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Multi-store POS to manage all retail operations from a single dashboard


Magestore web POS for multi-store allows you to unify and sync data across your retail chains in real time for efficient management. Seamlessly integrate with eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, 3rd-party software, and popular hardware to enrich its functions. You can add as many users and devices as possible without extra costs.

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Magestore Case Study: Mobelaris
Magestore Customer: Mr. Pet's
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Magestore Case Study: Pernod Ricard UK

Centralize and streamline management in a single view

  • Manage all store locations from a single dashboard to simplify operations
  • Access your data on inventory, sales, and customers across multiple locations in real time
  • Update product pricing and add new products for all stores simultaneously without disrupting existing operations
  • Quickly implement omnichannel loyalty programs with reward points, store credits, and gift cards for customers, whether they buy online or in-store, ensuring consistency and efficiency across your entire retail network

Optimize inventory control with real-time sync from this multi-store POS

  • Ensure accurate inventory levels across all stores with instant data sync
  • Prevent stockouts and overstock situations by monitoring inventory levels in real time
  • Easily set up automated replenishment rules, manage stock transfers between stores and warehouses, perform stocktakes to improve inventory turnover and reduce carrying costs
  • Magestore POS works well in offline mode to process orders. When the connection is back, it’ll automatically sync data between physical and online stores.
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Scale with flexibility and adaptability while saving costs

  • Add more products, accounts, and devices without extra costs
  • Easy to customize the POS features to meet the unique needs of each store or department in your retail chains
  • Pay once for the POS license and own your POS and data forever

Get real-time and power reports with our POS software for multiple locations

  • Access live reporting from every store, anywhere, anytime you sign in
  • Gain deep insights into sales, customer behaviors, and product trends for informed decision-making
  • Export the reports into .CSV files for thorough analysis like top-selling products, sales trends, or employee performance

Seamlessly integrate Magestore POS for multi-store with popular hardware and software to extend functionality and adapt to your evolving business needs

  • Magestore multi-vendor point of sale can integrate smoothly with popular eCommerce platforms like Magento and marketplaces like Amazon or eBay to boost your online presence and facilitate omnichannel selling. All your sales data will be synced and centralized in one place for easy management.
  • Connect the POS with popular payment providers like PayPal, Square, Stripe, and Tyro to provide your customers with flexible payment methods like cash, credit cards, debit cards, split payment, buy now pay later, etc. You’ll never miss a chance to delight your customers.
  • Integrate with accounting software to automate and simplify reconciliation
  • Integrate with popular ERP to transfer and sync data for unified and efficient control
  • Integrate with popular CRM to gather customer data for crafting personalized promotions
  • Highly compatible with most popular hardware to save upfront costs

Mr. Pet’s has been using Magestore POS in 9 locations across Canada to handle 1,200 – 1,800 orders per day.

Greg and Mr.Pets store using Magestore Magento POS

It’s not easy to manage 9 physical stores. We want to offer different products at different store locations. Our website also has lots of SKUs, let’s say about 20,000 that need to be organized well for customers to understand what we have and where.

Now we are scanning 110 items in 30 seconds; it might even be able to scan faster if we had a faster scanner.

Already we are able to do many more things than we were able to do in the past with our previous software.

Greg Penno, Owner of Mr. Pet’sPet Shop | Canada

A robust multi location POS for different industries

From fashion boutiques, furniture stores to cafe chains, Magestore POS can meet your current requirements and easily scale with your growth.

Fashion Boutiques

Sports & Outdoors

Coffee Shops

Furniture & Homeware

Vape & Cannabis

Electronics Store

Affordable and flexible pricing for all growing businesses

Our POS price is tailored to your business size, needs, and expected support level. You’ll only need to pay once for the POS license and own the POS and data forever.

What you’ll get:

  • Full ownership of solution and data
  • 1-year warranty
  • Professional support via Slack channel
  • Implementation service
  • 90-day money back for POS license

What you don’t need to pay:

  • Extra fees for additional products, users, devices
  • Transaction fees
  • Monthly fees

An all-in-one retail POS to automate and run your daily operations

  • Create orders, customers and process checkouts in seconds
  • Unify and sync data instantly for up-to-minute reports to back your decisions
  • Robust and secure POS system to handle thousands of orders daily
  • Manage cross-inventory in a single dashboard, easily move stock between stores and warehouses
  • Add unlimited accounts, users, and devices without extra costs
  • Offer multiple payment methods for frictionless shopping experiences
  • Add new features, customize the POS software, and integrate with 3rd-party software to meet your changing needs
  • Run omnichannel loyalty programs across your retail network effortlessly
  • Pay once for the POS license and own the software and data forever
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees and transaction costs
  • Easy to use with a minimum learning curve
  • Dedicated team throughout the project, from planning to implementation and maintenance

Trusted by 10,000+ Magento retailers worldwide

Magestore review: Capterra
Magestore review: Trustpilot
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If you like the Magento platform, this is the POS for you. Having one database that streams down on PWA to all tills is genius, most companies have it backward. Incredibly fast and super easy to understand and can customize any function you desire.

