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Dear partners,

Technologies have been advancing rapidly. New and constant developments have made the earlier product versions obsolete. The end-users and market demands are increasingly evolving. Therefore, we will gradually discontinue our older products. This is a part of any technology’s product lifecycle.

When our products reach their end of life (EOL), we will strive to make the transition process as seamless as possible with a transparent procedure.

Today, December 9, 2021, Magestore officially announces the EOL of our nine-year-time POS Professional Plan

We will focus our resources and provide only one plan — POS Commerce — from now on. This complies with our vision of bringing the highest quality products and services to our customers that we always adhere to.

Note: You can follow these guides to check your current POS package if you are unsure of your own:

Retirement time

Magestore will cease releasing new features, updates, and maintenance for the Professional plan based on the EOL timeline below.



End of sales date

December 1, 2021

End of feature development date (1)

December 1, 2021

End of product patch date (2)

April 1, 2022

End of maintenance date (3)

January 1, 2024


(1) End of feature development date: The date that Magestore will stop developing and releasing new features for the package.

(2) End of product patch date: The last date that we release the Magento version upgrade, bug fixes, and testing for the above products.

(3) End of maintenance date: The last date to receive maintenance services including bug fixes, Magento version upgrade, host transition, extension upgrade or installation, customization, and user guidance from Magestore.


We recommend that you plan to respond to the changes before the end of the patch date (April 1, 2022) and the maintenance date (January 1, 2024). This ensures you always have the best working system and can enjoy timely support.

For more information

Please contact your project manager or account manager to help with your plans or if you have any questions regarding the change.

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