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During 10 years working on our retail software, we have seen many retailers struggling with their daily operations; especially now with the pandemic. Our ultimate mission is to help them overcome whatever burdens they have and focus more on the business strategy through technology.

In the messy middle of the pandemic, we share the same worries with retailers. We are constantly thinking about how Magestore can innovate our product to help them adapt to the new normal and lift off some of the weight on their shoulders. After listening to the customer’s concerns and observing industry changes, we finally released a new feature called “Click and Collect”. Many Magestore customers have benefited from this update.

If you want to hear the whole story of how we build this, let’s dive in!

Why Click and Collect?

Growing demand during the pandemic

The growing demand for Click and Collect during the pandemic is why we consider adding it to the solution. Many businesses choose Click and Collect because their customers benefit from the low cost, convenience, and speed of this fulfillment model.

Many Magestore customers also request a customization to update this feature to their current system. If you are not aware of this retail trend, learn more about the process and how to set it up for your business. 

Magestore’s strength in omnichannel

Click and Collect is a form of omnichannel flow where consumers order online and then pick up their order at a physical store, rather than having it delivered. To run a successful and smooth Click and Collect program, your retail system needs to synchronize the online website and the offline POS. This is Magestore’s advantage and is the heart of our solution.

Omnichannel systems also help eliminate a lot of manual work that separated systems often have. If you are running a website and physical stores at the same time, or intend to expand your business to either online or offline, then an omnichannel system like Magestore is a perfect fit.

Click and collect

How we build Click and Collect

Listen to any feedback from customers

We welcome any feedback or new ideas from customers because they are the ones using the solution. It’s easy to add a new feature to the product, but it must be a valuable feature to customers. Our goal is to grow with the retailers in the long run. We don’t want to build retail software that you have no use or little use for.

Using Magestore product means you are using a practical tool that is built from real-life demands. With Click and Collect, we receive a lot of requests from customers. It means we need to do something to help them achieve what they want.

Always get updates about the retail industry

To build quality retail software, we always try our best to build expertise around retail knowledge. The Magestore members are retail experts who have many years of experience in retail and keep up with retail updates.

We also have a library of retail business cases designed by our retail expert for your reference. At Magestore, we make sure to not only bring a high-quality product but also offer more retail knowledge to help retailers manage their business more efficiently.

Magestore developers

Implement a professional development and testing process

Magestore solution is built on the Magento platform so we need to follow the development standard and testing process of Magento. Our developers are official Magento Contributors with nearly 10 years of experience in the field and certified by Adobe programs.

Magestore also applies the Agile framework to our working process with Click and Collect feature. With this methodology, we’re able to design a clear roadmap, deliver values every week, and adapt quickly to the changes along the way.

With all the experiences and clear processes, we strive for a top-class retail system. Our team of 10+ developers and business analysts keep innovating to improve product quality. Although there’s no such thing as “zero-bug” software, seeking perfection will lead us to excellence!

Release and ask for feedback to improve the product

After we launch Click and Collect, we make sure to gather all the feedback from customers using the feature. In this way, we know how to fine-tune the product even more and make sure the customers are getting value out of it.

What values does it bring to Magestore customers?

mr pets

Greg Penno is the store owner of Mr.Pet’s company with nine physical stores in Canada. He is one among many retailers coping with the hard-hit of COVID-19 and decided to use a Click and Collect program.

He came up with the idea after he saw an increase in curbside pickup orders by 10 times compared to the pre-COVID time.

However, the Click and Collect flow was not set up properly on his point of sale system. It made it difficult for the staff to fulfill pickup orders.

To design a new Click and Collect process, Greg needed an omnichannel solution that connects the POS with his online website.

Thanks to Magestore’s solution, Greg’s new Click and Collect system helps him get notified easily when new orders ring up. He also can manage all orders in real-time across sales channels. Greg now has much more confidence to maintain the business and satisfy his customers even during COVID time.

Harry – one of Magestore’s customers – also shares his positive story about how the Click and Collect feature has helped his business thrive during the pandemic.

trustp pilot magestore review

Wrap up

Many other customers are happy with the Click and Collect feature. We believe it is a result of all the hard work and constantly improving the product quality.

By actively listening to customer feedback and striving to the best of our ability, we will continue our mission to bring valuable software to all the retailers. With Magestore’s expertise and support, your business will expand sustainably without hardships along the way, because Magestore is your partner in growth.

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