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Web-based POS for Magento Retailers

Magento Web-based Point-of-Sale is a built-in module in our 3 bundles of Magestore POS solution for Magento retailers (also available for Magento 2.3). We give you a powerful tool set to create great customer experiences and make seamless sales anytime, anywhere

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Magestore’s Web-based POS system is made for Magento retailers who want a guarantee in lossless data sync. It has the same smooth experience as a native app, but much higher speed. So you can sell more to your customers and keep them coming back to your stores.

Magento 2 Point-of-sale is transformed with innovative PWA technology. This Web-based POS deliver fast & accurate checkout using multiple online & offline payment methods.

Magento retailers who are looking to enhance omnichannel experience across channels can upgrade our Web-based POS with other Magento-native modules. The seamless integration with Inventory Management gives you real-time stock status across the whole system. Moreover, it’s easy to engage with customers via loyalty programs like Reward Point, Gift Card and Store Credit. Using Web-based POS system, you can sell across multiple channels (in-store and website) without any hassle.

New Update: Magestore POS edition for Magento 2.3 is now availble. Book a free demo to see how it works!

magento web pos


Our Web-based POS software is easy to set up and efficient to use. With Magestore Web-based POS system, you can check out in seconds, manage products in real-time and enhance customer loyalty. Here are some highlights of this powerful Magento Web POS:

  • Quick, Smooth and Accurate order processing
  • Inventory sync in real-time
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Integrate with loyalty system
  • Stable performance during offline mode

1. Add products to cart in a blink

Our Web-based POS software pulls inventory data right from Magento backend without any external Magento pos integration. Hence, you always have the latest stock status on your webpos.

  • The cashier has several ways to find the product quickly and accurately. Either scan barcode, navigate through product categories or search by its attributes (e.g. SKU, name, description). Just 1 click to add the products to cart. And the order is ready to check out!
  • Have a newly-arrived product that has not even exist in the Magento system? No problem! Magento Web-based POS software lets you process that custom sale item in 2 simple clicks.
create a custom sale item on magento webpos

2. Deliver personal shopping experience or Checkout as guest

Your customers are your greatest treasure! You will need their info wherever you sell. So you can sell faster, & deliver memorable experience to make them come back later.

It’s easy to create a new customer account on our Magento WebPOS. The data will also go to your Magento backend. Vice versa, you can search for existing customers in the system by their name, email or phone. These are done so fast that your customers don’t have to wait.

Alternatively, your customer can check out as a preset Guest account. Your sales are fully recorded while these “shy” customers can save even more time and identity.

magento webpos allows easy customer management

3. Get rid of waiting lines during rush hour

Fast speed is the most important feature of a Magento point of sale. But not enough! Sometimes customers hesitate before making a purchase, or even forgets their wallet at home. Do you make the next customer wait until the former finishes? This is so inconvenient during busy times. Instead, you can checkout for both at once! Our Magestore Web-based POS allows multiple order checkout, so no one gets upset for waiting.

If it takes too long for the customer to decide, put his order on hold until they are ready. Their unfinished cart will be kept – in no time limit – so you can continue to checkout anytime.

Web based POS holds an order for later checkout

4. Never miss a sale with offline mode

The Internet goes down?!! It’s not the end of the world anymore! You can continue selling and completing orders, even at a faster speed. Magento 2 WebPOS automatically saves/gets order data at your IndexedDB browser. When you’re back online, orders will be automatically synced to the system. Now you can ignore the poor network state at trade shows, events and conventions and focus on making sales instead.

offline mode in Magestore POS system

5. Let customers pay you with ease

magento webpos with various payment methods

Online & Offline Payments

Accept both online (Stripe, Tyro, Zippay) & offline (Cash in, Credit Card) payments. Easier when integrated with card swiper or payment terminal (Tyro).

Split Payment

Provide customers with more options to make payment. Your customers can use 1, 2 or more payment methods to pay the whole order value.

Partial Payment

In case a customer does not bring along enough money, they can pay a part of the order and pay the rest later (in an unlimited time).

6. Engage customers with discount & incentives

Discounts & rewards draw customers to the store. Especially for price-sensitive shoppers. A seamless experience throughout online and offline channels will keep them with you forever.

Web-based POS supports Magento shopping cart rules, catalogue promotion rules and Catalog tier price. It’s easy to create a custom discount program that any customer craves, no matter if they shop online or offline.

