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Magento 2 one step checkout is an extension or module designed for the Magento 2 eCommerce platform. It aims to simplify the checkout process for online shoppers by condensing multiple steps into a single page or screen. 

However, this process can be time-consuming and cumbersome for your customers if you don’t have the right checkout plugin. To save you time and effort, we’ve curated a list of the 9 best one step checkout Magento 2 extensions for 2023. These extensions have been carefully selected based on their features, performance, and expert opinions from industry leaders like Magestore. Let’s take a closer look at what these plugins offer!

A quick comparison of the 9 best one step checkout Magento extensions



Starting price


Magento 2 One Step Checkout by BSSCommerce

CE, EE 2.3.x – 2.4.x



(49 website reviews)

Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension by MageTop

CE, EE 2.2.x – 2.4.x



(31 website reviews)

One Page Checkout Extension For Magento 2 by MageBees

CE, EE, ECE 2.2.x – 2.4.x



(20 website reviews)

Magento One Step Checkout by Ksolves

CE, EE 2.4.x



(1 Magento market review)

Magento 2 One Step Checkout by Mageplaza

CE, EE, B2B, Cloud, Adobe Commerce 2.2.x – 2.4.x



(212 website reviews)

Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension by MageDelight

CE, EE, ECE 2.3.x – 2.4.x



(51 website reviews)

Smart One Step Checkout for Magento 2 by Aheadwork

CE, EE 2.4.4 – 2.4.6



(39 website reviews)

One Step Checkout Pro for Magento 2 by Amasty

Magento 2.4.6-p1, 2.4.5-p3, 2.4.4-p4, 2.3.7-p4



(47 website reviews)

OneStepCheckout for Magento by One Step Checkout AS

CE, EE 2.4.x



(16 Magento market reviews)

This list is arranged according to the low-to-high prices. It doesn’t decide which extension is better than others, so scroll to read our detailed comparison and not miss out on a good choice for you!

What is one step checkout?

One step checkout is a simplified process that allows online shoppers to complete their purchases with fewer clicks during checkout.

The traditional multi-step checkout process typically involves several pages where customers are asked to input their personal information, shipping address, and many more. One step checkout changes that by putting everything on a single page. This means customers can complete purchasing more quickly and easily without navigating through various steps.

There are different types of one step checkout depending on how the checkout elements are displayed and processed on the same page. Some of the common types are:

  • One page checkout is a single page checkout where all the necessary elements are displayed together. It reduces the number of clicks and pages required for checkout.

Source: DigiSmoothie

  • In contrast, one click check out lets customers buy with a single click. But your customers must create an account, save their information first, and trust the website with protecting their data.

Source: Shopify

The differences between one page checkout and one click checkout:


One page checkout

One click checkout


A checkout process that displays all the elements of a standard checkout on one page.

 A checkout process that enables customers to complete their purchase with a single click if they’ve previously saved their billing and payment information to an account.

User input

Customers manually input information

Rely on previously stored customer data

Form fields

Require customers to fill in all fields

No need to insert additional fields

Customer data

May or may not rely on previously stored data

 Rely on previously stored customer data


Suitable for reducing checkout complexity

Applicable when customers have stored their payment information


Can be implemented with standard checkout systems

Require integration with a payment service or provider

Best for

  • Younger audience

  • Lower AOV products

  • Mobile traffic

  • Repeat customers

  • Higher AOV products

  • Desktop traffic

What are the benefits of one step checkout?

One step checkout offers several benefits for both online businesses and customers. Here’re the key advantages:

  • Boost conversion rates and checkout speed: It makes buying easier and faster by removing unnecessary pages and steps, which encourages more people to complete their purchases.
  • Reduce cart abandonment: With one step checkout, you can reduce frustration by making the checkout process quicker and simpler, preventing people from giving up and leaving their cart without buying.
  • Enhance user experience: One step checkout is proven to save time and prevents confusion by eliminating the need for multiple pages.
  • Mobile-friendly experience: This optimized checkout process aims to work well on mobile devices. Customers now don’t have to navigate through many pages on a small screen to complete buying.

