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Being smart, agile, and lean is key to winning in the age and day’s competitive retail environment. Optimal technology solutions like web POS system are a necessity in this regard. According to a report, more than 51% of corporate organizations have already relied on online POS, and over 40% intend to use it. Granted, a swift, easy, and secure web POS helps you maintain accurate stock levels and prices, update sales data in real time, and process multiple payment methods quickly.

Let’s dive into what you should know about this kind of software, top 6 web POS in the market, and the advantages your business needs from it.

What is a web POS system?

What is a web POS system

A web POS system (also called an online POS) stores data in an online server and is accessible anywhere through the Internet by not only computers but also mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The solution keeps all your transactions and sales history on your own server, allowing you to view your business data anywhere on the internet. Besides, an advanced web POS can sync all data across your system in real time. Thus, you can always enjoy live and accurate data even when the Internet is poor.

A good web POS system can help mobile businesses a lot. For example, thanks to it, mobile kitchen and brick-and-mortar businesses get a more modern and efficient register and faster payment processing from a range of points. In general, all businesses easily benefit from the web based point of sale for many reasons, including the main ones to be mentioned below.

6 best web POS systems for your business

1. Magestore

magestore pos screen - web pos system

Magestore web POS system is dedicated to retailers using Magento platform. With its real-time data sync, you’ll always know how your business is doing across sales outlets from a single dashboard, supporting you to minimize theft and shrinkage. You can also easily customize this software around your company’s needs, enabling exponential growth.

As a point of sales web based, Magestore offers an optimal level of flexibility in any retail environment. Besides, it promotes repeat purchases by allowing you to reward your customers with online-offline loyalty programs.

Another top feature of Magestore solution is that it still can work in offline mode, allowing you to process payments, record, and update transactions without any hassles.

2. Revel

Revel is one of the best web based POS systems that fits any size of restaurant and store. It integrates POS capability with operations across channels in a unified dashboard, which provides a single source of truth.

One of its best features is the data analytics application that monitors transactions, order history, payments and offers data-rich reports. Besides, this online POS boasts the capability to manage mobile ordering and loyalty programs and give barcode support. Its integration with QuickBooks and some other 3rd-party partners is also noteworthy.

3. Square

Square POS online system has some outstanding features, including stock control, customer relationship management, staff management, and reporting. It allows you to monitor, adjust or transfer stocks across multiple locations. You can have items searched by scanning barcodes or by keywords.

Also, the system has integrated payment processing and works smoothly with all Square hardware. After any card transactions, this software will generate customer profiles automatically, enabling you to keep purchase history and customer information in check.

4. EposNow


EposNow is a web POS system for small to mid-sized businesses. Aside from its POS module, the software provides built-in retail accounting (e.g., payroll processing), customer management, and inventory management.

The POS module includes the functionality of voiding transactions or discounting items, an HR time clock, customer age verification, barcode, and electronic scale integration.

Thanks to the inventory application, you can monitor purchase orders, the supplier database, and inventory status, among others. EposNow works with Mac, Windows, iPad, and Android.

5. Toast

Toast is a flexible online POS system dedicated to the food service sector. It has key features to support restaurant operators in adapting quickly to the ever-changing industry landscape and accommodating customer demands. These features include e-gift card purchasing, contactless payments, and online ordering and fulfillment.

As a safe and secure web based point of sales, Toast keeps you updated with the latest features and lets restaurant data be easily accessible to you from any location on any mobile device. Besides, its robust suite of analytics and reporting enables restaurant owners to define opportunities for minimizing costs, and highlight bestsellers, to name a few.

6. AmberPOS


AmberPOS provides point of sales systems to small to mid-sized retailers in Canada and the U.S. Aside from POS capability, it offers stock control and CRM—customer relationship management. The cutting-edge customer management feature enables you to keep an eye on customer information and work on purchase trends.

With the comprehensive reporting functionalities of this software, you can analyze and maximize your everyday sales. In addition, AmberPOS provides an eCommerce add-on module that you may choose for the system’s integration with a large eCommerce shopping cart.

