Transformed Magento 2 POS with PWA technology

Robust Magento 2 POS For Online-to-Offline Retail

Magento 2 POS is a Multi-store retail Point of Sale with stock control to bridge online Magento 2 site and physical stores. The first POS system runs with a progressive fast-loading PWA technology.

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One innovative, seamless, and powerful Magento 2 POS system


30x times faster than the previous version

With the latest upgrade to PWA technology, Magento 2 POS now delivers ultrafast checkout experience. Deal with up to 100,000 SKUs and 100,000 customers, as well as process 12,000 orders per hour


App-like user experience

Combining the best of the web and the best of apps, Magento 2 POS can work easily across all devices (PC & Tablet/iPad) or anywhere you find a browser. No app stores or downloads. Enjoy immersive experience like a native app.


Real-time data synchronization

Selling products on multiple channels? No problem! Our POS is native with Magento, so all key data of products, inventory, customers, and orders are synced in real time between online site and physical store. So quick and accurate!

A customer-focused Magento 2 POS system for multi-store retailers

Streamline your sales with smart payment method

The world-leading payment gateways

Accept flexible online & offline payment methods

Magento 2 Web POS provides flexible payment options to streamline your sales at checkout. Our POS system supports both online and offline payment methods. Thus you can allow your customers to pay with online methods such as Paypal (Credit card and Email),, Stripe; or process payment with offline methods including Cash and offline Credit Card. Furthermore, we are working with the world’s leading providers for integrated payments (Bambora...) to bring you a smarter and faster checkout experience

*New Update: Now our Web-based POS is integrated with Bambora terminal. This helps sync sales total straight from your point-of-sale to your card reader - no more manual entry. View details here

Would you like a purpose-built Magento 2 Web POS?

We understand that each business is unique. That's why we built a POS solution that can often be adopted in each business.

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Loved by 5,000+ retailers that are using Magento 2 POS system

Save a huge working time

We’ve done our first event with Magestore Omnichannel Starter Solution now and it was a huge improvement. Web store stock status updated live, sales were a lot quicker thanks to the barcode support and easy search via SKU. But more than that, the Magestore package has been a huge time saver! I’ve saved approximately a full working day after each event

Eva Dejmo - Read full story

Impressive features and easy UI

I was really impressed with the installation - it was thoroughly tested and had good communication throughout the process. The system itself is great - the ability to hold orders is fantastic, and the whole process is clean and user friendly. We have only used it in a test environment at the moment, but will be training the store staff and look forward to seeing an integrated online/offline system increasing the overall efficiency of the business

De Bono - Interview on Magestore

Using this in Australia

I looked into P.O.S. systems such as Vend etc. None provided the flexibility or features that are needed to run a modern retail/ecommerce store. Pays for itself within the first few months

Jones - Interview on Magestore

A recommended POS system

I tried the demo and it exactly worked as description, so I decided to buy it after that. I like it 'cause I don't have to spend much time creating orders and searching for products. I think this extension is so interesting that store owners should install in their stores. I recommend it

Andre - Interview on Magestore

Very useful POS system

I have purchased many extensions from Magestore, this extension being one of many. I have never had a bad extension from Magestore. Their attention to detail and features makes all of their extensions easy to use for both you the admin in the back end and your customer on the front end

Tyson - Interview on Magestore

One-time payment POS - Once purchased. Forever yours

Just need to pay one time and use lifetime with unlimited user, location, and device

FREE Lifetime Update
1-year Free Support
365-Day Money Back
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No credit card required. No hidden fees

Take full control of retail system by Integration with advanced features

Provide customers more benefits when they check out by getting a seamless integration with advanced functionality in our Omnichannel Solution

Multi-warehouse Inventory

Transfer stock between warehouses and manage multiple warehouses from one place
Learn more

Barcode Management

A powerful module to manage thousands of product SKUs in a smart way
Learn more

Reward Points

Reward customers and keep them coming back your store for the next purchase
Learn more

Store Credit

Make purchases, handle refund with credit and allow customers to share credit to their friends
Learn more

