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Magento 2 PWA extension supports PWA compatibility and allows online stores to function as a fast and engaging progressive web app. These pre-built Magento PWA extensions make your Magento 2 store more mobile-friendly and responsive, which can enhance your customers’ experience.

Choosing the right Magento PWA extension can be a challenging task, as there are many options available in the market. You should consider the following factors: features, compatibility, user interface, performance, support, pricing, and reviews to evaluate each option. In this article, we’ll introduce the 10 well-shortlisted extensions that can provide a cost-effective, efficient, and user-friendly solution for your business.

How can PWA extensions transform Magento experience?

Optimize SEO and increase website loading speed

Progressive web application for Magento 2 enhances website performance through Service Workers, App Shells, and Web Push API. This results in fast load times, more straightforward navigation, and higher customer engagement. 

PWA supports SEO best practices to improve online visibility and prevent cart abandonment. As a result, store owners can manage different web stores and bulk orders efficiently.      

Enhance store performance

Magento PWA extension also helps maintain good performance and prevent server crashes during high-traffic periods. With a Magento PWA storefront solution, retailers can ensure accurate information display, quickly respond to customer requests, and therefore, improve the efficiency of their stores.

Boost conversion rates

Magento PWA extensions provide fast loading speed and offline functionality. With Magento 2 PWA, visitors can view content without waiting for the entire page to load, reducing bounce rates, enhancing the user experience, and increasing conversion rates. 

Additionally, Magento PWA ensures a consistent user experience across all devices, enabling them to access your website regardless of their device type, whether desktop or mobile.

Summary of the top 10 Magento 2 PWA extensions


Key features

Starting price

Magento 2 Blog Extension from Mageplaza

  • Perfect SEO-friendly and mobile-responsive design

  • Easy assign blogs to particular categories and products

  • Display relevant blog posts on product pages


Magento 2 PWA Addon SEO Extension from BSS Commerce

  • Adjust breadcrumbs according to category importance 

  • Personalize meta tag templates

  • Ensure a smoother and faster user experience

  • Compatibility with all browsers


Magento 2 PWA from SetuBridge

  • Enable store owners to customize the look and feel of the application

  • Allow admin to send multiple notifications at a time

  • Handle large amounts of traffic without hassles


Magento 2 PWA Extension from Elsner

  • Allow the “Add” option to the home screen popup

  • Provide full-screen and standalone mode option

  • Allow personalization of the splash screen background 


PWA for Magento 2 from Blackbird

  • Include a quick access icon on the home screen

  • Provide similar display and navigation to those of a native program

  • Enable browsing offline

  • Display customization via the Back Office

  • Configure a popup window prompting the installation


PWA for Automatic Related Products from Amasty

  • Utilize a ready-to-use solution for the PWA Studio storefront

  • Maintain consistent performance for your promotional offers

  • Engage more customers with cross-browser compatibility


Magento 2 Pre-Order PWA by Mageplaza

  • Pre-order for a variety of product kinds

  • Pre-order based on specified criteria

  • Pre-order notices

  • Display the expected pre-order product release date


Magento 2 PWA from CedCommerce

  • Allow customers to add the app shortcut on the mobile home screen

  • Send notifications even when the browser is not open

  • Can operate in poor or disconnected internet condition


PWA Extension for Magento 2 from Webkul

  • Offline mode available

  • Use Workbox to increase store performance and speed

  • Provide 4 different orientations, including Any, Natural, Landscape, and Portrait


Magento 2 PWA from Magetop

  • Offer templates for standard pages

  • Responsive and SEO-friendly for mobile devices

  • Automatically translate the supported language

  • Integrate with Google Accelerated Mobile Pages


10 best PWA extensions for Magento 2

1. Magento 2 Blog Extension from Mageplaza

Magento 2 blog extension from Mageplaza

Magento 2 Blog Extension by Mageplaza is a must-have extension for store owners to create and manage informative and visually appealing blogs without using 3rd-party platforms. You can also assign blogs to a particular product page or a category, providing customers with more helpful information.    