5 criteria to rate a one step checkout extension for Magento 2

  • Features and functionalities: A robust one step checkout Magento extension should offer a range of features and functionalities. These may include, but are not limited to
    • The ability to edit products
    • Checkout field management
    • Geolocation and address suggestions
    • Delivery date and time
    • Multiple layout types and customization options to match your store’s branding
    • Integration of CMS blocks for additional content display
  • Compatibility and integration: You must ensure that the extension is compatible with your current Magento version and the existing store setup, including GDPR, Hyvä themes, GraphQL, payment methods, and shipping methods, etc.
  • Loading time: Your chosen Magento 2 checkout extension with a fast loading speed is a must to provide a smooth and efficient UX.
  • Pricing: Besides license costs, remember to compare ongoing costs, such as support, installation, or maintenance fees among these modules.
  • Mobile responsiveness: This is an unskippable factor to consider, as it plays an important role in providing a seamless and user-friendly checkout experience on smartphones and tablets.

9 Magento one step checkout extensions

1. BSS Commerce Magento 2 One Step Checkout

bsscommerce one step checkout for magento 2

The BSS Commerce one step checkout for Magento lets you show everything on one page, so customers don’t have to go back and forth to complete their orders. They can quickly enter their information, use coupons, and choose delivery options on the same page.

What’s great about this extension is that it allows you to freely personalize various aspects of the checkout page. You can customize the URL, page title, and fields to align with your preferences and brand image. By incorporating this extension, you’ll significantly improve the overall checkout experience, leading to customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Key features:

  • Streamline the Magento 2 checkout process into a single, straightforward step
  • Allow auto-filling order information 
  • Effortlessly customize the Magento checkout page with a user-friendly drag-n-drop layout builder
  • Enable support for multiple payment and shipping methods
  • Present customers with convenient delivery date and time options
  • Automatically detect geolocation and offer address suggestions
  • Boost AOV by providing additional service fees
  • Fully optimized for RESTful API and GraphQL API integration
  • Seamlessly compatible with Hyva theme, GDPR, and other popular modules and themes


  • Standard
    • Community: $99
    • Enterprise: $249
  • Speed checkout
    • Community: $152
    • Enterprise: $407
  • Advanced checkout
    • Community: $169
    • Enterprise: $401.5

Installation service:


2. MageTop Magento 2 One Page Checkout Extension

magento 2 checkout extension

With MageTop Magento one step checkout plugin, users no longer need to navigate between different pages to finalize their orders. They can conveniently access various payment and shipping methods, add gift wrap and messages, leave comments, and even set specific delivery times, all on a single page. Additionally, it supports multi-store and multi-language functionality, allowing you to cater to a diverse customer base. 

Key features:

  • Consolidate checkout steps into a single page for swift completion
  • Expedite shipment information input with address suggestions
  • Allow customers to edit product options directly on the order summary
  • Send wrapped gifts and personalized messages to friends
  • Customers can select the preferred delivery date and time.
  • Provide comments on the order to further clarify specific requirements
  • Apply discount codes conveniently on the checkout page
  • Automatically update shopping cart product quantities with Ajax technology


  • Community: $99
  • Enterprise: $149

Additional services:

  • Installation: $49
  • 6-month support: $35
  • 12-month support: $45

3. MageBees One Page Checkout Extension for Magento

magento 2 one step checkout extension

No more navigating through multiple pages, waiting for loading time, and losing customers. MageBees one page checkout extension for Magento also lets you show all the checkout information on one page, such as shipping address, shipping method, payment method, and order summary. Your customers can easily enter their details, change their quantities, use coupon codes, and place their orders in one step.

Key features:

  • Simultaneously display the shipment information and payment method on a single page
  • Automatically populate shipping addresses for logged-in customers
  • Configure automatic redirection to check out after adding products to the cart
  • Allow customers to remove or edit product quantities from the checkout page easily
  • Customize the checkout title and description from the admin configuration


  • Open Source: $99
  • Enterprise: $198
  • Cloud: $198

Additional services:

  • Installation: $39
  • Design and configuration service: $75
  • Combo installation, design, and configuration service: $99

4. Ksolves India Ltd. Magento One-Step Checkout

magento 2 checkout

Ksolves provides a complete package for a one page checkout extension, covering all the necessary features like other extensions. It allows store administrators to merge multiple checkout pages into one page, simplifying the buying process. 

Besides, the checkout process is further enhanced on the front end by customizing the layout, themes, and colors while addressing any potential issues that may lead to cart abandonment. The only limitation is that the plugin solely supports the Community Edition.

