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In the past, all transactions were executed manually and all payments were made in cash. But nowadays, with the development of technology and the appearance of many different payment methods, every retail business needs a system and machine to accept payments by any popular method and record sales, that is when the POS system is applied.

A POS system is consist of both software and hardware to help retailers create a bill, get payment, record transactions, and keep track of inventory. To undestand more, this article will help you understand “what is a pos system?” and which components it includes.

What is POS hardware?

POS hardware refers to all the input and output devices that enable the POS software to operate at the point of sale. In offline stores, POS hardware is as important as software in the POS system. However, if it is an online store without a physical presence, POS hardware is not needed because every transaction can be processed online.

What devices are included in the POS system?

A POS system includes many different devices which are linked to each other and connected to operate through the POS software. We can mention some main devices as follows:

1. Tablets

Magestore POS runs on iPad hardware

What is its application in the POS system?

Tablet is simply a touch-screen mobile device that combines the best aspects of smartphone and laptop. It has all the functions of a laptop and smartphone with an adequate size that you can easily carry everywhere.

In the POS system, a tablet is not an essential device. Its function is the same as the monitors that can connect with other devices through the POS software such as Magento POS. The useful thing here is that you can carry it anywhere and use it to take orders from customers in the restaurants.

Top brand tablets for POS system

  • Ipad: Ipad is compatible with most POS systems currently. Besides, it has a simple design and easy-to-use interface which is very convenient for using POS systems. Some POS systems have already developed an app that can be installed and used easily on the Ipad. For example, Magestore POS has an Ipad POS app with PWA technology which helps the POS system operate smoothly on Ipad.
  • Microsoft Surface: Microsoft Surface’s advantage is its ability to easily switch from a laptop to a tablet. So you can use it as both laptop and tablet interchangeable.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab: It also integrates with almost any POS system and is a good medium-priced option.

2. Monitors


What is its application in the POS system?

It is usually a touch screen with functions like a PC where all other devices are connected. The POS software is installed in the monitors and allows your employees to choose different products or services at the click of a button and automatically calculates price and tax.

Top brand monitors for POS system

  • Philips 242B9T Monitor: It is comfortable to use with 1080p resolution and full screen with low blue light mode to protect your eyes. The screen is also adjustable so you move it up and down easily
  • Acer T232HL: The touch screen is thin and works perfectly. It is also an easy-to-adjust screen with a firm stand to prevent the monitor from moving around. The image quality is good but the color accuracy is not really the best.
  • Planar Helium PCT2485: It has a large HD touch screen that is comfortable to use. The stand is adjustable so you even can fold the stand to make the monitor lay down on the table.
  • Dell P2418HT: The touch screen is also easy to adjust. It has fantastic color accuracy and the important thing is energy efficiency.
  • ViewSonic TD2230: It is portable so you can move it around and don’t need to worry about the plug. It also provides great image quality.

3. Customer-facing displays

customer facing display

What is its application in the POS system?

It is a digital screen that is linked to the monitor and allows you to display the order information to the customers. Witch a customer-facing display, customers can check all the information they want including price, tax, discounts, etc during the checkout process.

It is not an essential device in the POS system but you can find some added benefits when using customer-facing displays. Using a customer-facing display can help you improve customer experience by letting them know and check again all the details of the transaction. It also helps provide a fully customized display, a faster ordering process, and save money for in-store advertising.

Nowadays, a monitor with an attached customer-facing display at the back is very popular. Instead of buying 2 different devices, you can choose to buy one device with both a monitor and a customer-facing display.

4. Card readers

Credit card readers are the connection parts in the payment networks

What is its application in the POS system?

It is a digital screen that is linked to the monitor and allows you to display the order information to the customers. Customers can check all the information they want including price, tax, discounts, etc during the checkout process.

It is a payment terminal that can accept payment by debit or credit card. Nowadays, it can be virtual or on your smartphone. When a customer presents their card to make payment, the card reader starts a data exchanging process. It communicates with the customer’s bank to determine whether funds are available to complete the transaction or not. Cash is then put into the merchant’s account once a hold has been placed on the customer’s funds.

Top brand monitors for POS system

  • Dynamag USB Swipe Card Reader: It has a small size but provides a long swipe path. It is connected to the monitor via USB and compatible with almost all operating systems.
  • Square Contactless Chip Reader: It is suitable for small businesses at a low price. It accepts chips and contactless payment. However, it is not compatible with most POS systems except for Square.
  • Ingenico iCT220 Dual Com Terminal: It is considered the best traditional card reader which is compatible with most current POS systems. It is connected to the monitor via ethernet cable or cellular communication. It provides a bright display and easy-to-read buttons. It also accepts swipe, chip, and contactless payment.
  • MagTek 21040145 SureSwipe Reader: It connects to the monitor through a USB cable and does not require a separate driver to install. However, this reader is for swipe payment only, not used for EMV or NFC payment.

5. Cash drawers

Cash drawer - Magestore POS integration

What is its application in the POS system?

It is a device that holds all the receipts and cash from transactions. It is designed with many different trays for you to store the cash. The important thing is that it is integrated with POS software so you can easily manage cash flows by checking transactions in the system. Besides, it also helps reduce the risk of money fraud because not anyone can open the drawer.

There are 3 main types of cash drawers:

  • Manual cash drawer: It is simply a cash box with a key. You lock it when you don’t need it and use a mechanical button to open it when necessary.
  • Printer-driven cash drawer: This type is mainly used for the POS system. It is connected to the receipt printer through a USB cable. When the receipt is printed following the information from the system and the payment is made in cash,  the cash drawer will be automatically opened.
  • USB cash drawer: It is connected to the POS monitor via USB cable.