Frequently Asked Questions for Magento 2 Web POS

Magento 2 POS is a purpose-built point of sale solution for Magento merchants. It gives the store owner the ability to manage their day-by-day transactions at any POS location in a fast, simple and effective way.
This Magento 2 POS system is also a bridged solution for integrating online site and physical store to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers.
PWA POS, stands for Progressive Web App Point of Sale, is a perfect POS solution built with Google's innovative Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. It combines the best of web and the best of the apps to deliver a smooth and fast checkout experience.
With the latest upgrade to PWA, you can use Point of Sale seamlessly on any device (PC, desktop, iPad, Tablet), or anywhere you find a browser. Lightning-fast checkout, reliable functions, and easy-to-use UI/UX like a native app - that's what you can benefit from PWA POS system.
We're here, always! So, to ensure your utmost benefits, please talk to our specialist for consultancy.
As you know, PWA POS which has been released recently in September 2018 is a completely different solution in terms of architecture and technology. Since this solution for Magento 2 is developed from scratch and hence, treated as a completely new product (not as a new version of former WebPOS Magento).
For customers who previously purchased our WebPOS (version 2.4 and before) and/or our Retailer POS App, we have special offer for the new license if you wish to upgrade to the latest version with PWA technology. Really! We’d be happy to discuss your questions or concerns so you can make the right decision.
After purchase, you will obtain a License Certificate which includes a license serial. It is valid for:
  • One live Magento installation only (even if you have multiple sites & stores in the same Magento back-end, 1 Web POS license is enough)
  • One dev Magento installations only
Yes, by using Google's new PWA technology, Magento 2 POS can work easily on all devices (PC & Tablet/iPad) or anywhere you find a browser. No need to install software from app store.
Our Magento 2 POS is not provided with a trial version. You could test all functions thoroughly on our demo site; we are willing to clarify any concerns. In addition, not like the trial, the paid version is 100% open source and you freely customize it as your desire. We also offer free lifetime support and updates thus if you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact us at to receive the proper response.
PWA is well-known for its reliability, regardless of the network state. This means on our Magento retail POS app, you can checkout normally even without internet. So you don't have to worry selling in trade shows or events, where the connection is often unstable.
During offline mode, Magento 2 POS solution automatically saves all data of new orders and gets old data from your IndexedDB browser. When you’re back online, orders will be automatically synced to the system.
There are several ways that you can learn about our product updates:
  • subscribe to receive our monthly & weekly newsletters
  • get alerted via feeds notifications
  • manually check your current Magento 2 Web POS version in Settings and compare it with the latest version on our website

To download the latest version, please visit, log in to My Account -> My Downloadable Products & select the version you want to use.

You can install it like installing any extensions to Magento Backend, just follow our Installation Guide here. Or if you cannot do it yourself, please purchase our installation service
With our installation service, our developers will help you install Magento 2 Web POS & makes it work properly on your site. Any unexpected problems & conflicts may arise during the process will be eliminated.
Yes, both orders placed through Magento 2 Web POS & your website are stored in Sales-> Orders. All ordered items are subtracted from Catalog Inventory. When you make orders offline, data is saved in IndexedDB browser and it will be synced to the system when you are online.
We always assure that when you purchase our installation service, we will cover all steps of setting up a product and eliminate all problems that may occur in the process of installation. As the fee is paid for the amount of time that we spend on serving you, it cannot be refunded. In the event that you would be dissatisfied with our service, please contact our Sales Manager at We will remind our staff so as to serve you better next time.
No, Magento 2 Web POS comes with Free Support for One year& Update for Lifetime as stated our Terms and Conditions.
Web POS can work with default inventory in your Catalog (auto-filter out-of-stock products). It is also compatible with our Inventory Management and Multi-warehouse Inventory Managementmodule for better stock control among multiple sales & storage locations.
Yes, it's possible to modify the layout as you want. For further instructions, please contact our developers at
You only need to purchase the license one time and then freely use Magento 2 Web POS forever, no monthly fee or additional cost. This price has already included Free Support for One year & Free Update for Lifetime.
Magento 2 Web POS is compatible with Community Edition 2.1.x - 2.2.0 - 2.2.1 - 2.2.2 - 2.2.3, Enterprise Edition 2.1.x - 2.2.0 - 2.2.1 - 2.2.2 - 2.2.3. It also work well with the latest security patch SUPEE-9652. Magento Web POS is available here

