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Retails managers play key roles in the daily operations of a retail business. They have to run a sales team and ensuring the business meets its sales targets.

Any good manager needs a good set of retail sales reports that give them the most important insights. This helps them to dig deeper into daily sales activities and the financial health of the retailer.

What managers need to do is to figure out where or how to find these reports. We suggest not overcomplicate things by taking a deeper look at the integrated POS system. 

So what makes good retail sales reports?

Many wells perform retails stores still use very basic and outdated checkout systems.

While these are acceptable for basic transactions, they do not provide many insights for a retail manager to make informed business decisions. 

With that being said, modern POS systems now provide many tracking features and native reporting capabilities. This allows managers and owners to obtain swift insights into their business. 

Sales managers can take advantage of Magento POS report to gain a better understanding of customer demand, their staff, as well as inventory status.

There are many different types of reports or POS reports for better business planning.

In this infographic, we’ll identify the benefits of using Magento POS reports for sales managers and the 5 essential sales reports.

Retail Sales Reports

Looking for the meaning of the sales metrics and examples of how to make sense of sales reports? 

Head over to chapter 2 of our POS report for managers guide. Or click below to talk directly with one of our business consultant on how to utilize POS reports for your business.

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