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As the number of online shoppers is increasing rapidly, eCommerce businesses must ensure that their shipping and fulfillment processes are fast, reliable, and cost-effective.

Shipping extensions are one way to achieve this since they offer more shipping options and accurate information tracking to streamline delivery processes, improve customer experience, and increase sales.

With so many options available, it can be difficult for retailers to choose the best-fit Magento 2 shipping extension. But we’ve shortlisted the top 10 Magento shipping extensions in 2023 for your reference. Let’s scroll down to explore further.

What are the shipping options in Magento?

what are magento shipping options

Magento shipping options help store owners handle delivery requirements by determining the cost and method of shipping products to customers. First and foremost, we need to find out more about the Magento fulfillment options. Here are some of the shipping choices available in Magento.

Three basic shipping methods in Magento

Below are 3 popular Magento 2 shipping methods that help you calculate the tax on products as well as shipping costs from your store.

Free shipping

This method allows you to offer free shipping to your customers if they meet specific requirements, such as a minimum order value or if they buy a certain number of items.

Flat rates

With this method, you can set a fixed shipping rate for all orders, regardless of weight or destination. You can also set different rates for different shipping methods in Magento 2, such as ground or express.

Table rates

Table rates allow you to set shipping rates based on a combination of factors, such as the order weight, destination, and shipping method. You can create several shipping tables and configure them to meet specific business needs.

Four shipping carrier options

In addition to the 3 shipping methods mentioned, there are 4 common carriers: FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL.


This Magento shipping plugin will enable you to link with UPS shipping services. You can use UPS shipping rates and services, like Nationwide Shipping, Flat Rate Shipping, Freight Shipping and International Shipping.


Magento 2 also provides the USPS option—United States Postal Service. With USPS, you can offer many shipping choices, including Priority Mail, First-Class Mail, and Priority Mail Express.


You can enable FedEx shipping rates and services including Package Shipping and Freight Shipping, and set up FedEx shipping options in your store’s configuration.


Let’s activate DHL shipping costs and services and use their Express Worldwide, Express Easy, and Express Domestic in your store’s setting.

Read more: How to configure these 4 shipping carriers in Magento

10 Top-rated Magento 2 shipping extensions

magento shipping extensions

Magento retailers use shipping extensions to simplify their product delivery process. These extensions can provide many features, such as real-time shipping rate calculations, label printing, tracking, delivery time selection, multiple Magento shipping integration or carriers, and compatibility with popular shipping carriers such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Shipping extensions can help improve the overall customer experience and make order fulfillment accurate and quick.

4 free Magento 2 shipping extensions

Below, we’ll provide the 4 best free shipping extensions for Magento 2. All you need to do is to install the extension and set up necessary features in the admin dashboard.

Vendor Extension name Price
Mageplaza Magento 2 Multiple Shipping Flat Rates Free
BSS  Magento 2 Admin Shipping Method Free
Meetashi Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping Free
WebShopApps Magento 2 MatrixRate Free

1. Magento 2 Multiple Shipping Flat Rates extension by Mageplaza

mageplaza magento shipping extension

Magento 2 Multiple Shipping Flat Rates from Mageplaza enables online retailers to configure multiple flat rates based on different countries. Your store will appear more professional and gain more customers’ trust.

Key features:

  • Up to 5 shipping flat rates based on a different locations
  • Control the visibility of many flat rates in each place
  • Fix multiple flat rates to different orders
  • Display error notifications when customers choose the shipping costs that are not accessible in their location


Magento 2.2.x–2.4.x


The free version applies for Magento 2 community edition.
For Magento 2 enterprise, users will need to pay $200 for the first year of use.

2. Magento 2 Admin Shipping Method by BSS

BSS magento shipping

Thanks to this Magento 2 shipping extension from BSS, businesses can add new rules to define free shipping for orders. Besides, when customers place orders, invoices and shipping labels will be auto-generated.

