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Featured customer: MR.PET'S

10 locations, 12001800 orders per day


How a store owner has fulfilled ALL business needs with a unique POS solution.

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A retailer with a big mission and an efficiency puzzle

Mr.pets store using Magestore POS

Mr.Pet's Story

About business

Greg Penno has started his pet supplies business, Mr. Pet’s, for 26 years. Mr. Pet’s has 9 locations in Canada with 8,000 product SKUs, but expanding to 25,000 SKUs over the next 12 months.

Greg aims to offer his customers a wider selection of pet products than ever before. But he has a big efficiency puzzle to solve, managing approximately 100 employees with 1,200–1,800 orders per day.

On his way to find a seamingly-simple POS solution

It’s not easy to manage 9 physical stores. Greg wants to offer different products at different store locations. Mr. Pet’s website also has lots of SKUs that need to be organized well for customers to understand what they have and where.

Greg and his developer team were looking for a POS system to maximize efficiency and provide their customers with the best experience. This POS system should allow back-orders and dropship to fulfill 5% of his sales orders.

As simple as it may seems, Greg Penno cannot find what he wants in any POS system. Unfortunately, his experience with some other POS system did not go well, even with a popular one like Microsoft Dynamics:

  • Delay in syncing data
  • Incorrect product information
  • Unable to meet the business’ special needs
Mr.Pet's store front | Magestore customer success

“We have different products sometimes at different locations and we want to tell the world what products we have at each store simply so we had very special needs for magestore.”

Greg Penno, Store Owner of Mr. Pet'sPet Products | Canada

Believing is achieving

Mr. Pet’s needs an integrated & Magento-native POS system that uses the same database for website as POS. Greg & his developer fellows didn’t give up on their research. Finally, Greg has found what he needs in Magestore POS. Running several cash registers at once, Greg was once worried about Magestore POS speed, but now everything is sorted out.

Greg and Mr.Pets store using POS Magestore Magento
The results

What Greg has achieved

  • Checkout faster than ever with a strong POS and barcode support
  • Magento POS streams real-time and lossless data
  • Run 21 cash registers in 9 physical stores.
    Expand more without extra charges
  • Sell even when out-of-stock with back-orders and dropshipping
  • Customers can buy online and pick up at store
  • Launch an online-offline reward program with custom earning/spending rules

Words from Greg

“We are scanning at 110 items in 30 seconds, it might even be able to scan faster if we had a faster scanner.” – said Greg.

Here are the 3 quoted compliments Greg sent to Magestore

Icon Magestore Magento POS quick setup

Easy to operate

“Already we are able to do many more things than we were able to do in the past with our previous software.”

Icon Magestore Magento POS easy configuration

Open POS in minutes

“I love that our POS just streams from our online server and in minutes we can have a working cash register.”

Icon Magestore Magento POS instant access

Own your POS forever

“I love that we own the product and no one can take a feature away from us to change it in a way we do not like.”

Business innovation and the No.1 Leader

With his wise vision in Magestore POS, Greg has gained absolute trust from his staff members for being the No.1 boss. Renovating a whole new POS system isn’t easy, but Greg has led the team to a new era. “I look like a hero to my staff now that Magestore fixed our speed problem. I think they had some doubt at times, but I was able to show them I can lead them through a fire and we survive.”

Greg is on his way to complete customizations with Magestore but expresses his confidence in the outcome. “I don’t know how to express how happy I am today and that I am sooo confident that Magestore will be able to make anything we dream become a reality.”

“I am very happy with the solution/service. Very detailed and well planned out, we requested a lot of tasks that were not simple. Magestore made my dream a reality.”

Greg Penno, Store Owner of Mr. Pet'sPet products | Canada

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