Release Notes

Faster Performance

WebPOS can deal with a big database (100000 SKUs and 100000 customers) in a very short time

  • Wait time to use POS after login: under 1 min
  • Time to create an oder: under 10s per order
  • Allow POS users to use full functions while synchronizing data

Integrated Payment with Bambora

  • Allow users to make partial/ full payment with Bambora payment device at store
  • Allow users to cancel an order paid with Bambora
  • Provide users with a full info of the order made with Bambora including Reference Number, Type of payment cards, The amount of money paid with Bambora

Easier & More Flexible Payment

  • Allow users to pay for an order in multiple online payment methods
  • Allow users to pay for an order in a mix of both online & offline payments
  • Faster & easier integration with Stripe, & by using SDK
  • For checkout using Credit Card: Allow POS user to define Reference Number as a required field when customers pay by credit card

More efficient Session Management

  • Lock register: User can lock his workstation without logging off the POS
  • Limit access rights on Web POS with POS Account sharing configuration
  • Allow users to show/hide session history on Web POS
  • Allow users to limit the period of time to show session history on Web POS

Better POS Security by restricting IP Access

  • Allow POS user to specify at which IP Address Web POS can be accessed

Z Report & X Report Updates

  • Show more detailed information in the opening and closing session field
  • Show current date and time of reports when printed
  • Update advanced formula to provide deeper insights
  • Show customer phone number on receipts
  • Allow users to customize title of a receipt
  • Set the default values of returned quantity as 0. So in returning partial of the order, users don't have to edit the quantities of products which are not to be returned
  • Always mark the checkbox "Return to stock" when users process a refund order
Optimized Order Process
  • Show child items of bundle products on both sales order details page and sales order print-out form
  • POS User can choose to send automatic order confirmation to customer's email on checkout screen
  • Show label instead of value of items in export file
  • Fix error can not create invoice of remaining items in order
  • Fix error can not remove items after add them from customer's online shopping cart
  • Fix wrong subtotal value of on-hold order
  • Fix error can not create shipment on Magento 2.2.2
  • Fix wrong shipping fee with setting including tax
  • Fix error displaying shipping information of store-pickup orders
  • Fix wrong price format after re-ordered
  • Validate opening balance input when open session
  • Fix error do not show order comment in receipt
  • Compatible with Magento 2.2.2
  • Fix error backorder feature in offline mode
  • Fix wrong row_total in order detail in case of tax after discount
  • Fix error missing tax_shipping when create invoice
  • Fix wrong tax value when setting [Tax Class for Shipping] as tax goods
  • Show delivery date in order grid, order view & receipt print
  • Show regular price and special price on receipt print
  • Allow to assign Magento Store View to POS location
  • Integrate with Store Credit Magento Commerce (EE)
  • Integrate with Reward Points Magento Commerce (EE)
  • Integrate with Gift Card Magento Commerce (EE)
  • Compatible with Magento 2.2.1
  • Fix error losing hold cart data after placed order in online mode
  • Fix wrong Theoretical Closing Balance value
  • Fix wrong closed_at value in ZReport
  • Fix error auto-change time of hold carts
  • Keep holding cart number after removed one
  • Allow to sell gift card item in POS
  • Allow add notes to custom sale item
  • Enable Google address suggestion to quick fill customer's addresses
  • Sort products on POS by product name
  • Allow to show different tax info, store info on receipt by store view
  • Show available qty when select options of configurable product
  • Allow to add items in abandon cart of customer to POS checkout
  • Fix tier price of configurable product in offline mode
  • Fix bug can not update stock from POS when do not link POS location to any warehouse
  • Fix error showing refund-by-store-credit option without Store Credit extension installed
  • Fix error able to checkout more than available-qty of product
  • Fix error showing qty-in-warehouse instead of available-qty of products in POS
  • Fix bug do not show earning points in POS online mode
  • Fix bug assigning sales order to wrong warehouse when checkout via POS
  • Fix bug wrong cash removal value in Z-Report
  • Fix issue applying configuration changes without refresh page of WebPOS
  • Fix bug can not refund order using points from POS
  • Fix bug can not refund order using gift code to redeem
  • Fix issue can apply coupon code one time only in online mode
