Magento ERP Integration - Simple ERP System Solution

Magento ERP integration includes Inventory Management, Purchase Order, #1 Web POS & other Magento-native modules. No lossy integration. No excess costs for online training. Free 1-year Support.

*Magento ERP is a part of Magestore Omnichannel POS solution.

Get a Powerful Magento ERP Integration that elevates your supply chain

Top 1 Magento ERP

With such an embedded Magento ERP Integration that is native with Magento, you don't need any 3rd party ERP integration. The threat of data loss is reduced to minimum. Everything is right inside your backend, unlike cloud ERP system.

Simple but powerful functions

Built by the top developers of Magestore with 8+ year experience in Magento, this open source Magento ERP is destined to simplify the workload of an online-to-offline business while boosting the operational efficiency.

No waste of unused features

Get the most essential Magento ERP Integration functions to maintain your supply chain at its best status. You can choose the most suitable plan since we offer flexible ERP packages that most match your business growth.

A Magento ERP Integration system that is specialized for online-to-offline retails

Manage all sides of your supply chain in a comprehensive but simple way

magento erp integration | web POS

Point of Sale

Stop long queuing lines at checkout and make your customers happy. Point of Sale feature in our Magento ERP guarantees 10x faster checkout speed.

  • Hold orders and control orders by status
  • Assign different access levels
  • Support Multiple Payment Methods
  • Streamline with inventory management
magento erp integration | stock control

Inventory Management

Forget about inventory loss caused by wrong records. Magento ERP module ensures all stock movements are tracked accurately, and even better, in a time-saving way.

  • Manage Stock in only one dashboard
  • Record Step-by-Step Physical Stocktaking
  • Adjust stock in mass
  • Predict and Notify Low Stock Products
magento erp integration | manage multi-warehouse

Multi-warehouse Management

Controlling several warehouses at the same time is no longer a mess. Multi-warehouse module in Magento ERP saves you from all costly pains.

  • Track warehouse performance and status
  • Transfer composite products inward & outward
  • Choose Warehouse to Fulfill Orders
  • Assign Different Access Permissions
magento erp integration | barcode management

Barcode Management

Manage thousands of products as easy as possible. Our Barcode Management of Magento ERP is a perfect sidekick for stock control to eliminate all possible mistakes.

  • Generate or import barcode in mass
  • Create one or multiple barcodes per SKU
  • Config different barcode templates & patterns
  • Print barcode in mass
magento erp integration | purchase order management

Purchase Management

Avoid buying what you already had and stocking more than what you need. Cost, delivery status and all supplier info are in your hands thanks to Purchase Management in Magento ERP.

  • Display and record which purchase order step you are in
  • Manage suppliers and their pricelist
  • Receive, return, invoice products in a purchase order
  • Notify suppliers via emails
magento erp integration | customer loyalty program

Loyalty Program

Enhance customer engagement and keep customers return with different types of loyalty programs in Magento ERP system including: Gift Card, Reward Points and Store Credit.

  • Create unlimited Gift Cards with different values & prices
  • Set flexible rate for earning and spending Reward Points
  • Allow Customers to buy/ share Store Credits
  • Redeem gift codes to credit balance/ Refund by Credits or Points
magento erp integration | Order Processing

Order Fulfillment

Easily prepare shipments for your sales orders in 4 simple steps right in Magento ERP system.

  • Streamline 5 standard steps for the fastest processing
  • Support in-line order editing
  • Send fulfillment request to multiple warehouses at once
  • API Integration with all Magento supported shipping carriers
magento erp integration | Report & Analysis

Report & Analysis

Make the right decision at the right time. Magento ERP Integration provides insightful inventory and sales reports to support your decision making.

  • Real-time data update in inventory reports
  • Tracking Cost of goods sold (COGS)
  • Customize reports with several metrics & dimensions
  • Easy report data export
magento erp integration | Report & Analysis


Power up your Magento ERP Integration system by smooth integration with modules like Web POS, Magmi, M2E Pro. They are all 100% compatible.

  • Seamlessly integrate between Inventory Management and POS
  • Support Magmi Importer
  • Integrate with M2E Pro, Ship Station, Stripe, Paypal, etc.
  • Support Barcode reader, Card swiper, Printer & Pole display

Your Problem with Other ERP Systems

  • ERP systems are expensive & difficult to operate
  • It's hard to customize Cloud ERP to fit business
  • You may only use 60% of their ERP functions
  • It takes extra effort to integrate & sync ERP data with connector

Our Solution for Embedded ERP

  • Tailor-made ERP for the most efficient use of retailers
  • Easy to customize to meet specific business needs
  • All data is inside Magento & updated in real time
  • Magento ERP Integration is affordable & flexible in pricing

Ready for a Magento ERP Integration system
with lossless supply chain management?

Other merchants found our Magento ERP Integration system fit perfectly with their Magento retails

“I believe that we can run the business/site with more ease right now. It saves time and allows us to invest that time in improving it instead of fixing it. Two thumbs up for Magestore. You helped us grow!”

Vedran Djurasovi, CEO of Esmokes Sweden - Read Full Story

Magento ERP is extremely useful. It is our trustful and efficient ERP Integration software. Also the developers' support is excellent. They help us customize a lot of functions which we are in great need of. And the patch files they give us can work well on all our servers. Thank you very much.”

EvesTemptation, Review on Magento Connect

"Clever Magento ERP Integration module! Inventory Management has been really helpful in letting us match real stock levels to our system. The support team provides quick responses which are always good when the start-up stress is getting to you!"

Rnguyen, Review on Magento Connect

Frequently Asked Questions for this Magento ERP

  • We don’t know what we need. Can you help us define our Magento ERP Integration requirements?

    At Magestore, we have a Bussiness Analyst team to help you analyse and select the best Magento ERP integration package for your needs. All you need to do is contact us and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

  • Do I need special training to use Magento ERP?

    Our product is simple enough to implement with your internal resources so you don't even need to pay for online training. We also provide a handful of supporting documents and support at Ticket system to ensure you use our product - Magento ERP successfully. Please contact us if you would like more personal training and support.

  • How often data is synced when using Magento ERP?

    All data is synced in real-time between Magento ERP Integration and your Catalog Qty.

  • What will I do if I lost key or want to change key/domain?

    You can go to your Magestore account to get the key or edit information of Magento ERP Integration.

  • Can I assign different access to many users?

    Yes. You can add new user and limit the access permission to Magento ERP Integration per user.

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