than Quickbooks POS.

The results are fewer errors, faster sales, and no frustration on how to use the functions. Maintaining a satisfied staff will have positive effects on your customer base and company bottom line.

Offer great policies to guarantee your success

For both Quickbooks POS and Magestore POS, you only need to pay one-time to get the product. But Magestore offers better policies to make sure your business grows sustainably. By switching to Magestore POS, you’ll get:

  • Free 365 days warranty while Quickbooks only offer 30 days
  • 365 days refund back compared to 60 days from Quickbooks

That is our promise to your success.

Able to scale resources to meet any project scope

All store owners want their official system to go live timely so their business can start creating revenue.

Magestore ensures a transparent implementation process with a clear scope and milestones using Agile framework. We scale resources to meet any project size and new requirements, so you can save cost while still launching on the expected date.

What customers say when switching from

non-Magento system to Magestore POS

The main reason for the switch was omnichannel, integrating our in-store and online orders, inventory and POS. We were having a lot of problems with data connectivity when using two different systems (Magento and Quickbooks POS). For us, it’s important to have a unified customer view between our website and brick-and-mortar.
Second reason was scaling or ability to grow. The way QuickBooks POS is set up, you cannot grow a retail operation with today's intertwined digital/physical shopping trends. That was a problem that we never really had a good solution to. But now, Magestore POS is the best solution to that.

Matthieu, Owner of Upper LimitsE-cigarettes | USA

Switching to Magestore is fast, easy,

and only a phone call away

Don’t let old habits get in the way of being the best business owner you can be. Do it for you and for your business. Switch to Magestore POS today.

Make The Switch Now
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