Native Magento iPad point of sale app for Retailer

Compatible for iPad (iOS 7.0 and above)

 Retailer POS is temporarily suspended for big optimizations.

A tiny iPad app, a huge POS system

Make sales 10x faster anytime, anywhere

Coming out from behind the counter, making all transactions has never been that easy with this small yet powerfull native app - Magento POS iPad. All settings and rules from Magento backend can be pulled out to use here.

  • Search and select items in seconds by any criteria
  • Apply coupon and custom discount
  • Keep orders on hold
  • Flexible payment methods (split payment supported)
  • Refund by store credits and return items back to stock

Keep track of your business and make the right decision

Stay on track with your sales and cashflow with robust reporting functions:

  • Overview sales report in backend
  • 3 types of report in POS: X-report, Z-report, End-of-day sales via POS report
  • Cashdrawer management

Support unlimited users and multi-store

Magento Retailer POS supports multiple stores and unlimited users per account. You can easily manage each user's permissions, target budget and access from Magento backend.
Some user permissions:

  • Create/ view/ manage orders of the current user or others
  • Access specific groups of customers
  • Apply coupon codes/ custom discounts per cart & item
  • Run X-report/ Z-report/ daily sales report

Quick & easy to set up Magento POS iPad

  Download & install AppDownload and install the app in your iPad to get it ready to sell on the go
  Create API key & install ConnectorGenerate an API key in your Magestore account & install the connector in your Magento stores
  Activate the appUse the API key to activate the app on your devices
For Further Instruction:
30-Day Money Back 30-Day Money Back
1-year Free Support 1-year Free Support
Free Lifetime Update Free Lifetime Update



Best Value: Save $99 when buying both iPad and Web POS versions
or Get the whole Retailer Kit (11 extensions) here

  • Get $40 in reward to use in next purchases!
  • 5% off when you buy 2 or more extensions

Why Choose This Magento iPad POS

One-time payment
Straight-forward pricing plan: you own Retailer POS app forever with the total price of $399. No hidden fees.
Perfectly built for Magento sites
As a native POS app for Magento, all data and settings are synchronized between your store and the app safely and smoothly
Support unlimited users and multi-store
Retailer POS can be used for unlimited users across multiple locations which is an ideal solution for retailers with multiple stores

Frequently Asked Questions to Master Magento POS iPad App

  • Which devices can Retailer POS app run on?

     Magento Retailer POS is built for iPad with iOS version 7.1 and above

  • Can I use Retailer POS for multi-Magento-sites?

     You can use 1 Retailer POS license for 1 Magento website with multiple store views

  • Do I need to open the Magento site on browser to connect with Retailer POS App or the App can work independently?

     Yes. You need to open your Magento site and install the connector to get all data and settings synchronized. For more detailed, follow the step-by-step instruction here

  • How can I update the Magento POS iPad App?

     You will get notification from Appstore whenever there is an updated version

  • Can I use one key for many iPads/users?

      Yes. Number of users and devices is not limited per key

  • How often data is synced when using Retailer POS?

     All data is synced in real-time between the iPad POS app and your Magento site

  • Does Retailer POS work well with Magento Enterprise Edition?

     The EE version of this app will be released soon!

  • Can this App work in offline mode?

     It can not work in offline mode in this version. But it will be updated soon.

  • Can this Magento POS iPad app support websites in Magento 2?

     In this version Retailer POS just supports Magento 1.x websites. Magento 2.0 version will be released soon.

  • What will I do if I lost key or want to change key/domain?

     You can go to your Magestore account to get the key or edit information

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