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One of the crucial parts of your retail store is the checkout area. It is where you allow customers to check out. But that is not all. By using proper retail checkout counter ideas, your cash wrap can boost sales, improve exposure, and impress buyers even more.

So, how about we check out some best ways to overhaul your store checkout counter? Here are 15 ideas for your reference.

1. Prioritize your customer health and safety

Prioritize your customer health and safety

Coronavirus disease affects people in many ways. That is why it is necessary to ensure the safety of your staff and buyers while they are in your shop. By your brick-and-mortar location, we also mean the cash wrap. In this space, your employees accept customer payments. It includes the surrounding areas as well, say retail displays.

On the one hand, applying a complete removal of contact at your store is impossible. But on the other hand, it is feasible to use several options to diminish unnecessary touching in the cash wrap. For example, have a bottle of hand sanitizer in the area for their use. Set up plexiglass to create a physical barrier between cashiers and buyers. Else, use antimicrobial materials or fixtures.

2. Allow customers to browse your products digitally

Allow customers to browse your products digitally

Do you have an e-commerce website? And do you not display all the stock-keep units (SKU) in the offline store? Then, we suggest giving your shoppers the chance to browse other SKUs.

There are two options in this regard. Provide your associates with tablets for their use when interacting with purchasers. Otherwise, for shoppers who like exploring the online store on their own, you can have tablets ready on the boutique checkout counter.

3. Draw in purchaser olfaction and senses of taste

Draw in purchaser olfaction and senses of taste

How about you attract customers with fantastic scents and flavors near the Point of Sale (POS)? Do you know that this pro tip helps encourage customers to make purchases?

In this sense, there are various retail checkout counter ideas based on the general concept of your brand and your store. For instance, you may want to quench the hunger and thirst of shoppers by adding a few grab-and-go snacks and drinks. Also, the scent’s positive impact is no joke. Include favorite fragrant items like candles in the space.

4. Encourage impulse purchases

Encourage impulse purchases

Spare some space in the retail store countertops for items that customers can quickly purchase when they are on the way out of your shop. Leveraging this approach, you can boost sales. Wonder why? Impulse buys hold a large chunk of consumer spending. According to a CreditCards survey, 84% of respondents have sometimes made an impulse buy. Plus, 77% have made that purchase over the last three months.

You can think about displaying the self-explanatory goods at the shop counter. These include car chargers, small toys, beverages and food, seasonal items like holiday cards, accessories to perfect your major merchandise, the mini-sized version of current models, and gift cards.

5. Add a great lighting system to your store counter designs

A decent lighting system is critical throughout the shop. The counter space is not an exception.

It will brighten the area and make it more attractive. On top of that, great lighting does a fantastic job of illuminating the impulse buys you do not desire your shoppers to miss.

6. Add a plant

Add a plant

Plants often have to do with positive vibes pulled off. That is why it is a good idea to keep them near your cashier counter.

Succulents and other sturdy plants are a fantastic choice for this space. It is because you do not have to look after them often. Besides, they are pleasing to behold.

What is more? Customers keen on planting may want to have a word with your staff about plants at checkout. This chance is terrific to satisfy the shoppers (and perhaps even entice them to buy more).

7. Put a television screen behind you

Put a television screen behind you

TV screens better your store appearance and feel. Besides, it improves the shopping experience. As you know, at times, TV screens play a part in entertaining shoppers.

Better yet, you may want to use them to boost customer awareness of your brand and models. Assuming you are a clothing retailer, you can choose to air a slideshow of your newest look designs?

One of the best retail checkout counter ideas is installing the TV on the wall behind this space. With it, this significant section in your store can attract more attention. Further, your TV in that place gives your buyers something to look at when awaiting their checkout turn.

8. Encourage social shares

One major contributor to retail marketing success is social media. You may already do a decent job of developing content to post on social media platforms. But to further the marketing process, it is great to encourage your shoppers to share your shop and products’ images.

In what way? Show your brand hashtags and public usernames on the platforms in the fitting rooms. Likewise, this approach is brilliant for checkout counters for retail stores to take.

We recommend adding a sign reminding customers to connect with and give reviews of your goods on their favorite social channels. You may also want to include discount offers as a thank-you for their feedback.

9. Use a POS to refine the point of sale counter’s look & function

Use a POS to refine the point of sale counter’s look & function

Your POS system is an integral piece of technology on the shop counter. And once you get a proper POS terminal, you can utilize it to improve your cash wrap.

Apart from saving space, a cutting-edge POS solution like the one from Magestore integrates with primary payment devices and runs incredibly. Accordingly, you can serve purchasers with checkout efficiently.

10. Include a tad of ‘you’

Include a tad of ‘you’

Are you looking for other remarkable store counter ideas? You can use this area to share proudly about your story and whatnot. We do not deny how aesthetic the fancy decorations are. Still, be that as it may, adding a little of ‘you’ around or on the checkout section will give customers an idea of who you are. This way promotes attachment and reputation.

For instance, there are photos from your business’ first stages until now. Does your brand boast any press mentions? If so, exhibit these articles on the checkout wall.

11. Add a quote

Add a quote

Add a witty element to your cash wrap – why not? Such a statement works to entertain your shoppers and foster how this space appears and feels. Above all, it enhances what makes your products stand out.

The above picture is a typical example. This gardening store puts the statement “Because plants are cheaper than therapy” on the counter front. It manages to promote the store’s products. At the same time, this addition spruces up the checkout section.

12. Further your corporate social responsibility efforts

Further your corporate social responsibility efforts

Are you active in corporate social responsibility? If yes, let the world know about your good deeds through some appropriate retail checkout counter ideas.

For example, putting up a simple sign that shares your charitable efforts with customers. This way should cement loyalty and encourage more spending.

13. Have something seasonal

Have something seasonal

See to it that your counter area design is not boringly the same at all seasons. Refresh things by introducing seasonal elements whenever applicable.

For instance, on Women’s Day, you can enhance the space’s look with flowers. On the holiday season, it is great to hang a few stockings in front of the counter or place a small Christmas tree on its top.

14. Cross-sell and upsell

Cross-sell and upsell

To make the best of your counter space, you can think out of the box instead of sticking to selling gift cards near the POS.

An impressive way of leveraging this countertop is to use it for cross-selling and upselling. Cross-selling is selling goods related to the customers’ buy. Upselling means offering shoppers sales of a more pricey version of the product they came to purchase.

One thing to note, upselling feasibility near the store counter has pretty much to do with the type of shop you operate. Stores offering more sizable products are likely to find it challenging to put such things near the checkout. In comparison, cross-selling suits just about any variety of stores.

15. Make use of the data

Make use of the data

The significance of data in optimizing sales from the counter area is undoubtful. As you know, Magento POS reveals crucial data about impulse buys. You can use them to enhance the checkout section from time to time.

For instance, they help you decide what sells and ensure to provide more of that to customers.

In a nutshell: What retail checkout counter ideas should you use?

Did this article inspire you to improve the look, feel, and impact of your checkout space? We certainly hope so!

On the one hand, we do not suggest trying all of these tips concurrently. That way is probably too extreme. Yet, on the other hand, we surely recommend you give a couple of the ideas a shot. Test them out and keep track of your customers’ reactions. Analyze the results and improve as such.

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