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app for Magento 2
Note: As of 21 August 2018, Magestore no longer provides this product for mobile.
We still have fast Magento-native POS for PC, laptop & ipad (tablet is coming soon).
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"Hold, Please!" No More

Sales Order App incredibly improve sales performance by speeding up the ordering process. Use a mobile device
to show new products to customers & to quickly create orders at busy retail spots

Best tool to speed up the ordering process

Login using domain of Magento 2 website, username & password
Manage the list of products, search by name, barcodes, categories
Create multiple orders at once, onhold orders for further processing
Add new products not available in stock
View cart information, change prices, product quantity, discount product, discount orders
Create and select shipping address, shipping method before checkout for customer's orders
Checkout order with gift cards, reward points and store credit
Setup permission and change staff’s information (Password)
Currency exchange rates setting
Add new customers, manage customer list, choose customer for orders.

Quick & easy to set up Mobile Sales Order app

Set up WebPOS installation first
Download app & install Sales Order app
Fill in information to use Sales Order app

Sorry, this app is no longer available

But a super-fast POS is still here for your PC, laptop & ipad (soon is tablet). High speed. Reliable functions. Easy-to-use UI like a native app. If you are running a Magento 2 retail, you CANNOT miss it.

Trusted by the fastest growing brands in Retail

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Magestore Pricing
Magestore Pricing
Vedran Djurasovi - CEO of Esmokes Sweden
"I believe that we can run the business/site with more ease right now. It saves time and allows us to invest that time in improving it instead of fixing it. Two thumbs up for Magestore. You helped us grow!"
Maxime Catoire - The IT project manager of Decathlon
"I am confident to say that I will promote your solution to any other retailer looking for a strong customisable POS/ Inventory solution!"
Andy Noon - Store Owner of Poppets Store
"When we made the choice we wondered why you would pay a monthly fee when it is all here and in a way you can bespoke build piece by piece to fit your needs."

Get the better Point-of-sale experience.

Magestore provides a super-fast POS that works on PC, laptop & ipad at once (tablet is coming soon). Don't miss it if you are running a Magento 2 retail.