Robust Magento ERP to unify all retail operations and increase profits

Turn Magento into a centralized retail ERP to run daily operations efficiently and save operation costs.

Magento ERP to boost sales and save costs
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Leverage Magento capabilities

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Maximize sales opportunities

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Engage customers with ease

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Optimize inventory and procurement

Streamline order processing with Magestore POS

Omnichannel order management

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Real-time Magento ERP reports

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Maintain and expand sustainably

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Transparent development process

Magento as ERP is possible

Magestore POS helps you expand Magento’s powerful capabilities as the centralized retail ERP to track all business activities.

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A robust system that syncs in real time

Built in Magento, Magestore POS syncs sales, customers, and inventory information in real time with your Magento site. Your online and offline business activities are consolidated into a single database, reducing manual entries and human errors.

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ERP solution for faster adoption and processes

Magestore POS inherits all predesigned workflows from Magento to help your staff complete their works. Spend less time on learning different processes and start operating faster.

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Stay competitive with Magento’s latest technology

Magestore POS utilizes Magento’s technology from PWA to GraphQL. Our POS is compatible with Magento’s latest versions such as 2.3 and 2.4.

Maximize sales opportunities and order values

Magento ERP has all the features you need to boost revenue and improve in-store experience.

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Empower your sales associates

Your sales staff can have the latest product, customer, and promotion information to consult and close better deals. Run POS from a laptop or tablet to ensure the flexibility to consult and sell anywhere.

Optimize checkout experience

Allow customers to pay anytime with any methods. Run all loyalty programs online and in-store. Hold order for later checkout.

Handle refund and return without hassle

Access order details from any locations for fast and easy refund. Return product to inventory so all stock information is accurate.

Take care of the people who buy from you with less effort

Magento ERP offers accurate customer information and loyalty programs to secure sales and retain customers.

Understand your customers

All customer information is updated in real time between your online and offline channels. A 360-degree customer view offers more insights to improve operations and more personalized consultations.

Engage with customers with promotion and discount

Run a variety of discounts and promotions online and in-store, from percentage discount to BOGO. Set up Magento catalog and cart price rules once, and they are applied on your retail POS automatically.

Turn customers into loyal fans

Give customers more incentive to visit your business with loyalty programs that updates instantly between POS and website. Gain new customers with gift cards. Increase repeat businesses and order values with reward points and store credit.

Magento ERP to manage customers with ease

Always have the right product and the right amount to sell with Magento ERP

Track the flow of products from suppliers to your stores right in your Magento admin. Reduce costs with organized warehouse and demand-driven procurement.

Magento ERP to keep inventory accurate

Track sales of all product types and variations

Check out on POS with all Magento product types, from simple to bundle products. Create custom product for an item that’s just arrived. The sold quantity is updated immediately from your POS to Magento backend.

Accurate stock information to prevent stockout and excess

Track inventory information in real time. Quickly transfer stock between locations to ensure you always have enough stock to meet customer demands. Reduce errors with barcode scanning, stocktaking, and returned inventory.

Replenish your top-selling items quickly

Identify products that are low on stock to replenish in time. Forecast future demands for products and convert them into purchase orders in the same system.

Magento ERP for flexible and omnichannel order management

Manage all orders in one place and deliver orders across channels and locations.

Track sales orders from all channels

Keep track of orders from both your website and offline store from your Magento backend in real time.

Fulfill orders with 5 simple steps

Process and ship your order with 5 simple steps. Ship items from the most suitable warehouse or utilize dropship to save inventory costs.

Deliver orders across channels and locations

Give customers a variety of delivery options for more sales opportunities, including store pickup or buy at store, ship to home.

Magento ERP streamlines order management processes

Real-time and accurate reports in Magento ERP

Your centralized retail ERP makes it easy to retrieve information and make decisions.

Accurate transaction details

All online and offline transactions are recorded into Magento backend, reducing time for reconciliation and accounting activities.

Monitor store performance

Keep track and improve your store performance. Check the revenue and margins of each store and compare between locations to identify cost saving opportunities.

Track employee performance

Track how each staff contributes to your revenue and reward your best-performing associates to boost productivity.

Magento ERP that’s easy to maintain and expands with your business

Enjoy customizable Magento ERP solution that’s one-time payment without hidden costs.

Customizable to your demands

Adapt your retail ERP to your unique processes and requirements. Our experts will help you design the best fit solution for your business.

Upfront payment with no hidden fees

Pay one time and own your solution forever. No extra costs to open more stores or add more users.

Simplify maintenance

You’ll only need one development team to maintain both your online and offline channels. Get free implementation and one-year support from Magestore.

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Get your Magento ERP solution with our transparent process

Magestore typical delivery process
Magestore delivery process

What you get:

  • Flexible in changing requirements
  • Have a dedicated team who understands the project from the start
  • Save communication time by dealing with only 1 PM throughout the project
  • Own all documents to use forever later

Loved by 10,000+ Magento retailers worldwide

I still think the cost is very good for what we get; the program is very good and stable. This is our 3rd POS program. PWA POS is by far better than the others. This is truly a revolutionary product.

Greg Penno, Owner of Mr. Pet’sPet Shop | Canada

Web store stock status updated live, sales were a lot quicker. But more than that, the Magestore package has been a huge time saver! I’ve saved approximately a full working day after each event.

Eva Dejmo, Owner of LolitabutikenFashion & Apparel | Sweden

When we made the choice we wondered why you would pay a monthly fee when it is all here and in a way you can bespoke build piece by piece to fit your needs.

Andy Noon, Owner of Poppets StoreHobbies & Toys | England

After doing a lot of research, Magestore POS came up as one of the better products. It speeds up a lot of the processes that we’d manually have to do. It saves us a lot of time. I’d recommend Magestore POS through its ease of use.

Simon, Owner of Ministry of BassHobbies & Toys | Australia

We had looked at some other POS providers, but we just feel that Magestore is the best solution for our business. Being able to customize is huge for us. That’s really what we need and the Magestore team is great to work with for our needs.

Matthieu, Owner of Upper LimitsE-cigarettes | USA

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