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Magento Store Pickup

Magento Store Pickup is one module in our Omnichannel solution for Magento retailers. (available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2). We give you a powerful tool to create great customer experiences and make seamless sales anytime, anywhere

A shipping method that creates win-win situation for both store owner and customers? It's definitely Buy online - Pickup in store. Use Store Pickup module which serves as a creative shipping solution to let customers select their preferred store to pick up orders when checkout without paying shipment fee. Just click and connect to their favorite store for their favorite products. It's a much more convenient shopping experiencefor both ecommerce and physical store environments. This well supports our Magento POS app and Magento Retail POS to make your customers happy with free shipping fee.

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magento store locator and pickup

Magento Store Pickup features

1. Choose store to pick up items at preferred time at checkout

When checkout, customers can select their wanted store to receive products on Google Map. This option will be shown in Shipping Method section of our Magento Store Pickup module. . By viewing stores' location & its distance from customers' billing address, they can decide to choose the most convenient one. Store's days off are also disabled on calendar so that customers will know and choose a suitable pick-up date and time. If they choose one of the store's holidays, a message will be shown to notify that they should pick another time. This provides an alternative shipping method for shoppers in managing orders and helps enhance your Magento order fulfillment process.

magento store locator and pickup

2. View/search stores on a separate store listing page

Our Magento in-store-pickup module allows all store locations to be shown on Google map on the store listing page. On this page, customers can easily narrow down possible choices within a specific area by using the search function.

magento store locator and pickup - view store

3. View details of a selected store

With this Magento shipping module, customers can see not only store's location but also other details when selecting a specific store. Other information such as store images and contact with store manager will be shown besides store name, address and opening time. Magento Store Manager now has a helpful assistant to bring store information to customers without effort.

magento store locator and pickup - detailed store

4. Integrate with payment methods

This in-store pickup shipping method can be integrated with one or more payment methods. Only payment methods that are set to apply to stores are available for customers at checkout, either via our Magento Web POS and Magento POS app.

magento store locator and pickup - payment methods

Magento Store Pickup is one module in our Omnichannel solution for Magento retailers. (available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2). In order to get this module, you can see our pricing plan

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