Greg Penno, Owner of Mr. Pet’sPet Shop | Canada | 5 years of engagement

Magestore's gone above and beyond time and time again, to ensure that their product is dependable, reliable, and cutting-edge. They have always been true to their word, very responsive, and caring. It feels more like a partnership.

Matthieu, Owner of Upper LimitsE-cigarettes | US | 4 years of engagement

We considered many providers, but in the end, we chose Magestore because Magestore has more advantages. We saved a lot of hours using the new POS system because it’s very fast and it feels safe.

Marco Baratella, COO of Swiss Shooting GroupSporting & Outdoor | Switzerland | 3 years of engagement

From the start of the project they were highly professional, nothing was any major issue. Had some additional custom work done for our business, this was also done very slick and professional from start to finish. 100% highly recommended.

Nick Hunter, Director of McVapeUKE-cigarettes | UK | 6 years of engagement

It’s brilliant to see that it’s possible to have what we want without breaking our finances. Magestore knows how to deliver things that we have in mind and we’re impressed with the quality and time that we receive. The Magestore team is very competent in what they do.

Matheus Santos, Owner of Top ShoesFootwear | Colombia | 2 years of engagement

We decided to go with Magestore because we wanted a system that would integrate with Magento, where we would have the sales in one spot rather than two systems. Magestore POS would help to start with and then grow into what we need.

Marilena Rudd, Co Founder of HoohaaDesignWeb Agency | United Kingdom


1. What is a multi-store POS system?

A multi-store point of sale system allows you to unify, sync, and manage all operations across multiple locations and sales channels in a single view.

2. What are the benefits of a multi-store POS system to my business?

Using the right retail POS for multi-stores will help you:

  • Streamline operations across multiple stores
  • Oversee your whole retail operations in a single view for better management
  • Delight customers with consistent shopping experiences
  • Easy to scale the system when you grow

3. What features should multi-store POS software provide?

Workable POS software for multi-location includes the following features:

  • Can centralize and sync retail data like inventory, customers, and orders in real time
  • Generate instant reports for making decisions
  • Can connect with existing software in a retail system to manage complex business operations
  • Capability to scale and customize to expand features when your business grows

4. How do I manage inventory with POS systems for multiple locations?

The POS systems for multiple locations will help you control inventory with:

  • Centralizing data to oversee inventory levels across all stores in a single dashboard
  • Offering real-time updates: It syncs your inventory quantities across locations whenever you have sales.
  • Streamlining processes: You can easily adjust prices or add new products across all stores simultaneously for consistency.

5. What type of reports can I generate with a multi-store point of sale system?

A multi-store point of sale system can generate various kinds of reports, including:

  • Inventory reports
  • Sales reports
  • Customer purchase history
  • Financial reports
  • Employee performance reports

6. What is the difference between a multi-store POS and a franchise POS?

A multi-store POS system helps businesses manage and operate multiple locations whether they’re part of a franchise or not. The POS will centralize all business data and management to streamline operations and ensure consistency across all stores.

On the other hand, a franchise POS system is specifically customized for franchise operations, focusing on consistency in pricing, branding, and operations across independently owned outlets operating under the same brand.

7. Can I customize Magestore POS to meet my business requirements?

Yes, certainly. You can easily customize the POS or add new features to match your business requirements.

8. Can I transfer business data from my current POS to Magestore POS for multiple stores?

Yes, you definitely can. We’ll migrate all the data on your current POS to Magestore POS, test the new data flow, and fix any issues to make sure it runs smoothly before going live with the POS solution. Thus, you can continue your business without any interruption.

9. Can Magestore POS provide real-time visibility into inventory status across online and offline stores?

Yes, Magestore can sync inventory data across locations and sales channels in real time, giving you up-to-minute visibility into your inventory status.

10. What types of payments can I process with Magestore?

Magestore POS supports various payment types, including cash, debit cards, credit cards, partial payment, split payment, store credits, gift cards, buy now, pay later, etc.

11. How many POS licenses do I need for my multiple stores on Magento?

You only need one POS license for your multiple stores. Even if you run multiple websites and stores in the same Magento backend, just one POS license is sufficient. The POS license is valid for:

  • 1 dev Magento installation
  • 1 live Magento installation

12. How can I switch to Magestore?

Just let us know your contact information by filling out this form, and our experts will contact you shortly to support your smooth POS transition.

Streamline operations and boost sales effortlessly with Magestore multi-store POS today

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