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Omnichannel Solution for
Magento Warehouse/Fulfillment Manager

Automate your inventory management without costly mistakes

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Control thousands of products with clicks

Reduce mistakes in stock tracking with real-time updates

Avoid stockouts and overstocks with auto supply need forecast

Scale business easily with multi-location inventory tracking

Make correct purchasing decisions with various stock-level reports

Thanks to Magestore’s Omni-channel Solution, all the selling process is clear and organized, I can manage all the shops easily so I have more time to do other tasks.


Daniel Ramos, Store

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Get mess-free features for Magento Warehouse Managers

As your business grows, it’s not easy to manage products and fulfill orders without mistakes. Our Magento Warehouse Management system will automate your work and save you from costly errors.

Seamless Inventory Sync

Our modules are Magento-native and 100% compatible. This ensures real-time data update whenever there are changes. So you always have the latest data in hand in few clicks.

Adjust Stock Qty. in-line

For any reason do you need to adjust stock qty manually, do it quickly on 01 Stock Listing page. Waste no time going to different pages or folders.

Step-by-step Stocktaking

Do a faster and more correct stocktaking with a 5-step process. At the end of the process, you can see the difference between the counted quantities and which were recorded in the system. Then, admin can adjust stock on page to fix all inaccuracies.

Set multi-layer permission

Controlling who does what is easy than ever by assigning roles to users. You’ll have a helping hand while knowing staff only do what they should do.

Record In/Out Stock Transfers

Prevent stock loss by tracking all stock movements in real-time. All stock transfers, including internally and externally, are recorded in details for your access anytime.

Fulfill orders from multiple warehouses

Make mistakes in fulfilling orders with products from different locations? Now you can send fulfillment requests to many warehouses at one time. This means faster order processing with no mess.

Alert Low Stock Level

No longer do you manually calculate safe stock to set the threshold in your Magento inventory. Now you can apply rules on all or some specific products. Later, you’ll receive auto alerts when their quantities reach your preset amount.

Forecast Future Supply Need

Say goodbye to out-of-stock situations. Based on the sales history, our system will predict if the quantity of a product is enough to sell in a period. You also get the re-ordering Qty to make a replenishment in time.

Manage Purchase process in one place

Keep Supplier, their product info and quotation under the same control. You can also create/update a quotation in different ways. This includes converting from stock prediction list.

Automate Product Refill

Upon receipt of a quotation, you can convert it into a Purchase Order and send to supplier. Then, track the Purchase Order easily in 4 step process. Do what you need to do with a PO – either Create/Complete/Cancel/Refund – on one page. You can come back to a PO anytime in your Listing page. The complete purchase process is controlled in one sole backend, hence, saves time and reduces errors.

Create Custom Barcodes or Import in Mass

Controlling thousands of products is no longer painful with barcodes. You can generate barcode manually or import via a CSV file.

Scan Barcode to View Product Details

Save time finding a product by scanning its barcode. Using any barcode scanner, you can have full information on both barcode and product. Printing is also available on page.

Bulk Barcode Print

Printing barcode in mass is convenient for shipping purpose. You can perform all actions and preview your outcome on one page.

Tweak your Reports with various Metrics

Besides 5 built-in reports, you can get more insights into your inventory status by selecting among different metrics/dimensions. You won’t miss the smallest sign of trend.

Track your Cost of Good Sold (COGS)

See the actual profit margin by analyzing all the costs involved in selling a product at different time. You will always know the correct profit health of your business.

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I have been using Magestore’s inventory management for more than 2 Years. All my inventory problems are gone. After years of working on this I have not any flaw or error in this. Which is really amazing job. Works well with Magento 2 & looks great. Together with WebPOS & Barcode Management which is an ideal combination.