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Web Based Point of Sale for Magento Retailers

Magento Web-based Point-of-Sale is one module in our Omnichannel solution for Magento retailers.

Makes it fast & easy to sell more to your customers and keep them coming back with power Magento POS system. Using Magestore WebPOS system, you can sell across multi-channels anywhere, anytime.

mangento web pos

Magento Point of Sale features

1. Add products to cart in a blink

Scan barcode to quickly & accurately add products to cart. Indeed you can filter products in seconds just by entering any attributes, from common ones like name, SKU to advanced ones like manufacturers, price, color, etc. Even with a new arrival item that has not existed in the system, Magento POS software lets you check out that custom sale item in 1 click.

magento webpos allows fast product checkout

2. Manage customer information

Magento WebPOS system allows checkout as a guest or registered customer. You can search for any customer information (name, email, contact,...) to quickly create orders. This not only helps sales staff provide better service to customer but also supports the store management work of a Store Manager.

magento pos allows easy customer management

3. Put orders on hold for later purchasing

If your customers cannot make up their minds yet, then Web Point of Sale can put the orders on hold - in no time limit - until they are ready to continue processing. Don't let these potential customers leave your store without any engagement.

  • Barcode Scanner
  • Receipt Printer
  • Payment System & Cash Draw

For more flexibility, check out our Point of sale app for Tablet/ipad to convert sales from anywhere in the store.

Web based POS holds order for later checkout

4. Apply coupon & custom discounts

You can convert more sales with flexible discount offers. Magento POS allows your staffs to apply discount by percentage, on a fixed amount or with a custom price. If you are looking for a seamless online-offline experience for customers, Web POS is your right choice, for online coupon code can be used to checkout offline in a blink. Make discounts for a specific product or for the whole cart and close more sales from price-sensitive customers!

apply coupon on Magento point of sale

5. Support other discount methods

To help your staff close more sales & retain more customers, Web POS equips you with the ability to seamlessly integrate with other discount method modules. Using Reward Points or Store Credit program and selling Gift Card at POS checkout are the best tactics to keep customers coming back & buying more. If your site has been installed these modules, then they will be completely compatible and integrated with Web POS.

apply discount method on Retail POS

6. Never miss a sale with offline mode

The Internet goes down?! It's not the end of the world anymore! You can continue selling and complete order submission in a blink of an eye. Magento Retail POS solution automatically saves all data of new orders and gets old data from your IndexedDB browser. When you're back online, orders will be automatically synced to the system.

offline mode in Magestore POS system

7. Quickly process payment with online & offline payment gateways

magento webpos with various payment method

Online & Offline Payment Methods

Accept different payment methods including online (Stripe and PayPal) and offline (Cash in, Cash on delivery). Integrate with card swiper and easily set up your preferred payment method.

Split & Partial Payment

Provide customers more options to make payment. Your customers can use 1, 2 or more payment methods to pay the whole order value. Or they can pay part of the order and pay the due amount later.

Customizable Payment Methods

Name 2 custom payment options to create your own offline payment terminals like bank transfer, cash or debit. Have other payment methods in mind? Just contact us!

8. Handle Shipments & Deliveries With Ease

If your customer wants his multiple-item order to be delivered in two or more consignments, you can fulfill his request with Web POS partial shipment.

Magento Web based POS with custom shipments

9. Empower your Magento Retail POS system with any peripheral devices

Barcode readers, Card swiper, Receipt printer & Customer pole display are all compatible with Magento Web POS and can be well integrated easily. Cash drawer management helps you get the full control of the in-and-out cash flow. Each sales staff's adjustment along with the transactions in cash is completely recorded then compared to the actual cash amount in cash drawer. No more leaking money with this function! View list of Web POS peripheral devices supported here.

magento webpos devices

10. Streamline inventory management

The module is completely tied to our Inventory Management module. The seamless integration between each sale location and a warehouse ensures real-time inventory tracking and fresh & updated data.

efficient inventory control with Multi Store POS

11. Assign right permissions to the right person

Achieve a secure system and a better multi-store management with Magento Web POS, for you can assign different access levels to different staff accounts and manage them easily in Magento backend. This permission hierarchy function provides a Multi Store POS that prevents mix-ups for both the store manager and the retail business owner. You can even set the highest discount percentage that your staff can offer customers.

  • Create/ view/ manage orders of the current user or others
  • Apply coupon codes/ custom discounts per cart & item
  • Apply custom price
  • Issue refund by cash or store credit
Multi Store POS permission

12. Game-changing Reports & Analysis

Easily assess your business performance with 10 types of reports provided. Wanna know which location has the highest in-store sales? Or who is the star employee of the month? It's totally possible with Web POS sales reports! You can easily track the performance of each staff, location or total sales of each payment methods on daily, weekly, monthly or a custom period. Magento 2 Web POS: Control your business performance of each staff, location or total sales of each payment methods with 10 types of report.

Magento point of sale report