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Magento Order Management Fulfillment

Magento Order Management is a built-in module in our 3 bundles of Magestore POS solution for Magento retailers (also available for Magento 2.3). We give you a powerful tool to create great customer experiences and make seamless sales anytime, anywhere.

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Not all Order Management systems are powerful enough to handle Magento sales orders. In running a Magento 2 ecommerce retail business, you have to deal with hundreds of orders every day. Magestore Order Management Software for Magento 2 is designed to make the order fulfillment correct and fast. Let our solution deliver 4x commerce order-processing automation speed.

Costly mistakes in order fulfillment now becomes the past. You will create new orders, manage all orders and track order fulfillment process in only 5 simple steps.

  • Streamline 5 standard steps for the fastest processing “Verify – Fulfill – Pick – Pack – Deliver”
  • In-line order editing & Touchscreen supported allow staffs to save time working on each step of Order Processing
  • Multi-warehouse order fulfillment made easy & correctly
  • API Integration with all Magento supported shipping carriers
Magento order fulfillment module by Magestore


Are you dealing with hundreds of Magento orders every day, wishing for a faster and correct way to do it? The high volume of sales orders and messy shipments is a nightmare no more! Our Magento Order Management System will organize everything and relieve your burden. This module supports the most common Magento 2 Order Management process in any SME as follows:

Magestore supports the standard order fulfillment procedure of SMEs

1. Manage Order Fulfillment with ease

Our Magento 2 Order Management module supports the typical order fulfillment process at an SME warehouse as follows:

  • Verify order (optional): sales staff confirm and edit customer’s shipping & billing address
  • Check available stock: separate orders into 2 groups whether all ordered items are available in stock or not;
  • Pick items: print picking list for multiple orders at once, scan barcode to verify picked items
  • Pack items: able to create multiple packages for an order, scan barcode again, print & add packing slips
  • Deliver packages: displays shipping information and tracking number provided by carrier

This Magento Order Management module is made for businesses handling many orders per day and those who want to improve the order processing to be correct and faster. Highlights of our Magento 2 order management system are:

1.1. Assign staff roles in Order Processing

It’s faster to complete order processing when you have staff specialized in each step of the flow. With our Magento Commerce Order Management, you can do this easily by assigning different staff to different steps. This also enhances accuracy and security throughout the whole order processing flow.

assign staff roles & permissions in Order Fulfillment process

1.2. Scan barcode to speed up Order Processing

With a barcode scanner, you can improve the speed and accuracy of the Magento order processing automation. Our Magento 2 Order Management system supports the best practice in order processing to avoid mistakes: 2-step barcode scanning. This means you can scan the first time to ensure you’ve picked up the right items, then scan the second time in packing to double-check. This saves you a lot of time and potential costs, especially if you’re a retailer who receives several orders per day.

Scan barcodes & print picking/packing slips on page

1.3. Fulfill order from multiple warehouses easily

In our Magento Order Management module, you can send fulfillment request to multiple warehouses per order. While in other order management systems, store manager only sends one request to one warehouse at one time. That means if items in an order are located in 2 separate warehouses, you need to send request twice. Instead, Magestore Order Management software saves your time by suggesting warehouses with available stock so you can select to ship which product from which warehouse.

select multiple inventory place to fulfill order

2. Diverse ways to NOT get lost in finding orders

Cannot find an order among thousands in the system? It’s no longer the case when you have 3 convenient ways to manage & organize your orders (much) smarter:

2.1. Controlling orders by status

Our Magento 2 Order Management system provides you a new (& better) order management method. You can see 5 types of Magento 2 status: Awaiting Payment, Back Orders, Hold Orders, Completed Orders & Canceled Orders. So you can take actions before customers get angry with too many pending orders.

order fulfillment management - control order by status

2.2. Controlling orders by batch

With our Magento order management software, users can create batches to mark orders they are working on. They see orders in the batch they create and orders which are not in any batches, but cannot see orders in the batch created by others. Meanwhile, you, as an admin, can oversee everything in the Magento 2 backend.

magento order management - control orders by batch

2.3. Controlling orders by customized tag

Tag orders with customized titles & colors to call them out immediately when you need them. There are no longer mix-ups among thousands of orders in your database. For example, assign Red color to orders with issues. Then, it only takes seconds to filter orders of the same situation. This is exceptionally helpful in Magento order fulfillment system.

magento order management - control orders by tag

3. Quick Overview with multiple visual charts

When sales orders are the reflection of your business health, you need a quick overview anytime to keep it under control. Our Magento Order Management module provides 6 types of charts in one dashboard to simplify your work: Orders by status, Orders by day, Orders by carriers, Verified orders by day, Picked request by day & Packed request by day. One quick glance and you will always know your business performance in any time range. These charts can also act as a tutorial for your next business decision. All charts can be printed and downloaded in multiple formats (PNG, JPEG, PDF & SVG) to, for example, present in your next company meeting.

magento order reports on dashboard

4. Optimize Order Fulfillment process with 4 deep reports

When you need more data for analysis, try these 4 types of Magento order management reports. These reports record how many orders have been picked and packed including: Fulfillment by staff, Fulfillment by staff (Daily), Fulfillment by warehouse, Fulfillment by warehouse(Daily). Learn which staff or location is doing best in clicks!

magento order management - select order fulfillment reports

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  • 5 types of charts: orders by status, Orders by day, Orders by carriers, Picked request by day & Packed request by day.
  • Select the time range for each report
  • Print report charts
  • Download reports in multiple forms: PNG image, JPEG image, PDF document, SVG vector image

Detail reports

  • 2 kinds of staff report: Order Fulfillment by staff & Fulfillment by staff (Daily)
  • 2 kinds of warehouse report: Order Fulfillment by warehouse & Fulfillment warehouse (Daily)

Order Fulfillment

  • 5 default steps in the order fulfillment process: Verify orders, Prepare fulfillment, Pick items, Pack items & Deliver packages
  • Enable/disable step “Verify orders” in the process
  • 2 ways to navigate to other steps
  • Record the age of each order in each step
  • Print invoices, packing slips, credit memos, shipping labels
  • Track users total verified and picked items
  • Scan to find orders and pick items for each order
  • Take pictures after creating packages
  • Notify customers by email

Sales Order Management

  • Assign orders to batch for bulk order management
  • Add tag, note for each order in line
  • Search and filter orders by date, ID, total value, recipient, order status, batch & ta

Order Listing

  • Create new orders right in Order Fulfillment section
  • Enable/disable Magento default ship
  • Add, remove, choose colors for order tags


  • 100% native with Magento, works like a built-in extension, no 3rd party integration required
  • 100% open source
  • License Certificate valid for 01 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

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Magento 2 Order Management is a built-in module in our 3 bundles of Magestore POS solution for Magento retailers (also available for Magento 2.3). In order to get this module, you can see our pricing plan.

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