6 advantages your business needs from a good web POS system

Here are the top reasons these point of sale systems empower you to operate your establishment as efficiently and effectively as possible.

1. Accessibility

Accessibility - one benefit of web pos system

A wow factor about web POS is that you can access them from any location with an Internet connection. Whether you are on the go, at home, or in the store, you can easily take orders, get payments, and look into sales analytics, among others, right on your mobile devices.

2. Smooth app integrations

Another advantage your business needs from a web POS system is the ability to run your entire business through it. Simply put, the software should be able to integrate with your existing eCommerce systems. You can also use the 3rd-party accounting and tax system that connects smoothly to the POS.

3. More sales seized from diverse payments

flexible payment methods - online pos

A decent online POS makes it easier for shoppers to pay you by accepting all their desired payment methods. This should be among the motivations for them to return to your store for purchases soon. Popular payment methods your online POS system should handle includes credit cards, coupon codes, gift cards, reward points, store credits, and split and partial payment.

4. Centralized stock information in a single database

If you opt for a powerful web POS, you can view your whole retail business, including stocks and sales data, and customer information in a centralized platform. This helps you update with accurate information and avoid time-sapping, delayed data, underselling and double selling, and inventory evaluation errors for improved communication, more informed decisions, and higher sales.

Especially, advanced web based point of sale systems will significantly enhance replenishment as they provide a clear overview of every warehouse and channel from anywhere. In this way, you can make the right purchase orders for the right stores at the right time.

Moreover, the centralization of inventory data, sales data, and customer data also helps with your latest updates and most comprehensive understanding of the connection between these elements and your business situation.

5. Efficient staff management

staff management

With a web POS system, you can manage employees and their time more efficiently. For example, employees can receive real-time notifications when they’re on break or time to clock out. You can also provide access to your employees’ schedules and important information on the payroll that makes payroll automation simpler for you.

6. Cost efficiency

As online POS eliminates the need for a hard drive to keep the data, saving you plenty of costs. Also, because this solution now provides practical tools for business, purchasing any additional software is unnecessary.

Final words

There are some main advantages your business needs from a web POS system, including simplification of transactions and payouts, and encouraging repeat purchases. The online POS software also boasts fantastic visibility with a unified view of the entire sales and stock data. You will save money with this system in comparison with its counterpart—traditional POS software.

Furthermore, the system enables you to provide the best omnichannel customer experiences easily to sell more and generate more profits. Are you ready to bring and leverage these great benefits of a web POS to your business? Let’s discuss your requirements with us.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is a traditional POS?

A traditional POS (also known as on-premise POS or legacy POS) is the point of sale type that keeps every data on a local database, particularly on the hard drive of your computer. Thus, it is only accessible when you open your computer and the drive.

2. What are the differences between web POS, cloud POS, and traditional POS?

The web based point of sale software is hosted on your own server and is accessible through any browser.

The cloud POS is hosted on a 3rd-party cloud server. That means you don’t have to store and manage your data on your own. You can access your data anywhere with a web POS.

Meanwhile, you can only access the traditional POS system on corporate computers and servers physically positioned on the premises.
Keep on reading this ultimate comparison to learn more about a cloud and on-premise POS.

3. Who are the users of a web POS system?

Online POS systems have lower upfront and maintenance costs, making them the best bet for smaller companies. Larger businesses may also use them for maximum functionalities. These are warehouse and delivery management, merchandise planning, pricing controls, and many more.

Retailers in various industries can adopt the web point of sales systems. These include sporting gear stores, furniture, home decoration, and clothing, to name a few.

If you need mobility such as running your business on the go or often promoting your products at trade shows, a web POS is such an optimal choice.

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Who needs Magento POS system

The Magento POS system is developed for retailers with both Magento eCommerce websites and physical stores, and want to use the Magento website as a centralized place to manage all sales data and sell both online and offline.

Some features of Magento POS system

A basic Magento POS can work as a cash register to create orders, add discounts and taxes, print receipts, and manage sales. But a complete Magento POS system can assist you with more advanced tasks, such as inventory control, supplier management, loyalty programs, etc.

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