Top brand monitors for POS system

  • CD3-1313 Value Cash Drawer: It is a cost-effective standard mini cash drawer with durable steel construction, a nice color design, and two available interfaces. It is connected to the printer via cable or USB-driven and no extra power is needed.
  • MMF Val-U Line Cash Drawer: It is considered the best cash drawer in the market and is available in 3 different sizes. Moreover, it is compatible with most receipt printers and provides dual media slots for additional storage.
  • Vasario Series Cash Drawer: it has all options for USB, serial, printer-driven interface. It also has a roller-bearing suspension system that makes opening and closing smoothly. A four-level lock is designed to provide multiple levels of security.
  • MMF advantage Manual Cash Drawer: It is safe, easy-opening, convenient for bringing to markets or conventions. Additionally, it provides 3 media slots and 2 standards with 1 lockit cash drop compartment.
  • MMF Advantage Cash Drawer: It offers multiple locking schemes, available in different sizes and colors, and fits with almost any POS system.

6. Barcode scanners

What is its application in the POS system?

It is a scanner that can read and decode the data contained in the barcode and send the data to the POS software. From that, the software can match with the item in the system and all the item’s information will be shown on the screen.

Top brand monitors for POS system

  • Datalogic QuickScan QD2131 Handheld 1D Barcode Scanner: It is obviously a handheld scanner with a support stand so you can easily move and manage. It is connected to the monitor via a USB port.
  • Cordless Handheld Zebra DS2278 Series: It is a portable scanner that connects to the monitor through Bluetooth. It can read barcodes from mobile devices and 1D and 2D paper barcodes on things for sale, coupons, and loyalty cards.
  • Wireless barcode scanner Nadamoo: the best option for scanning from a distance. It uses a USB plug-and-play disk so no need to install anything and is the cheapest one.
  • Wireless Versatile 2-in-1 Tera Barcode Scanner: The best option of a barcode scanner for the warehouse. It simply connects via USB cable or receiver to the computer with fast and accurate reading speed
  • TaoTronics Handheld Wired Barcode 1D Laser Scanner: The best option for small businesses and shops. It is simply installed by plugging the cable into the computer, no need to install any software. It works with almost all computer operating systems and applications. It also has a flexible scanner stand which is convenient for use.

7. Receipt printers

pos receipt printer

What is its application in the POS system?

It is a device that can print the receipt after the transaction finishes. It is connected to the monitor computer through a cable, so the printing order is taken in the monitor.

Top brand monitors for POS system

  • Star Micronics TSP100III: It is one of the cost-effective and high-speed thermal printers. It provides multiple connection choices (USB, Bluetooth, WLAN,…) with additional integration which is added QR code in the receipt to allow customers to get the digital version of the receipt by scanning the QR code with their device.
  • POS-X EVO HiSpeed: This printer has a high printing speed up to 12’’ per seconds. It is connected to the monitor through USB, Ethernet, and Serial, and does not support wifi and Bluetooth connections. It is compatible with most POS systems currently.
  • Epson TM-T88VI: It is also featured with high speed, together with paper saving. The connection is through USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet, NFC. It can integrate with any POS system.
  • Star Micronics MPOP: It can connect through Bluetooth, USB, Wifi, compatible with almost all mobile POS systems and window operating systems.
  • Epson Mobilink P60II: It has a slower speed than other types but can print both receipt and label.

8. Scales

What is its application in the POS system?

It is weighing devices that are specifically designed for POS systems. After connecting to the right peripheral devices in your POS, the scale will automatically calculate the price of each item you weigh; based on its weight. It is not necessary for all the businesses but extremely essential for the food and grocery stores that sell products based on weight.

Top brand monitors for POS system

  • CAS Label Printing Scale: This is ideal to use in supermarkets and food stores. It can print the label with product information, weight and price.  It can store up to 4000 PLUs and is very easy to use.
  • Avery Berkel XT Series: It is connected to the POS system via a cable. It has 2 displays, one for cashiers and one multimedia display for advertising. It also provides label and receipt printing options.
  • Datalogic 9300i Scanner Scale: Besides the scale feature, it also has both vertical and horizontal scanners which allow you to scan the item quickly.

9. Self-service kiosks


What is its application in the POS system?

It is an interactive computer terminal where customers can access all information you have regarding your store’s menus, inventory,…

It is not an essential device in the POS system but using it can bring some added benefits to your business since customers normally prefer choosing items or services by themselves based on clear and open information. It is especially suitable for the business with open locations such as airports, post offices,…

Choosing a self-service kiosk is not complicated because there are many great computer options in the market.


In general, most POS software suppliers currently provide an all-in-one package. They will provide all the needed devices which are compatible with their POS system and running after-sale service. But different POS software suppliers will have their pros and cons. The retailers have to check all information to choose the right pos system for retail stores.

Currently, there are few popular names such as Square, Clover, Shopify who provide the full package from software to hardware with their own label devices. However, if you still want to choose the devices on your own based on your needs, you can consider Magestore POS since it can run smoothly on Mac or PC and connect to all Bluetooth or USB-compatible equipment. Besides, they also provide a customization service that supports you to integrate all kinds of POS devices into the system. With this article, we hope that you can have a closer understanding of the POS system and its device to make a suitable choice for your business.

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