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Magento ERP Solution Made Simple

Turn Magento into a true ERP system & Easily control stock inward/outward of multiple locations
- No need to import/ export products, orders & customer data

It's totally different from what you know
about Magento ERP systems

  Dedicated for MagentoAs an embedded Magento ERP extension, you don't need any integration to connect Inventory Management with Magento. Everything is right inside your backend
  Simple & core ERP featuresYou get the most essential Magento ERP functions to maintain your inventory level & track cost right inside the core system
  Choose what you need onlyExtra features can be added as plugins. Simply choose the preferred ones & build a tailored Magento ERP system for your businesses

Scalable ERP Features that fit in your business model

whether you have physical retail locations, wholesale operations, or manufacturers

Stock & Warehouses

This Magento ERP module helps you eliminate common mistakes arising when you handle stock availability, transfer and purchase more items for your warehouses

  • Manage Stock in only one dashboard
  • Record Physical Stocktaking
  • Update Stock in Mass
  • Notify Low Stock Products
  • Manage Warehouses & Transfer Stock
  • Track Inventory with Barcodes


Stay on track & optimize your purchasing process:

  • Manage Supplier Portfolios
  • Track Purchase Orders
  • Forecast Supply Needs


Easily prepare shipments for your sales orders in 4 simple steps right in Magento ERP system:

  • Manage Shipment Status
  • Support Drop Shipping
  • Track Fulfillment Process
  • Verify Inventory for Shipments
  • Check & Print Picking Lists/ Packing Slips
  • View Ready-to-ship & Shipped Orders


Go beyond management and into analysis with 40+ reports

  • Customize Data on Dashboard
  • Sales Reports
  • Best seller Reports
  • Purchase Reports
  • Stock On-hand Reports
  • Customer Reports
  • Warehouse & Stock Movement Reports


Power up your Magento ERP system with M2E Pro, Magmi, ShipStation

  • Support POS Extension
  • Support Magmi Importer
  • Integrate with M2E Pro
  • Integrate with Ship Station

One-time Payment & Pay for What You Need Only

Only Start At


Add extra Magento ERP features of your own choices with these plugins:

  • Barcode (+$50)
  • Multiple Warehouses (+$100)
  • Supply Needs Forecast (+$50)
  • Drop Shipping (+$100)
  • Order Fulfillment (+$200)
  • Insight Reports (+$50)
  • M2E Pro Integration (+$50)
  • Installation Service (+$100)
  • ShipStation (coming soon)
  • QuickBooks (coming soon)
30-Day Money Back 30-Day Money Back
1-year Free Support 1-year Free Support
Free Lifetime Update Free Lifetime Update

Other merchants found it so fit in with their desire ERP system for Magento

What you need to consider when finding a Magento ERP solution

  • Company size
  • Fulfillment procedure
  • Retail/ wholesale operations or manufacturers
  • ERP features you need
  • How to integrate ERP with Magento
  • How to integrate with Accounting system

Your Problem with
Other ERP Systems

  • ERP systems are expensive & difficult to handle.
  • You may only use 60% of their functions
  • It takes extra effort to integrate & sync data

Our Solution for

  • Inventory Management is affortable & flexible in pricing
  • You can choose to use & pay for what you need only
  • All data is right inside Magento & updated in real time without hassle

Frequently Asked Questions to Use this module as a Magento ERP system

  • Can I use Magento ERP Inventory for multi-Magento-sites?

     You can use 1 Magento ERP Inventory license for 1 Magento installation with multiple websites, stores & store views

  • Can I assign different access to many users?

      Yes. You can limit the access permission to Magento ERP Inventory per user

  • How often data is synced when using Magento ERP Inventory?

     All data is synced in real-time between the extension and your Catalog Qty.

  • Can this App support websites in Magento 2?

     In this version Magento ERP Inventory just supports Magento 1.x websites. Magento 2.0 version will be released soon.

  • What will I do if I lost key or want to change key/domain?

     You can go to your Magestore account to get the key or edit information

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