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A lighting-fast PWA storefront to thrive in Magento eCommerce

Magento PWA (Progressive Web Application) helps retailers create headless storefront and provide seamless shopping experience to maximize conversion rates as well as obtain more chances to win customers.

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The all-in-one Magento PWA storefront solution


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Magento PWA storefront to impress your potential customers

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Offer seamless shopping experience

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Increase customer engagement

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Grow while saving costs

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Transparent implementation process

Deliver a seamless shopping experience for your customers

Accelerate page speed and improve the web user experience.

Magento PWA website

3-5 times faster page speed to increase sales and conversion rates

A page loads instantly and saves data in the cache at the initial run. Customers can search items, view product details easily, and enjoy fast checkout.

Keep customers on your page even under poor connectivity

PWA storefront can work well when the internet goes down. Allow customers to continue browsing for their favorite products while staying offline.

Ensure smooth experience on any platforms and devices

Magento PWA storefront is responsive to fit different browsers and screen sizes like desktop, tablet, and mobile. Never miss a chance to delight your customers.

Support multiple store views, languages, and currencies

Customers can choose to view your website in their preferred languages. Become customer-centric and provide comfortable shopping experiences to them.

Make your business more visible on Google and closer to customers

Improve customer engagement and sales conversion in your web store.

Make it easier for customers to find your eCommerce site

Magento PWA optimizes your website for search engines with high speed, user-friendly UX, and mobile-first indexing. Gain more organic traffic to raise sales conversion.

Broaden your customer base in the mobile commerce era

Mobile shoppers can pin a PWA website to their home screen for instant access (like a native mobile app). Share your PWA with just a URL, helping you reach a wider user base.

Boost customer engagement and retention

Remind customers of your brand with push notifications. Promote your campaigns, introduce the latest products, or send them relevant CTAs right to their screen.


Grow profitably while saving time and costs with the futureproof architecture — headless commerce

Build, launch, and expand your storefront with little effort and great flexibility.


Develop website quickly and cost-effectively

PWA development requires less time than building a native app. Save time on making your eCommerce storefront and introduce it to the online world sooner.

Enjoy flexible development options

As the backend and frontend are separate but connects via APIs, you can rapidly update the forward-facing content layer without disrupting the logic processes of the system.

Grow with your business

Headless PWA storefront is easy to scale to meet your changing demands. Gradually scale up when expanding your business to save operating costs.

Build a personalized Magento PWA storefront to follow your brand guidelines, attract, and convert customers

Together we’ll create your dream web store display for your business needs. Your storefront, your way. Talk to our experts to have the best-fit solution.

Transparent installation process with no hidden cost

Magestore typical delivery process
Magestore delivery process

What you will get:

  • A dedicated team who follows your project from the start to completion
  • Flexible customization to your business demands
  • Transparent working process and documentations
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1. What is the difference between a headless PWA and a mobile app?

Progressive Web App or PWA for short is a website in its native form, while a mobile app is simply an app. Let’s take Spotify as an example. Its website which you can access from your browser using URL is a PWA, and its mobile app is the one you can download and install from App Store or Google Play. You can read our article: PWA vs native app to learn more.

2. What is the difference between Magento PWA storefront and Magento theme?

Building a Magento PWA storefront means you’ll start from scratch to create your new website frontend. That requires coding tasks and customization. A Magento theme is a template (for layout, content, design) which you can apply on your site right away. The similarity is that both are related to how your website looks to web visitors.

3. How can I know PWA is suitable for me?

You should choose PWA when:

  • Your current website takes a long time to load. (often from 3-5 seconds and more)
  • You want cross-platform and cross-device compatibility.
  • Your available budget is not high.
  • You have little time to build and launch your eCommerce website.
  • You want your website to be distributed easily to reach a wider user base.
  • Proper indexing on search engines is important to you.

4. My current site isn't on Magento, can I have a PWA storefront for it?

Yes, you definitely can. We can customize our solution to develop a PWA storefront for your business needs.

5. Can I list PWAs on App Store or Google Play?

PWA can’t be listed in App Store or Google Play because it’s a website, not an app. But we can customize your PWA storefront to market it in these marketplaces.

6. Can customers search for my PWA website on Google?

Yes, certainly. PWA is a website in its native form, so it can be optimized, searchable by search engines, and shared via URLs.

7. Does your PWA storefront automatically work with the current extensions on my site?

Our PWA solution works automatically with most extensions. For extensions that interact or manage the frontend, we need to customize our PWA for them to integrate.

8. Can I preserve or restore the current theme on my Magento site?

The PWA will replace your existing theme with a new storefront. But we can build the new storefront to look the same as your current frontend and try to preserve the backend configuration.

Develop Magento PWA storefront to boost customer experiences and conversions

The sooner you start, the more competitive advantages you will gain. Own the technology and speed up your sales volume.

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