Key features:

  • Generate orders in the backend to determine Admin Shipping Method
  • Specify for backend users only
  • Decide applicable nations (all or optional)
  • Create invoices and shipments automatically
  • Offer Pre-select


Magento CE, EE 2.3.x–2.4.x


Free version allows you to create one unique shipping method with a set of shipping costs.

If you expect to enjoy other advanced shipping options, refer to their Magento 2 custom shipping method.

3. Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping by Meetashi


Meetashi Multiple Flat Rate Shipping for Magento enables store owners to configure up to 10 flat rates with particular terms and costs. They will have the option of charging a set fee or a portion of the item costs. Additionally, they can set different shipping costs for different nations.

Key features:

  • Offer up to 10 flat rates
  • Display option: shipping method only visible for store owner
  • Turn on/off individual flat rates
  • Set special flat rates in selected countries
  • Show Custom Error Message for unavailability of each flat rate
  • Define minimum and maximum subtotal to display flat rates


Magento CE, EE 2.3.x, 2.4.x


Free version

4. Magento 2 MatrixRate by WebShopApps

magento shipping plugin

Your customers can access delivery options based on their location thanks to this Magento 2 shipping plugin. You can define different shipping rates for different locations, shipping method, weight, price, or product quantity. You may also download the module for free or upgrade to the premium version for additional features.

Key features:

  • Provide several delivery methods like Ground or Express for different areas
  • Set shipping costs with location, cart weight, product quantity, or subtotal
  • Filter zip codes to calculate different shipping costs
  • Support a variety of zip code numbers (5,000–6,000)
  • Provide outstanding documentation with walkthrough samples


Magento 2.0–2.4


The matrix rate is completely free for basic features.

6 paid Magento 2 shipping extensions

Vendor Extension name Price
PluginHive Magento Multi Carrier Shipping Label and Rates with Tracking $9
MageAnts Shipping Per Product For Magento 2 $49
Landofcoder Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping $69
MageDelight Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions $149
Webkul Magento 2 Table Rate Shipping Marketplace Addon $199
Magestore Magento Order Fulfillment Custom price

1. Magento Multi Carrier Shipping Label and Rates with Tracking by PluginHive

Multi Carrier Shipping Label

This shipping label extension from PluginHive enables customers to print labels, schedule pickups, and track shipments from the Magento dashboard.
It supports many carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Stamps, Aramex, Blue Dart, Australia Post, and Canada Post. That helps retailers save time and money by providing live and accurate shipping rates at checkout.

Key features:

  • Update the tracking ID of the orders to customers
  • Show live shipping costs on your Magento checkout page to customers
  • Create shipping labels using the Magento dashboard


Magento 2.4

Price per unit

Starter plan is from $9 per month, providing up to 100 orders or shipping labels.

2. Shipping Per Product For Magento 2 by MageAnts

Shipping Per Product For Magento 2

Store managers can specify flat shipping rates for each product in their shop, assuring precise delivery costs thanks to this Magento 2 shipping method extension. Additionally, the extension helps control order shipping costs for a particular nation and handles charges at the point of sale.

Key features:

  • Assign default delivery cost when a product is not defined individual rate
  • Set different shipping costs for different goods
  • Select delivery costs for particular nation
  • Select the appropriate cart calculation option for your needs


Magento 2.0.x–2.4.x

Price per unit:

From $49 for Magento Community Edition, with 3-month support period

3. Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping by Landofcoder

Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate

This Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rate Shipping from Landofcoder helps you provide customers with various delivery options. You can set up multi-flat rates based on many criteria, like price, location, handling charges, and product kinds.

