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Quickly & Accurately process orders

The 1st Magento 2 POS extension is tailored for your business and ready to use in 3 days

* FREE Installation (Testing on test site is included)

The first Magento 2 POS extension for your retail system


Checkout fast & accurately

Fast loading and powerful performance as a native app, supported by Magento latest technology of Knockout JS.

Process payment at ease

Quick and secure payment process for customers with multiple online & offline payment methods.

Empower retail system

Seamless integration of your POS system with native Magento extensions like Inventory Management, Reward Point or Gift Card.

Let’s take a quick tour at the newest Magento 2 POS Extension

Explore all Magento 2 POS extension feature highlights

Quick, Smooth and Accurate order processing

  • Add items with a click

    Products are visualized with thumbnails and categorized for easier access. Click on product thumbnails or scan barcode to add product in a blink.
  • Avoid out-of-stock products

    The warning icon and message reduce any chance of mistakenly adding out-of-stock products to cart.
  • Hold order for further purchasing

    Quickly put the transaction on hold and recall it later for a quick status update.
  • Add custom sales items

    Use Custom Sales button to simply and easily create orders with items that have not been updated into the system.
  • Create order offline

    Keep creating orders even when the Internet drops out with IndexedDB storage. Data is automatically synced when connection is restored.

Multiple Payment Methods

Online & Offline Payment Methods

Accept different payment methods:
* Online: Stripe and PayPal (credit card & account)
* Offline: Cash in, Cash on delivery
Integrate with card swiper and set up your preferred payment method to checkout in a minute.

Split & Partial Payment

Provide customers more options to take payment. Your customers can use 1, 2 or more payment methods to pay the whole order value. Or they can pay part of the order and pay the due amount later.

Customizable Payment Methods

Name 2 custom payment options to create your own offline payment terminals like bank transfer, cash or debit. Have other payment methods in mind? Just contact us!

Retail System Empowerment

  • Streamline inventory management

    The extension is completely tied to Inventory Management extension. The seamless integration between each sale location and a warehouse ensures real-time inventory tracking and fresh & updated data.
  • Enhance reward & loyalty system

    Magento 2 POS extension is totally compatible with Reward Points, Gift Card or Store Credit extensions. You can quickly save, spend, or refund by credit/point, or process gift code to make discount for customers right on POS screen.

Better Order tracking and In-store management


Customer management

Allow checkout as guest or registered customer. Customer's order & refund history recorded


Print receipt, send email to customers, create invoice by items or by the paid amount of order


Issue refund by item or by paid amount. Return paid amount by reward points ( Magento 2 default)


Grant different permissions to sale staffs. Limit highest discount percentage for each staff

Working shift management

Control cash flow in working shift of each staffs. Z-report created after each working shift


Better business performance management with 10 types of report.

Enjoy the premium support from Magento experts


Get your Web POS installed by Magestore developers to ensure the extension works properly. Installation is totally free!


Enjoy one-year free support from Magestore dedicated supporters. Free access to user guides and video tutorials.


Customize to make the POS system work perfectly for your business. Share with us details of your requirements!
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  • Get 60 points in reward for the next purchase
  • FREE installation (Testing on test site is included).
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No order processing delays. More successful orders.
Customize WebPOS to maximize its checkout speed.

Magestore WebPOS already delivers a fast and accurate order processing experience. But it can be even more powerful once matching your business traits. As the developer of your POS, we have the advantages to make the best customizations that fit your demands.
The top frequent requests that Magestore has received for WebPOS include:

  • - Integrate with extra payment methods (e.g. Stripe, Braintree, PayU);
  • - Display products differently between webstore and POS (e.g. set different prices on these 2 channels);
  • - Add Delivery date & time fields to Shipping section.

The full customization request list is available here.

The extraordinary is just one span away from you. Why accept the ordinary?

Customize to leverage Read more detail

Hint: Not sure what customization to make? May be take a look at some frequent requests that Magestore receives here

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How many websites/ stores can I use with 1 license of Magento 2 POS?

    After purchase, you will obtain a License Certificate which includes a license serial. It is valid for:

    +) One live Magento installation only (even if you have multiple sites & stores in the same Magento back-end, 1 Web POS license is enough).

    +) An unlimited number of test Magento installations.

    View our full License Agreement here.

  • Can I have a trial version for Web POS?

    Our Web POS extension is not provided with a trial version. However, we offer 30-day–money-back-guarantee to ensure customers’ right and benefit. You can consider the commercial version as a 30-day trial not only without encryption but also even more stabilization. Besides, you could test all functions thoroughly on our demo site; we are willing to clarify any concerns. In addition, not like the trial, the paid version is 100% open source and you freely customize it as your desire. We also offer free lifetime support and free one-year updates thus if you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact us at to receive the proper response.


  • Is your Web POS extension one-time purchase or monthly fee?

    You only need to purchase the license one time and then freely use Web POS forever, no monthly fee or additional cost. This price has already included Free Support for Lifetime & Free Update for 1 year.

  • What benefits can I get if I use your installation service?

    With our installation service, our developers will help you install Web POS & makes it work properly on your site. Any unexpected problems & conflicts may arise during the process will be eliminated.

    You can choose the Installation option when purchasing Web POS or not. Magento 2 POS is provided with FREE INSTALLATION.

  • Does it cost me any extra fee to request your support & update?

    No, Web POS comes with Free Lifetime Support & Free One-year Update as stated our Terms and Conditions.

  • Do you have any special offer for purchasing multiple licenses?