Key features:

  • Customize the checkout page theme, layout, and fields to your preferences
  • Utilize Google auto-address suggestions for swift and easy shipping and billing details input
  • Enable customers to modify product attributes, add gift messages, and choose from multiple payment and shipping methods
  • Optimize checkout page performance by minimizing HTTP requests, implementing caching, and compressing images


  • Open Source: $99

Additional services:

  • 3-month support: $49
  • 6-month support: $89

5. Mageplaza Magento 2 One Step Checkout

Magento 2 one step checkout module

Mageplaza’s module is one of the best Magento 2 one step checkout modules that goes beyond simply optimizing the checkout page for faster transactions. It offers advanced functionalities, such as a custom success page, customer attribute extension, and automatic emails. 

What sets Mageplaza apart from other contenders are two notable features: the ability to send emails to recover abandoned carts and the option to display trust badges.

Key features:

  • Accelerate address entry with Google address suggestions
  • Hyvä Theme Compatible
  • Enable customers to easily customize product attributes, add gift messages, choose delivery options, and apply coupon codes
  • Support extensive payment and shipping methods and integrate with popular 3rd-party extensions
  • Customize the checkout page theme, layout, and fields to your preferences


100% upfront payment with 40% annual deductions from the original price.

  • Standard
    • Community: $199 (then $119.4/year)
    • Enterprise: $399
  • Ultimate
    • Community: $399
    • Enterprise: $599
  • Professional
    • Community: $299
    • Enterprise: $499

Installation services:


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6. MageDelight Magento Checkout Extension

MageDelight Magento Checkout Extension

MageDelight offers all the essential functionalities for a one page checkout extension. However, it lacks certain advanced features like analytics or GeoIP integration.

Nonetheless, this module remains a strong choice for several reasons. It’s designed to be mobile responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across devices. The extension is also optimized for fast page loading, enhancing user experience. Moreover, admins can set metadata for the checkout page which can help provide greater control and customization options.

Key features:

  • Offer quick checkout steps with an intelligent single-page process
  • Enable customer registration during checkout
  • Provide the option for customers to select delivery dates and times
  • Display custom header/footer using static blocks on the checkout page
  • Utilize drag and drop functionality to swap checkout steps easily


  • Open Source: $199
  • Enterprise: $399
  • Cloud: $399

7. Aheadwork Smart One Step Checkout for Magento 2


With Aheadwork smart one step checkout for Magento 2, you can easily access and analyze checkout analytics for your store. These built-in reports help identify and eliminate process bottlenecks, as well as reduce the number of abandoned checkouts.

Furthermore, the extension seamlessly adapts to your store theme without any manual adjustments. You can add or remove predefined fields, customize their display orders, and configure delivery date and timing options to suit specific needs.

Key features:

  • Quick checkout experience with address auto-completion, GeoIP detection, delivery date and time selection, and newsletter subscription options
  • Seamlessly integrate with multiple payment and shipping methods and various 3rd-party extensions
  • Customize field visibility, order, and default values effortlessly
  • Access analytical reports showcasing comprehensive checkout abandonment statistics


  • Open Source:
    • First payment (License): $237
    • Regular payments: $13.99/month or $139.99/year
  • Commerce: 
    • First payment (License): $475
    • Regular payments: $27.99/month or $279.99/year

8. Amasty One Step Checkout Pro for Magento 2


This Magento 2 one page checkout extension from Amasty is another choice among merchants. When customers make payments, it’s important to provide them with a smooth and clutter-free experience. And the classic theme of this extension perfectly adheres to this principle. It features a simple and clean 3-column design for the checkout flow. All the necessary fields, such as customer address, product details, and shipping settings, are conveniently placed on a single page.

Key features:

  • Accelerate address entry with auto-completion, GeoIP detection, and Google address suggestions
  • Customize the Magento checkout page effortlessly with a drag-and-drop layout builder
  • Support multiple payments and shipping methods
  • Display delivery date and time options
  • Offer 2 customizable responsive themes
  • Increase AOV with extra service fees
  • Seamlessly integrate with Hyva-ready storefront


100% upfront payment with 40% annual deductions from the original price.