  • Provide logout option after logged-in with no available POS
  • Show working session ID instead of Staff Name in Z-Report
  • Fix bug wrong value of delivery date when checkout in POS
  • Fix bug duplicate location & user data after installed WebPOS
  • Fix bug showing wrong total items in product listing
  • Fix notice: Undefined variable: freePackageValue in /vendor/magento/module-offline-shipping/Model/Carrier/Tablerate.php on line 175 whern create order from POS
  • Fix bug showing all shipping methods in POS (online mode)
  • Sorting by product name in POS
  • Fix error of permission tree when edit Role in backend
  • Fix bug when export Z-Report in backend
  • Fix error nothing happen when click on use-to-checkout button in customer listing of POS
  • Fix error showing product as out-of-stock status
  • Working session management feature (open session, close session)
  • Open cash drawer without print receipt
  • Print receipt without opening popup
  • Fix bug wrong tier price of configurable product in offline mode
  • Fix bug can not save staff role
  • Compatible with Magento 2.2
  • Fix error get stock item data by product_it from server
  • Fix error showing shipping option when checkout virtual product in offline mode
  • Fix bug do not loading customer data in offline mode
  • Fix bug in checking promotion rule
  • Fix bug showing stock of not-allow product types in stock management
  • Fix bug do not update product data in Webpos after mass-updated products in Magento
  • Fix wrong AM/PM time in order listing
  • Fix error duplicating customer when searching
  • Fix error different total of sales order & invoice (include tax option)
  • Fix error do not receive product image data in product list
  • Fix error checking required option of bundle products
  • Fix error saving shipping address
  • Fix error showing swatch color of configurable product
  • Fix error of sales summary after closed working shift
  • Allow auto print receipt in offline mode
  • Fix error of partial refund & partial invoice
  • Fix error when filter products & stocks in WebPOS by Warehouse products
  • Fix error cached customer's data when create order in WebPOS
  • Fix time zone issue in shift management in WebPOS
  • Fix conflict issue with owlCarousel of custom theme
  • Fix error can not get default image of categories in WebPOS
  • Fix wrong item's price when there is an active promotional & product price included tax
  • Fix issue cached product options when create order in WebPOS
  • Fix error when click on Use-To-Checkout button in customer section (online checkout mode)
  • Fix error of custom sale item (online checkout mode)
  • Fix error do not show credit card form in payment section
  • Fix wrong grand total when item applied custom discount & product price included tax (online checkout mode)
  • Fix wrong subtotal & item's price when item applied special price (online checkout mode)
  • Fix error able to apply coupon code many times
  • Fix error can not create invoice after made partial refund
  • Fix error of date group in order list
  • Fix error can not add product including not-required options to cart
  • Fix error do not update transactions in Working Shift when enable online checkout mode
  • Fix issue updating order total after back to main screen from checkout page
  • Fix error updating stock qty after sold decimal-qty items
  • Fix error do not calculate tax of grouped items
  • Allow to enable/ disable custom order number format
  • Allow to config default tax of custom sale item
  • Allow to clear offline data of WebPOS by clicking on Reset-Local-Database button
  • Compatible with Magestore's Gift Card extension v2.0.0
  • Support online mode (real-time sync data)
  • Integrate with Paypal Pro
  • Fix bug conflict with Magento SOAP api
  • Fix bug with configurable products contains custom options
  • Fix bug can not sync Order when checkout configurable items with different attributes
  • Remove 'pub' folder in extension package
  • Support direct post method
  • Allow to apply catalog rules when add item to checkout in WebPOS
  • Fix wrong tax value when using included tax price of multiple qty item
  • Fix error blank payment method setting page when enable Braintree payment
  • Fix error rounding row total when using price include tax
  • Fix error when enable bundling js mode
  • Fix wrong created date of Order in working shift view
  • Do not show disabled products in Webpos
  • Fix multiple currencies issues
  • Fix issue can not create invoice in multiple currencies
  • Get product price by customer group
  • Fix wrong tier price checking
  • Fix wrong qty of bundle product
  • Fix wrong role checking in Webpos
  • Fix DI compile issue
  • Support multiple tax rules
  • Allow to hold product when hold Order
  • Integrate with Customer Pole Display device
  • Support PayPal (Pay by credit card, PayPal account & sending PayPal invoice via email)
  • Fix bugs