    You can instantly get 5% off any orders of 2 or more Magento 2 POS licenses. For each license purchased separately, you will earn 30 points, which equals to $30 off in the next orders.

    For bulk purchase, you should consider our partner program here for resellers & development companies. If you have any other suggestion, please contact our account manager at to get proper responses.

Installation & Update

  • How can I install your Web POS extension?

    You are recommended to use our FREE installation service. Our experienced developers will install & test the Web POS extension for you to prevent any bugs that might arise and ensure the extension work properly. You can install it like installing any extensions to Magento Backend, just follow our Installation Guide here

  • How can I know if Web POS updates to download the new package?

    There are several ways that you can learn about our product updates:

    +) subscribe to receive our monthly & weekly newsletters

    +) get alerted via feeds notifications

    +) manually check your current Web POS version in Settings and compare it with the latest version on our website.

    To download the latest version, please visit, log in to My Account -> My Downloadable Products & select the version you want to use.

Product Compatibility

  • What Magento editions is Magento 2 POS compatible with?

    Magento 2 POS is compatible with Community Edition 2.0 - 2.1. Magento 2 POS for Enterprise Edition is coming soon.

  • Does Web POS sync with orders placed through our website?

    Yes, both orders placed through Web POS & your website are stored in Sales-> Orders. All ordered items are subtracted from Catalog Inventory.
    However, you can check sales made through POS separately by viewing them in POS Reports section.

  • Can I customize the layout of Web POS receipt?

    Yes, it's possible to modify the layout as you want. Magento 2 POS is open for customization. For further instructions, please contact our developers at

    You also can use PDF Invoice extension to customize the receipt template easily.

  • Can I customize Web POS with my logo & theme?

    Absolutely yes, you can change logo & color them of Web POS easily in Settings. Also, the extension is 100% open source thus you can freely customize other features as you want.

  • What Peripheral Devices can Web POS work with?

    It can connect with the following devices:

    +) Barcode Readers: any devices that connect with ipad/laptop/pc (no matter through usb port, wifi or bluetooth) - as long as the scanner can read barcodes & fill encoded information into Web POS search box

    +) Card Swiper: only devices connected through USB port (New)

    +) Receipt Printers: any devices that connect with iPad/laptop/PC (no matter through usb port, wifi or bluetooth)

    You can view list of peripheral devices that Web POS supported here

Get further introduction

Let's check these latest updates

Version 1.2.0 (released on Aug 4, 2017)

  • Fix error of partial refund & partial invoice
  • Fix error when filter products & stocks in WebPOS by Warehouse products
  • Fix error cached customer's data when create order in WebPOS
  • Fix time zone issue in shift management in WebPOS
  • Fix conflict issue with owlCarousel of custom theme
  • Fix error can not get default image of categories in WebPOS
  • Fix wrong item's price when there is an active promotional & product price included tax
  • Fix issue cached product options when create order in WebPOS
  • Fix error when click on Use-To-Checkout button in customer section (online checkout mode)
  • Fix error of custom sale item (online checkout mode)
  • Fix error do not show credit card form in payment section
  • Fix wrong grand total when item applied custom discount & product price included tax (online checkout mode)
  • Fix wrong subtotal & item's price when item applied special price (online checkout mode)
  • Fix error able to apply coupon code many times
  • Fix error can not create invoice after made partial refund
  • Fix error of date group in order list
  • Fix error can not add product including not-required options to cart
  • Fix error do not update transactions in Working Shift when enable online checkout mode
  • Fix issue updating order total after back to main screen from checkout page
  • Fix error updating stock qty after sold decimal-qty items
  • Fix error do not calculate tax of grouped items
  • Allow to enable/ disable custom order number format
  • Allow to config default tax of custom sale item
  • Allow to clear offline data of WebPOS by clicking on Reset-Local-Database button
  • Compatible with Magestore's Gift Card extension v2.0.0

Version 1.1.4 (released on Jun 06th 2017)

  • Support online mode (real-time sync data)
  • Integrate with Paypal Pro
  • Fix bug conflict with Magento SOAP api
  • Fix bug with configurable products contains custom options
  • Fix bug can not sync Order when checkout configurable items with different attributes
  • Remove 'pub' folder in extension package

Version 1.1.3 (updated on Apr 15th 2017)

  • Support direct post method
  • Allow to apply catalog rules when add item to checkout in WebPOS
  • Fix wrong tax value when using included tax price of multiple qty item
  • Fix error blank payment method setting page when enable Braintree payment
  • Fix error rounding row total when using price include tax
  • Fix error when enable bundling js mode
  • Fix wrong created date of Order in working shift view

Version 1.1.2 (updated on Mar 20th 2017)

  • Do not show disabled products in Webpos
  • Fix multiple currencies issues
  • Fix issue can not create invoice in multiple currencies
  • Get product price by customer group
  • Fix wrong tier price checking
  • Fix wrong qty of bundle product
  • Fix wrong role checking in Webpos
  • Fix DI compile issue
  • Support multiple tax rules
  • Allow to hold product when hold Order

Version 1.1.1 (updated on Feb 10th 2017)

  • Integrate with Customer Pole Display device
  • Support PayPal (Pay by credit card, PayPal account & sending PayPal invoice via email)
  • Fix bugs

Version 1.1.0 (updated on Oct 14th 2016)

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Impressive features and easy UI

I was really impressed with the installation - it was thoroughly tested and had good communication throughout the process. The system itself is great - the ability to hold orders is fantastic, and the whole process is clean and user friendly. We have only used it in a test environment at the moment, but will be training the store staff and look forward to seeing an integrated online/offline system increasing the overall efficiency of the business.


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