  • Open Source: $319
  • Enterprise: $619
  • Enterprise Cloud: $919

Updates and support prolongation:

  • Community: $195
  • Enterprise: $375
  • Enterprise Cloud: $555

9. OneStepCheckout for Magento by One Step Checkout AS

One Step Checkout AS has developed a highly modular extension that allows merchants to customize the checkout process according to their preferences without advanced technical knowledge. This trusted extension has been used by over 1,000 stores, including Nestlé, Everlast, Maxi-Cosi, and Acer. It’s widely regarded as one of the best alternatives to the default Magento 2 checkout.

However, it’s worth noting that this extension is relatively more expensive compared to other options. Therefore, Checkout AS may not be your most cost-effective choice if you’re on a tight budget.

Key features:

  • Streamline the checkout process on a single page above the fold
  • Automatically fill in the country with GeoIP localization
  • Instantly update prices and totals when modifying item quantities, shipping, or the payment method
  • Automatically update available shipping rates based on country, zip code, or region selection
  • Ensure responsiveness on mobile devices and tablets
  • Compatible with 99% of extensions following Magento 2 API for shipping and payment functionality


  • Open Source: $590
  • Enterprise: $2,035

Additional services:

  • Installation: $85
  • 12-month support: $730

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To sum up, selecting the best Magento 2 one step checkout extension for your online store depends on various factors, such as your specific requirements, budget, and desired features. 

The market offers a range of options, each with its unique offerings. 

  • If you prioritize a seamless, budget-friendly, and user-friendly checkout experience, consider one step checkout by BSSCommerce, MageTop, or MageBees. 
  • Additionally, smart onepage checkout Amasty and Checkout AS are recommended for enhanced checkout customization and performance. 
  • Similarly, when customers shop at the physical store, we suggest utilizing self-checkout options. This allows customers to scan the products, pay for their purchases, and proceed to checkout with little or no support from sales staff. With this approach, you can improve the overall efficiency and provide a seamless experience in your physical retail settings.

Now, it’s time to evaluate the options and choose the one that aligns perfectly with your business goals. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for reading!


1. How to enable one step checkout in Magento 2?

Once you’ve installed a one step checkout extension, follow these steps to enable it:

  • Go to Stores > Settings > Configuration
  • Look for the name of the installed extension
  • Navigate to One Step Checkout > General Configuration
  • In the “Enable One Step Checkout” field, select “Yes” to activate it.

2. How to create a custom step checkout in Magento 2?

To create a custom step checkout in Magento 2, follow these steps:

  • Create a .js file that implements the view model for your custom step. Then, store this file in the <your_module_dir>/view/frontend/web/js/view directory.
  • Create an .html template for your custom step. Store this file in the <your_module_dir>/view/frontend/web/template directory.
  • Edit the <your_module_dir>/view/frontend/layout/checkout_index_index.xml file to add your custom step to the checkout page layout. Specify the component name, template, and sort order for your custom step.

3. How to optimize the checkout page Magento 2?

There are different ways to customize the checkout page, such as:

  • Enable one page checkout or one step checkout
  • Simplify the checkout form and remove unnecessary fields
  • Allow customers to checkout as guests
  • Add trust badges and secure payment methods
  • Show delivery options and costs clearly
  • Provide coupon codes and discount
  • Add a progress bar or a summary of steps
  • Make it friendly for mobile devices
  • Display product images and details on the checkout page
  • Add custom blocks or sections to the checkout page

4. How does Magento 2 checkout work?

Here’s the checkout process in Magento 2:

  • Add product to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout
  • Enter the shipping address and select a shipping method
  • Select a payment method and provide payment details
  • Review order details and confirm the purchase
  • Lastly, receive an order confirmation email and be redirected to a thank you page.

In Magento 2, the checkout process utilizes Knockout JS components, which are rendered using the Knockout JS templating system. The relationship between these components, along with their parent-child structure, is defined in an XML file. This XML file can be extended or modified in your theme or module. You can also customize the checkout process further by using Magento 2 extensions or writing custom code based on your specific requirements.

5. How to enable Magento guest checkout?

Magento 2 guest checkout is a feature that allows customers to place orders without creating an account or logging in.

To enable guest checkout Magento 2, you can follow these steps:

    • Go to your Magento 2 backend
    • Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration
    • Click the Sales section and then the Checkout option
    • Under Checkout Options, set Allow Guest Checkout to Yes
    • Save the configuration

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