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Featured customer: FUNBOX

FunBox automates stock management and breaks even after 1.5 years


“It doesn’t matter how many products you’ve inserted inside, all those will go through without any issues, and you’ll have your sales done.”

— Kristina Žugov, Store Owner, FunBox.

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The funniest and probably the biggest gift e-shop in Estonia

Founded in 2008, FunBox is a family company based in Tallinn, Estonia. They sell gifts and party decorations, with a large selection of the funniest and most special gifts for every anniversary and every taste.

FunBox mainly sells items online and also has one big retail store at Mustamäe tee 60, Tallinn, which serves as their warehouse to ship online orders.

The need to automate inventory flow

FunBox had to renew their web store and upgrade it to Magento 2 in 2021 as Magento changed to the new logic.

But when they connected their current POS system with some store applications, the POS didn’t function well, causing delays in data transfer.

Besides, it lacked a lot of options and possibilities, like creating custom products and some customized invoices. It also didn’t allow them to search the customer database.

“This solution was not good for us with the new store. So we have to switch.”

Kristina ŽugovOne of the store owners, responsible for finances and strategies

FunBox’s requirements for the new Magento 2 POS system

Dream POS from the viewpoint of a financial and strategic leader

1. “The POS should be easy to use.”

“This is the most important part. So either you’re an older person who is not familiar with IT or you’re very young and know a lot about the apps and everything, you can use it. There are just a few buttons you need to click”, said Kristina.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Kristina shared that Estonia retailers need to pay the software rental cost based on the product amount. Thus, it’d be a huge budget if merchants don’t calculate it at the beginning.

“If you have like 5,000 different SKUs then it will cost you extra. You’ll probably have to pay €100 monthly to rent the local software for creating sales in the store and connecting to the web store. This is only the rental costs.”

3. Sync stock across channels in real time

FunBox has around 5,000 products and sells them online and offline, so showing the stock quantity in both channels is important. They want customers to view the correct stock status before purchasing.

To implement a reward points and bonus system, Kristina wants something more advanced and handier. “We’re not using the regular cashier programs that banks are usually offering to the retail stores because they’re too much of a headache to connect with the main store”, she added.

Thus, they want something specific that could be part of their current retail system, so everything is in one place and the data is going online seamlessly. For example, if one item is out of stock at their brick-and-mortar store, then immediately online customers can’t buy that item, and vice versa.

When expectation meets reality

1. An intuitive POS solution for everyone

“We just open it, open the cashier, insert the products, create an invoice, take the money, then finish the day, and the next day goes on, goes on, goes on, which is very easy. You don’t have to spend a lot of time educating new employees on how it’s done.”

“Plus the visual part, I personally like it a lot. You just scan the barcode, easily adjust everything, and go to the final stage. The screen will show you how much money you have to ask the customer.”

2. Recovered expense after 1.5 years with Magestore POS

“So with the price we paid for this solution, it’s been one and a half years, and you’re at zero. All which goes further on is saved from this point. Plus, you have more functions.”

“Then, cost-wise, let’s say to rent accounting software, it’s much more expensive than purchasing your solution and implementing it. As it doesn’t require connecting with any specific or additional stock system.”

Kristina also loves that FunBox is the owner of their POS system. They don’t have to share it with anyone. “Nobody sees it. It’s totally secure and discreet.”

“It doesn’t matter how many products you’ve inserted inside, all those will go through without any issues, and you’ll have your sales done. Even if I have 50,000 products on my web page, each of them will be visible on the POS, and no problems will appear over there. So just have to be sure that the crons are working properly and that exchange is correct. Furthermore, there are no rental fees in this term*, so this is a very important part.”

*FYI: Magestore POS’s license fee is a one-time payment based on the number of stores at the time of purchase. That means retailers don’t have to pay any extra fees when the number of products, devices, users increases.

3. “Everything is automatic. You just push the button, and that's it.”

During the conversation with Magestore, Kristina mentioned “stock sync” many times, which she emphasized as a “today keyword”.

“You don’t have to do anything manually, and you don’t have to think about how to transfer data. So it’s all automatized. This is also one of the keywords I really like about the solution. Everything is automatic, you just push the button, and that’s it.”

“It’s usually a problematic part because if you have a lot of SKUs, then it is a huge headache if stock is not in sync. So you have basically only one connection: the stock flow is smooth, the product price changes are immediately transferred, and you don’t have the headache about that.”

“So you can just sell. In case there’s a new product that comes into stock, you don’t have to create how you sell them. You just put the price tag on and create the custom product. And later on, you can adjust the quantities while you insert the product online to be able to sell via the online store.”

One reliable and dedicated team to assist your goal

Smooth launch to bring Magestore POS to Tallinn as fast as possible

Magestore has worked closely with FunBox on two launches so far. The first one was when FunBox updated their current store.

You were really fast. All the topics and issues addressed will be resolved very quickly, and I have had no negative experience with your team so far”.

“The second time when we switched the developer company again, you reacted very fast to all our requests, and as we basically created a new store again, it was implemented without any errors, and we didn’t even have to wait a day before it started working on the full again.

So the two programs are working very smoothly currently, which I personally really like on your side. Therefore, I have truly good experience and faith in our cooperation”, Kristina described.

Magestore is a trusted partner for your growth.

So far, it’s all positive. I’ve read some comments saying I’m not satisfied with your support team, but it has actually never happened with us. I don’t know if they were in a bad mood when they wrote those reviews, but actually, we have only had good experiences with the program, and so far it’s running by itself without any errors or bigger problems.”

“Just keep doing your great work. And I’m looking to start working closely and launching new projects.”

Future plan: open new physical stores and use Magestore as a centralized system

Growth, we are growing.

“Hopefully already this autumn, we’ll increase the number of stores, meaning we’ll create additional POS locations and already start using this separate stock for those locations. We’ll see how it’ll go.”  — Kristina gladly shared.

She highlights the need to use only one system to keep track of the stock in different places.

“Probably, we’ll start with pop-up stores for testing possible good locations for the regular store. And then further on, maybe we’ll definitely start expanding all over Estonia”, she said.

That’s also what we’d support for FunBox’s growth. Thanks so much for your sharing, Kristina!

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