Omnichannel Retail Guide


A-Z Omnichannel Retail Guide to unlock the secret of online to offline retail success.

Why you should read this online Omnichannel Retail Guide

Due to the advent of the online channels and ongoing digitalization, there are significant changes in the retail industry, including both shopper behavior and retailer strategy. Customers become more demanding since they are more knowledgeable and empowered by technology.

Thus, retailers must make a run at the strategy innovation.

That is also the reason why the retail industry is always “on the move” and continuously gets its business models reshaped.

After the twilight of single-channel, we observed a shift into multi-channel at the “bloom” of the Internet of Things.

Now, the retail industry has turned into the next stage with the latest development called Omnichannel.

From its first introduction to the marketing world in 2010, Omnichannel retail has been considered as a promising solution for all the challenges and drawbacks of multiple channels sale.

Born with the idea of customer centricity and developing towards centralized data management, an Omnichannel retail solution has brought about a complete revolution in the retail industry. Obviously, it is no longer a fleeting trend but now a corollary of the Internet of Things era.

What you will get from this Omnichannel Retail Guide

To help you unlock the secret about Omnichannel, which is hardly found even on Google, this FREE Omnichannel Retail Guide will illustrate:

  • What omnichannel retail is, with clear differentiation from multi-channel retail
  • Why omnichannel becomes the future of the retail industry
  • How to build a perfect strategy to adopt omnichannel approach for your business
  • Insightful tutorial to overcome challenges and succeed in implementing an omnichannel retail
  • Recommended KPI framework to measure the omnichannel performance
  • Inspiring omnichannel retailing examples who performed success stories in the omnichannel retail world.

Enjoy omnichannel retailing!

Continue Reading

Chapter 1: What is omnichannel retail?

This chapter will help you explore the transition of retail trends over decades and clearly define omnichannel retail.

Chapter 2: The importance of omnichannel retail

How customers have changed their insight in shopping, and why omnichannel retail insight has gone beyond customer expectation.

Chapter 3: Omnichannel strategy for retailers

This chapter will give you the key factors of an omnichannel tactic and guide you through the concept of building omnichannel architecture.

Chapter 4: Omnichannel challenges for retailers

Being aware of omnichannel retailing challenges when shifting to omnichannel prevents you from unnecessary cost and effort.

Chapter 5: Omnichannel KPIs

This chapter will provide omnichannel measurement metrics to track your omnichannel efficiency.

Chapter 6: Omnichannel retail practices

What will be the next step of omnichannel in the future? See how three famous retailers in the world delivered unique experiences.