Magento Introduction - What is Magento Enterprise?

What is Magento Enterprise?

Magento Enterprise Edition?

Magento Enterprise Edition shares the same base as Magento Community Edition. However, as Magento adoption continues to rapidly increase, there are retailers who require more than the community can provide. Some need advanced features and deep customization, some require major functionality changes, and others require a higher level of support through Service Level Agreements.


what is Magento enterprise edition


There are many reasons for this, ranging from business requirements to traffic considerations, catalog size and even the types of services retailers wish to provide. The Magento Enterprise Edition is therefore fully supported by the Magento team. Magento invests considerable resources for development and continued support of Magento Enterprise Edition and provides a longer support life cycle. This stable base, which can be easily customized if needed, offers exclusive advanced features and is backed by a solid support contract giving organizations the solution they need for a production ready, enterprise grade eCommerce platform with the full confidence of an SLA.

In a nutshell, all Magento Editions share the same genes at the core, but target very different needs. If you find yourself with more questions read below for a more detailed break down of some common questions.

Full features of Magento Enterprise edition

- Attract and convert more customers

- Make easy buying

- Retain customers

- Custom sites

- Grow & Scale

- Ready for Mobile

You can explore detailed features of Magento Enterprise here:

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