Key features:

  • Easily manage categories, posts, and comments on the admin panel 
  • Automatically update new comments
  • Assign blogs to particular categories and products with ease and fast
  • Improve the mobile shopping experience with a ready solution of PWA compatibility and a mobile-friendly interface
  • Allow the audience to view blog posts on tablets and smartphones comfortably


  • Standard: Free
  • Enterprise: $200 for the first year


  • CE, EE, B2B, Cloud, Adobe Commerce: 2.2.x – 2.4.x

2. Magento 2 PWA Addon SEO Extension from BSS Commerce

Magento 2 PWA Add-on SEO Extension from BSS Commerce

Magento 2 PWA Addon SEO Extension offers a powerful tool kit to optimize the PWA for search engines. This extension of BSS Commerce ensures a smooth user experience, improves online presence, and drives more traffic to the website. 

Key features:

  • Modify the breadcrumb display based on category priority
  • Flexibly customize meta tag templates
  • Enhance user experience with fast page loading
  • Maximize compatibility with all major browsers 




2.3.x, 2.4.x

3. Magento 2 PWA from SetuBridge

Magento 2 PWA from SetuBridge

Magento 2 PWA Extension from SetuBridge allows businesses to improve the usability of your online store, boost its performance, and increase conversion with a mobile app-like experience. As smartphone users are increasing, contributing to 59.16% of website traffic (in 2022), delighting mobile shoppers will help you reach more customers and boost sales. 

Key features:

  • Users can easily modify the look and feel of the application to match the business’s branding and design requirements.
  • Allow companies to handle large amounts of mobile traffic without interruption 
  • Allow store owners to send multiple push notifications at the same time


  • License fee (including first 6-month support):
    • Community: $59
    • Enterprise, Enterprise Cloud: $158
  • Support Period:
    • Extra 6-month support: $39
    • Extra 1-year support: $118


  • Community Edition: 2.3.x, 2.4.x
  • Enterprise Edition: 2.3.x, 2.4.x 

4. Magento 2 PWA Extension from Elsner

Magento 2 PWA Extension from Elsner

Elsner PWA Extension employs cutting-edge technology to provide your customers with a mobile-like experience by utilizing the remarkable capacity of a web browser. It’s a one-of-a-kind Magento 2 plugin designed to ease your eCommerce operations.

Key features:

  • Allow your customers to quickly install the PWA by enabling the “Add” option in the home screen popup
  • Provide customers with a full-screen or standalone mode choice, simulating a native-app experience
  • Customize the background of the splash screen


  • License fee (including first 90 days support):
    • Community: $59
    • Enterprise: $159
  • Support Period:
    • Extra 180 days support: $140
    • Extra 360 days support: $220
  • Installation fee: $35
  • Additional customization: $30


  • Community: 2.2.x – 2.4.x
  • Enterprise: 1.8.x

5. PWA for Magento 2 from Blackbird

PWA for Magento 2 from Blackbird

The PWA for Magento 2 by Blackbird enables businesses to provide a seamless user experience across all devices and platforms. This cutting-edge extension combines the best features of web and native applications, providing customers with an app-like experience.

Key features:

  • Enable display customization options through the admin panel
  • Configure a popup message to prompt installation
  • Allow customers to add a shortcut icon on the home screen for easy access, to view your catalog in all circumstances, even in offline mode, by using caching
  • Allow you to tailor the PWA to match your brand image, such as name the app after your store, use your logo, color theme for start screen background, change the display and orientation, etc.
  • Require fewer data transmission for better loading and navigation performance
  • Compatible with all operating systems


  • CE: $99
  • EE, ECE: $189


2.3, 2.4

6. PWA for Automatic Related Products from Amasty

magento 2 pwa module

PWA for Automatic Related Products can assist you in making your store fantastic on mobile, providing a robust and valuable alternative to the expensive native mobile app. This Magento 2 PWA simplifies promoting related products and offering bundles to your clients in a user-friendly manner, increasing their retention and thereby increasing conversion.

