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Retailer Point of Sale App For Magento 2

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Robust Magento 2 POS App For Retailers

High-speed checkout process

With the latest upgrade to PWA technology, Magento 2 POS app retail system help transform your checkout experience - ultrafast and more efficient. Handling up to 100,000 SKUs and 100,000 customers, as well as process 12,000 orders per hour (equivalent to 200 active POS at once).

  • Load data when opening POS <10s
  • Scan barcode & search customer to create an order < 1s
  • Create custom sale items (e.g. for new arrivals) in 2 clicks
  • Open multiple-orders to serve lots of customer at once
  • Apply coupon code or Magento cart rules on total sale

Check stocks across different locations right POS screen

Whether you run business with one store or multiple ones, Magento 2 POS app enables you to keep track of stock levels across all your stores on POS screen in real time. So, you always know what you have (or don’t have) in stock. What's more, if you have no Internet connection or low quality connection, our Magento POS ipad still can sync your inventory. So quick and accurate!

  • Take control of stock from online to physical stores
  • Check stock availability of current store and other store right at POS screen
  • Manage stock on-hand
  • Notify low stock products

Acept flexible online & offline payment methods

Magento 2 POS app allows you accept every way your customer wants to pay - online, offline method or mix of both. Loyal customers can even pay with Store credits or Reward points if you have these modules of Magestore installed. More reasons for them to come back to your store soon.

  • Accept cash & offline credit card
  • Accept online credit card via Paypal (Credit Card and Email),, Stripe
  • Pay with multiple online/ offline payment methods per order or mix of both
  • Integrate with terminal device: Bambora ipp350
  • Enable Split and Partial Payment
  • Pay with Reward Points, Store Credit or coupon codes

Plenty of hardware supported by Magento POS app

Payments made flexible and fast with an easy-to-use and reliable hardware system. Find out more about hardwares supported for Magento Retailer POS app here

  • Barcode Scanners (connect to PC via USB port or Bluetooth, connect to Tablet via Bluetooth)
  • Socket Mobile Bluetooth barcode scanner (basic mode) (connect to iPad/Tablet)
  • Card Swipe (connect to PC via USB port)
  • Receipt Printers (connect with PC, print via browser)
  • Cash Drawer (must be connected to Receipt Printer)

Get Magento Retailer POS app with just three steps

  Book a FREE demoLet's introduce yourself a bit so we can consult the best-fit solution & save your time here
  Purchase & ConfigureAfter purchasing, you can install Retailer POS with ease & use it immediately via an URL
  Experience Magento POS appAdd the app's shortcut to the device screen (PC, iPad/Tablet) and make sales in seconds

One-time payment POS - Once purchased. Forever yours

Just need to pay one time and use lifetime with unlimited user, location, and device

365-Day Money Back 365-Day Money Back
1-year Free Support 1-year Free Support
Free Lifetime Update Free Lifetime Update

Why Choose This Magento 2 Retailer POS App

Reliable offline mode
PWA is well-known for its reliability, regardless of the network state. So Magento 2 POS app can work offline and perform well even in low network conditions.
No app stores and downloads
Thanks to Google's modern PWA technology, all you need is a URL. Add it to your device screen and you can get instant access.
No limit devices & locations
Magento 2 Retailer POS can be used for unlimited users across multiple locations and compatible with lots of different devices

Frequently Asked Questions to Master 2 Magento POS App

  • Which devices can Retailer POS app run on?

     By using Google's PWA POS, Retailer POS for Magento 2 can work easily on all devices (PC & Tablet/iPad) or anywhere you find a browser. No need to install software from app store

  • Can I use Retailer POS for multi-Magento-sites?

     After purchase, you will obtain a License Certificate which includes a license serial. It is valid for:
    - One live Magento installation only (even if you have multiple sites & stores in the same Magento back-end, 1 Web POS license is enough)
    - One dev Magento installations only

  • How can I install & use Magento 2 retail POS system?

     This Magento 2 retail POS system requires no app stores or downloads. Once you've installed our package, all you need is a URL and a web browser. Add it to your device screen and you can get instant access.

  • How can I update the Magento POS App?

     There are several ways that you can learn about our product updates:
    - subscribe to receive our monthly & weekly newsletters
    - get alerted via feeds notifications
    - manually check your current Magento 2 Web POS version in Settings and compare it with the latest version on our website
    To download the latest version, please visit, log in to My Account -> My Downloadable Products & select the version you want to use.

  • How often data is synced when using Retailer POS?

     All data is synced in real-time between the POS app and your Magento 2 site

  • It sounds great looking at Retailer POS but I'm not sure if it works with my business. What should I do?

     We are here, always! Talk with our specialist to explore how Retailer POS could and surely will support your business.

  • Can this App work in offline mode?

     PWA is well-known for its reliability, regardless of the network state. This means on our Magento retail POS app, you can checkout normally even without internet. So you don't have to worry selling in trade shows or events, where the connection is often unstable.
    During offline mode, Web-based POS solution automatically saves all data of new orders and gets old data from your IndexedDB browser. When you’re back online, orders will be automatically synced to the system.

  • What's new in the latest version of this Magento 2 POS app?

     Magento 2 POS has been upgraded with Google's new Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. By using this new technology, Magento 2 POS will deliver a app-level web experience in a stunning interface. Speedy performance, reliable functions and easy-to-use UI like a native app.

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