Our Reward Point, Gift Card & Store Credit are applicable at both online webstore and physical store. So customers can redeem their loyalty reward anywhere or even share with their friends. Another reason to love Magestore Web-based POS!

apply discount methods on Magento web-based POS

7. Stop overworking yourself

Share your workload, but ensure staff only do what they are supposed to do. That’ll save you from ending up drained. With Web-based POS, you can assign different access levels to different staff. This permission hierarchy function provides a Multi-Store WebPOS that prevents mix-ups. In-store selling becomes easier when you can do this centrally in Magento backend.

For example, only the store manager can refund & manage orders of all locations. Cashier can only see orders created at their Point-of-sale. No muss, no fuss!

Multi Store POS permissionon Magento Web POS

8. Say farewell to retail frauds & thefts

Ensure your earned cash stays safe and sound until it’s in your hand. A 2017 report shows that the most common internal fraud was simply staff stealing cash. Our session management feature tracks cash amount in your cash till before and after each working shift.

  • Your cashier opens a new working shift and fills in the float amount (the cash amount left in cash drawer from the previous shift)
  • The system starts recording all cash transactions and adjustments in his/her shift.
  • If your staff adds or removes cash from the cash drawer, he/she needs to make adjustments with reasons. Magento Web POS records the changes into the total balance.
  • At the end of the shift, your cashier is required to enter the actual cash amount in the cash drawer. You’ll get a Z-report to justify his/her inputs. (Anytime during the shift, you can print a X-report to carry out a spot check)
Magento WebPOS x-report

9. Keep updated when out-of-office

magento webpos - efficient inventory control with Multi Store POS

Both being native to Magento, our WebPOS and Inventory Management modules are perfectly compatible. So you can see real-time stock changes, in Magento backend and Web-based POS. You will never miss any updates, even when you’re not physically in the office.

  • Control the whole business in real-time from Magento core backend
  • Display a warning icon and message on WebPOS screen to avoid adding out-of-stock products to cart
  • Return products’ quantities to stock when processing a refund on WebPOS

10. Empower Magento POS system with peripheral devices

Your store will run better with the help from additional devices. But the integration isn’t easy sometimes, making it hard for store owners to satisfy customers.

Magestore Web-based POS is compatible with a wide range of hardware and devices. Such POS equipment as Cash Drawer, Barcode reader, Card swiper, Receipt printer, etc. can be integrated easily. You’ll also save a lot of time in-store and get more accurate data. Here are the lists of peripheral devices for Magento 2 Point-of-sale.

New Update: Magestore POS has now integrated with Tyro terminal – Australia’s leading EFTPOS provider. Payment totals will automatically go to your integrated device within one swipe. No manual entry, no mistakes.

magento webpos devices

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magento webpos

Web-based POS essentials

  • Responsive Web-based POS with native app UI/UX
  • Speed up order processing by saving local data in IndexedDB browser

Quickly add products to cart

  • Visualize product lists with thumbnail images
  • Quick view product description
  • Search products by attribute, such as barcode, SKU, name & description…
  • Scan barcode to add product to cart
  • Support simple, configurable, bundle, grouped and downloadable products
  • Create custom sale items (e.g. for new arrivals) in 2 clicks
  • Warning icon and message to avoid adding out-of-stock products

Process payments with ease

  • Support Magento Shopping cart/ Catalog Promotion
  • Keep orders on hold for further processing
  • Checkout without internet (Offline mode)
  • Pay order with multiple payment methods (Split payment)
  • Pay less than the total amount due and pay the rest later (Partial payment)
  • Support Cash-in, Credit Card (Authorize.net & Stripe)
  • Support PayPal payment (coming soon via BrainTree Direct)
  • Card swiper supported


  • Process refund via Web-based POS & allow returning items to stock
  • Issue refund by item or by the whole value order

Pull up customer data & record new info

  • Choose an existing or add a new customer when creating an order
  • Use the default customer info for guest check out (No merchant account needed)
  • Edit customer info right on WebPOS screen
  • Search customers by name, email, phone

Cash up/ Session Management

  • Set different access permissions for different staff (e.g. manage order, refund, discount, etc.)
  • Set maximum discount percentage applied by each user role
  • Manage working shift: open/close shift, cash adjustments, Z-report, X-report for working shift
  • Manage cash balance and transactions of sale staff on WebPOS device in each working shift

Peripheral Devices

  • Cash Drawer
  • Barcode reader
  • Card swiper
  • Receipt printer


  • Magento Web-based POS solution is 100% Open Source
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations
  • Magento Web-based POS module is easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

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Magento Web-based POS is a built-in module in our 3 bundles of Magestore POS solution for Magento retailers (also available for Magento 2.3). In order to get this module, you can see our pricing plan

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