Key features:

  • Generate many unique flat-rate delivery options
  • Enable on specific countries or all countries
  • Apply flat fee for a fixed or percent amount
  • Establish flat pricing for each order or item
  • Users can import and export shipping rates in CSV files.
  • Show custom error notifications
    Assist multiple stores


Magento CE, EE 2.0.x – 2.4.x

Price per unit:

From $69 per year for Magento Community Edition, with 12-month support

4. Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions by MageDelight

Magento 2 Shipping Restrictions

Magento shipping restrictions extension can help eCommerce store owners limit or hide particular delivery options depending on pre-defined products, purchasing cart contents, or custom characteristics. This is the most effective method to reduce the cost of the shipping procedure.

Key features:

  • Limit shipment to certain postcodes
  • Control deliveries according to payment methods
  • Set shipping limitations for particular days
  • Create a shipping limitation rule using the payment information
  • Restrict specific consumer groups and stores
  • Limit delivery established on a chosen coupon or shopping rule


  • Open Source (CE): 2.3.x–2.4.x
  • Commerce (EE): 2.3.x–2.4.x
  • Commerce Cloud (ECE): 2.3.x–2.4.x

Price per unit:

From $149 for one-time license fee

5. Magento 2 Table Rate Shipping Marketplace Addon by Webkul


If it’s hard to manage the shipping based on locations and product weight, shipping rules in Magento 2 from Webkul can address the problem. Retailers can easily set many shipping rules for delivery costs depending on table rates.

Key features:

  • Allow customers to print bills, verify their tracking and purchase confirmation
  • Compute shipping costs by country code, region code, weight, zip code range, numeric zip code, and alphanumeric zip code
  • Use CSV files to import shipping costs for table rates


Magento 2.0.x–2.4.x

Price per unit:

One-time payment with $199 for the extension and 3-month support. Longer support costs you extra fee which is calculated based on the support period and Magento edition you’re using.

6. Magento Order Fulfillment by Magestore

magestore order fulfillment

Magestore Magento Order Fulfillment helps businesses shorten the order processing and delivery time. In just 5 easy steps (Verify – Fulfill – Pick – Pack – Deliver), you can create new orders, handle existing ones, and monitor the whole order fulfillment flow.

Key features:

  • Verify order information (customer’s shipping and billing address) and check stock availability
  • Allow printing picking list for multiple orders at once, scan barcodes to verify selected items
  • Create many packages for an order, scan barcode again, print and add packing slips
  • Track package delivery: display shipping information and tracking number provided by the carrier
  • Provide real-time reports on the order fulfillment process


Magento 2.4.x


Custom quote based on the specific needs and complexity of your business.


In conclusion, these top 10 Magento shipping extensions offer a range of features and functionalities to help online businesses streamline their shipping processes. Shipping costs, package tracking, and delivery window are three main factors to choose the appropriate shipping extension for retailers. With the right shipping extension, businesses can reduce costs, save time, and improve the overall efficiency of their online store.


Are there any costs associated with using a shipping extension?

Most shipping extensions come with a one-time fee or a subscription fee. Some may also charge additional fees based on the number of orders or shipping labels generated. It’s important to carefully review the pricing structure before selecting a shipping extension for your Magento 2 store.

What features should I look for when choosing a shipping extension for my Magento 2 store?

When choosing a shipping extension, look for features such as shipping costs, packages tracking, delivery window. Additionally, the extension should integrate popular shipping services like USPS, FedEx, and UPS.

Why do I need a shipping extension for my Magento 2 store?

Shipping extensions help retailers improve customer experience by providing accurate shipping rates, real-time tracking information, and seamless order fulfillment. That can help increase customer satisfaction leading to higher sales and revenue for your business.

Can I use multiple shipping extensions on my Magento 2 store?

Yes, you can use multiple shipping extensions on your Magento 2 store. However, it’s crucial to ensure that they are compatible with each other and there are no conflicts between them.

How do I configure a shipping extension on my Magento 2 store?

The configuration process varies depending on the extension. However, most shipping extensions have a configuration page where you can set up shipping rates, shipping carriers, label printing, tracking, and other features.

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