Key features:

  • Maintain consistent performance for your promotional offers
  • Retain customers with cross-browser compatibility 
  • Engage users by designing your offerings to be responsive
  • Support PWA studio practices, and you can use this extension as a ready-to-use solution for the PWA Studio storefront


  • Community:
    • License: $109
    • Updates and support prolongation: $69
  • Enterprise:
    • License: $209
    • Updates and support prolongation: $129
  • Magento Cloud:
    • License: $309
    • Updates and support prolongation: $189 


2.3, 2.4

7. Magento 2 Pre-Order PWA from Mageplaza

Magento 2 Pre-Order PWA from Mageplaza

Another best PWA extension for Magento from Mageplaza helps your customers place orders for products that are currently unavailable. This pre-order module enables customers to check out stockout products easily and seamlessly.

Key features:

  • Allow admin to pick any products with any attributes for pre-order status
  • Allow store owners to set the “Stock Status” to notify customers about the available date of their pre orders
  • Send messages to inform your customers of the product status
  • Enable customizing the labels of pre-order extensions


  • There are 2 pricing plans:
    • Standard: $149 first year
    • Enterprise: $349 first year
  • Installation service: $50


2.2.x – 2.4.x

8. Magento 2 PWA from CedCommerce

Magento 2 PWA from CedCommerce

CedCommerce provides a PWA Magento 2 plugin with various PWA capabilities to improve user experience on your site. Offline browsing, push notifications, and add-to-home-screen are some aspects of the extension to boost user engagement and retention.

Key features:

  • Allow your customers to add a shortcut to the app on their mobile home screen
  • Send notifications to customers even when they don’t open the browser
  • Work well in poor internet connection
  • Enhance the speed of website loading


  • Community: $149
  • Enterprise: $299


2.3.x, 2.4.x

9. PWA Extension for Magento 2 by Webkul

magento pwa extension

The PWA Extension for Magento 2 is a game changer for online businesses. This Webkul’s PWA Extension enables businesses to give a native app-like experience to customers and take their mobile strategy to the next level.

Key features:

  • Provide fast website loading speed and enable the PWA to run with poor or no internet connection
  • Support push notifications, allowing businesses to keep customers informed of new products, promotions, and other updates
  • Enable customers to add the website on their home screen for instant access
  • Allow for easy customization of the web application with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Improve the website’s visibility on search engine result pages  


  • License fee:
    • Community: $199
    • Enterprise: $398
    • Enterprise Cloud: $398
  • Installation fee (optional): $39.80
  • Support period (optional):
    • 3 months: No extra cost
    • 6 months: $79.60
    • 1 year: $99.50


2.0.x – 2.4.x

10. Magento 2 PWA from Magetop

magento 2 pwa extensions

Magento 2 PWA from Magetop allows online retailers to provide their customers with a unique mobile experience. It offers many features to improve your user experience and provide seamless navigation.

Key features:

  • Allow customers to easily share your mobile web application through their social media channels
  • Provide your customers an excellent reading experience by giving a native app-like look and feel 
  • Translate your mobile web app automatically to different supported languages  
  • Arrange the posts into their corresponding categories to help the audience quickly swipe through
  • Learn your mobile users and assess your impact with sophisticated and reader-centric analytics
  • Allow business owners to customize many components of the website, such as colors, fonts, and adding logo and name 
  • Integrate with Google Accelerated Mobile Pages to optimize the content for mobile and load it instantly everywhere  


  • License fee:
    • Community: $199
    • Enterprise: $298
  • Support period (optional):
    • 3 months: Included in license fee
    • 6 months: $50
    • 12 months: $100
  • Installation fee (optional): $49


  • CE, EE 2.2.x – 2.4.x

Besides, there are various Magento 2 PWA software and modules available in the market that offer unique features to streamline operations and enhance your store performance, such as:

Which should be the best Magento 2 PWA extension?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as each business has its specific criteria like requirements and goals to define the best Magento 2 PWA extension. Therefore, you should carefully consider your business needs and budget before choosing an extension. It’s recommended to compare features, pricing, customer reviews, and compatibility of the extension with the Magento 2 platform, then test it thoroughly before making a decision.

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