Why Magestore


We believe in building
a meaningful & long-term relationship with you

“Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence”

Vince Lombardi

What makes Magestore a business partner for your lifetime?

Our values lie in a strong POS system, agile working process, passionate people and, most importantly, your priceless partnership. Together we can explore, create and grow.


We commit to a first-class Magento POS

We embrace Magento to our bones

We have worked with Magento since forever, aiming to bring this No.1 ecommerce power into physical stores. And through 10 years of hard work, we have helped merchants worldwide merge online-offline & deliver omnichannel shopping experience.

We innovate in-store experience

Magento endorses Progressive WebApp (PWA) for fast & reliable user experience. And Magestore is the first to apply PWA into POS. With strong performance & user-friendly interface, Magestore POS keeps your daily operation run smoothly all day everyday.

We strive for product excellence

We strive for a top-class Point of Sale. Our team of 50+ developers & business analysts keep innovating to improve the product quality. They say there’s no such thing ‘zero-bug’ software, but seeking perfection will lead us to excellence!

Magestore POS System

  • Technology: Progressive WebApp (PWA)
  • 4000+ business rules applied
  • Weekly updates in a Release Train process
  • Passed 6 Quality Tests:
    • Magento Code Standard (for high-quality & clean code),
    • Unit Test (for correct calculations),
    • Di Compile (for smooth deployment),
    • API Test (for seamless data sync between POS – Magento),
    • UA Test (for stable checkout without interruptions),
    • Final Manual testing by Certified testers to ensure the highest quality.

We provide an agile process that focuses on you

We start & end with your needs

You don’t need technical knowledge to work with us. Just share your goals or challenges & we’ll work out the solution to resolve the root of your problem. During our work, we can adjust the process to meet your new demands.

We give you full control

See how your POS system being formed in a clear roadmap that you get before starting the project. While experiencing the completed parts weekly, you can adjust the rest to fit business growth speed.

We care for your long-term growth

All working papers are yours to use anytime later in expanding POS. Magestore POS is customizable to match your new demands in the future. You can do it yourself with 100% open-source code or count on us to save time & effort.

Magestore typical process

Business needs
Fit/Gap Analysis
Solution proposal
(Technical / Business)
(account-based support)

What you get:

  • Flexible in changing requirements
  • Have a dedicated team who understands the project from the start
  • Save communication time by dealing with only 1 AM throughout the project
  • Own all documents to use forever later

We’re caring & passionate to work with

5 core values of Magestore

50+ talented people sharing the same dream

Our family of 50+ agile developers, consultants & marketers always pioneer new ways to solve your problems.

What we believe in and hold dear

At Magestore, our values influence every decision we make. They hold us accountable to be the very best company we can be.

  • Succeed with kindness
  • Stay passionate & always improve
  • Strive to excellence
  • Go above & beyond.

We always listen to customers

We listen to you, find out what you want to achieve and keep on improving to deal with your new challenges.

We put you first

Close companionship, not one-shot deal

Our goal is to grow with you in long-term runs. We don’t want to get you something you have no use for. In every project, a FIT/GAP analysis will let you see if you really get values from us.

Account-based support

We know what it’s like to be a client seeking help for their problems. As a people-first business, we’ll get you A-Z support from a personal Account Manager instead of problem-based. It’ll save time & effort for you and your business.

Ongoing support aims to customer’s long-term growth

We understand you need time to kick off a new business solution. That’s why we offer long-term support to ensure it really works for you. Support includes:

  • First-year free solution support (fix bug, guide to use)
  • Free lifetime update of the purchased solution (See Terms & Conditions)
  • 365-day money back if not 100% satisfied for any reasons.

Our promises:

  • First-year free solution support
  • Free lifetime update of the purchased product
  • 365-day money back

Support via:

  • Ticket system
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Skype
“Big part of the reason why we choose Magento is Magestore’s customer support. As we, in the very beginning, weren’t sure if Magestore’s solution will suit us, we were met with patience and all our questions were answered in a timely manner. We were also assured that solutions we choose can be seamlessly integrated.”
Vedran Djurasovic – esmokesE-cigarettes | Sweden

Trusted by worldwide brands

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Let’s grow together!

By choosing Magestore, you will help shape the way retail performs in the future.
We will work together to challenge the status quo and make selling consumers goods & services better for more people, in more ways than ever.