Turn one-off customers into regulars with Magento Loyalty Program

With Magestore POS, it’s now a lot easier for your customers to re-purchase whether online or in-store!

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Customer insights matter

Don’t worry. We got your back, with top-notch POS loyalty programs – trusted by 5,000+ retailers worldwide.

Collect customer’s information directly at the POS

Create and save customer profiles seamlessly during checkout and rapidly build your customer database.

Manage Earning/ Redeeming POS loyalty activities

Customers earn loyalty points for a specific action. Staff can view/ redeem the customer’s balance & history at the payment screen during checkout.

Centralize & sync information in real-time

Synchronize customer’s profile to all sales channels & bring an omnichannel loyalty experience to both your staff and customers.

Collect customer’s information directly at the POS

Let the POS loyalty programs promote your store

Our POS loyalty program is purpose-built for Magento without extra integration.
When your customers receive incentives at both website and physical stores, they will become your loyal customers/ promoters for sure.

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Inherit all Magento promotion rules

It’s great having a loyalty program on a POS integrated with Magento. Magestore POS inherits Magento promotion rules to get you more sales from price-sensitive customers!

Apply all promo rules in Magento admin at checkout counter in a blink with our Magento POS:

  • Create discount codes with Magento shopping cart rules
  • Apply coupon code on the whole cart in-person
  • Add custom discounts on the whole cart
  • Apply custom price per item in cart (override)

Extend the power of Magento with more POS loyalty programs

Increase returning customer rate with point based reward program

Increase returning customer rate

Reward customers for purchasing at your store or performing certain actions (e.g. sign up an account, reviews, etc) by giving them loyalty points. Your customers can use their points as a discount at the checkout page on both Magento site and Point of Sale.

  • Flexibly set exchange rates of earning and spending points
  • Use points to pay for orders
  • Manage reward point balance and adjust it as you want

* Available in Professional & Enterprise plan

Common gift for the holidays

Gift cards are not only the most common holiday gift, but also used year-round to spread the love to friends & family. While gift cards provide a cashless shopping experience for consumers, they also boost sales to retailers.

  • Let your customers buy gift vouchers with/ without discounts.
  • Send gift cards to friends on every occasion
  • Redeem gift cards whenever they want it.

* Available in Professional & Enterprise plan

Common gift for the holidays with gift cards
Sell as virtual products with store credits

Sell as virtual products (e-products)

Engage existing customers and draw new clients to physical store. This POS loyalty feature lets each customer manage and redeem their store credit balance either online or in-store. Also, customers are able to share their credits with friends, thus, draw new clients and increase your sales.

  • Add credit/ refund for customers in credits
  • Allow Customers to purchase/ send them to friends
  • Use store credits to purchase products
  • Refund by store credits to keep customers returning to redeem

* Available only with Enterprise plan

“I like the Magestore Point of Sale, because it is so deeply integrated into Magento and takes advantage of other extensions that I can build into Magento, payment wise, customer wise and loyalty programs. Across it’s a really nice solution so I think it’ll do us really well to have that customer journey altogether and build a really strong solid core platform for us going forward.”

Stephen Grace-Ware, OwnerToy Playhouse | Australia

Magento Loyalty Program is built to fit to your business needs

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