Simplify the procurement process with reliable Magento Purchase Order


Magento Purchase Order shows retailers exactly what and when to replenish products. Avoid over and under buying. You’ll always have enough inventory to fulfill orders.

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Magestore Magento Purchase Order management
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Save money while boosting sales with a reliable Magento Purchase Order module

Real time data sync icon

Real-time visibility

Manage all purchases from a single-view system. Get rid of duplicate purchase orders with seamless inventory and sales channels synchronization.

Magestore POS - Supplier coordination

One-point supplier coordination

Have all suppliers and their product prices in one place. Ensure smooth communication for purchasing. Always get the highest value goods for the best cost.

Keep inventory levels optimized icon

Optimized inventory levels

Eliminate stock-outs and overbuying. Always know exactly what you’ve already purchased. Drive cost savings with the right purchasing decisions.

Magestore POS - Automatic Purchase Order processing

Automated purchase order processing

Minimize mistakes by an automated purchase order process. Manage end-to-end purchasing, right from PO creation to approval to receiving products.

Streamline the procure-to-pay process for on-time purchasing

Get easy access to the data you need to make fast decisions. Let Magestore’s Magento Purchase Order system be your purchase alert.

Centralize purchase data in one place

Get all information you need in one place. Always know precisely who ordered what, when, and from whom.

  • Reduce effort with one-point supplier management
  • Get insights on all of your purchases
  • Seamlessly sync data to inventory and sales channels
  • Track every action of purchase orders
Centralize Magento Purchase Order management
Magento Purchase Order includes automatic low stock alerts and supply need

Buy with confidence

Plan your purchasing based on actionable insights. Buy the right products in the right quantities.

  • Buy what you need by getting auto low-stock alerts
  • Forecast supply needs to refill stock in time
  • Avoid overbuying with at-a-glance inventory insights
  • Spot opportunities with potential suppliers from real-time reports

Automate Magento purchase order processing

Our Magento Purchase Order module enables you to spend less time on data entry and more time on purchasing and selling well.

  • Reduce human errors by converting a quotation into PO
  • Draft POs in advance, approving them only when you’re ready
  • Allow multiple purchase order payment methods for your convenience
  • Converts POs currencies into your currency for cost tracking
  • Monitor end-to-end purchase process in one sole backend
Automate Magento Purchase Order processing
Receive Magento Purchase Order

Ease pre-and-post-inwarding processes

Receive your goods smoothly thanks to calculated inwarding with handy information.

  • Receive purchase orders in full or in parts
  • Add and receive PO items faster with barcode scanning
  • Transfer POs to desired destination warehouse
  • Approve invoices and convert POs into invoices with unique purchase order numbers

Return easily with high inventory accuracy

Efficiently manage your stock levels with product returns. Always keep your inventory accurate across all your system.

  • Return all or part of your purchase orders
  • Add returned products faster with barcode scanning
  • Include a reason for products returns
  • Ensure accurate stock levels by seamless data sync
Return Magento Purchase Order with ease

How Magento Purchase Order Management saves costs and times

“The system Magestore built for us saves time and costs. We never have out of stock anymore. It helps us to create report easily.
As we have more than 7,000 products, it's hard to decide which and how many items we order from our suppliers. However, Magestore system will calculate how much stock we need to maintain our stock level for certain periods. It comes up with the report in a minute, saving a lot of time.
Because we don't run out of stock anymore, our sales are increasing. We highly recommend Magestore for your business improvements.”

Kam Chiu, Owner of Mobile MallHobbies & Toys | Australia

Customize your own Magento Purchase Order system

Unique workflows? Let’s create the right Magento Purchase Order system for your business together.

Icon Magestore Magento POS quick setup

Install and set up in shortest time

Let us help install your Magento Purchase Order solution while you run the store.

Icon Magestore Magento POS easy configuration

Customize it on your terms

Customize your purchase order and supplier workflow to work exactly how you need it.

Icon Magestore support

Get a free first-year warranty

Make sure you’re well taken care of, for setup and growing, fast.

Trusted by 10,000+ Magento retailers worldwide

If you like the Magento platform, this is the POS for you. Having one database that steams down on PWA to all tills is genius, most companies have it backward. Incredibly fast and super easy to understand and can customize any function you desire. This is truly a revolutionary product.

Greg Penno, Owner of Mr. Pet’sPet Shop | Canada

Magestore's gone above and beyond time and time again, to ensure that their product is dependable, reliable, and cutting-edge. They have always been true to their word, very responsive, and caring. It feels more like a partnership sometimes and I cannot express the importance of that feeling.

Matthieu, Owner of Upper LimitsE-cigarettes | United States

We considered many providers, but in the end, we chose Magestore because Magestore has more advantages. We saved a lot of hours using the new POS system because it’s very fast and it feels safe.

Marco Baratella, COO of Swiss Shooting GroupSporting and Outdoor | Switzerland

From the start of the project they were highly professional, nothing was any major issue. Had some additional custom work done for our business, this was also done very slick and professional from start to finish. 100% highly recommended.

Nick Hunter, Director of McVapeUKE-cigarettes | United Kingdom

After doing a lot of research, Magestore POS came up as one of the better products. It speeds up a lot of the processes that we’d manually have to do. It saves us a lot of time. I’d recommend Magestore POS through its ease of use.

Simon Guest, Owner of Ministry of BassHobbies & Toys | Australia

We decided to go with Magestore because we wanted a system that would integrate with Magento, where we would have the sales in one spot rather than two systems. Magestore POS would help to start with and then grow into what we need.

Marilena Rudd, Co Founder of HoohaaDesignWeb Agency | United Kingdom

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