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Powerful omnichannel marketing solution and AI customer data platform


AI omnichannel marketing solution tangibilizes your marketing activities and efforts with a shorter time to value.

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Retail & Magento Experts

A performance-driven omnichannel marketing solution that you can always rely on


Best time-to-value

The omnichannel marketing tools are ready-to-use with full platform implementation in the shortest committed time.

High compatibility

Connect your website, CRM, and other systems to smoothly exchange and use customer data.

Native feature-richness

Meet your current demands and always be ready for your business growth.

AI-driven platform

Stay competitive and manage customer information smartly. Make more rational decisions to drive sales.


We design special and dedicated solutions for specific industries and verticals.

Professional support

Enjoy rapid onboarding and proactive support from our dedicated specialists.

Create highly personalized experiences for customers with effective data management and segmentation

Integrate all customer information in a single platform. You can easily identify and track your website and mobile app activities, transactional data to build 360º customer profiles. Use the collected data to segment your database and personalize your marketing campaigns. Personalization is now a must-have, and it’s time for you to join the loop.

Real-time data processing

Collect customer information, automate sending personalized content to them, and react immediately to their actions.

Automatic customer segmentation

Define which products, brands, packages, etc. your customers are interested in. Create personalized campaigns and increase your upsell, cross-sell opportunities.

Deep transactional segmentation

Approach customers more effectively with insightful information about customers’ activities: Recency, Frequency, Monetary value.

AI predictive analytics

Improve your marketing effectiveness and customer retention. Adjust the way you communicate with your customers based on their stage in the buying cycle.

Data-rich loyalty programs

Design omnichannel loyalty programs and automate your communication based on behaviors and loyalty points spent.


Boost customer interaction and engagement with omnichannel communication channels

Seamlessly run and manage all your marketing campaigns from a single system. You can tailor the content and automate processes without hassles.

Email marketing

Creating beautiful and personalized emails becomes much simpler. Deliver the right content directly to the right inbox at the right time.

Mobile marketing

Reach and expand your customer base with mass and automated mobile campaigns, via SMS or third-party messaging apps.

Web push notifications

Enhance brand loyalty and engage with prospects anytime when they’re online. Stay on top with your messages and convert visitors to customers.

Live chat

Provide tailored answers to visitors on your website with less effort. You can automate the conversations to save time and human resources.

Social media

Centralize social media communications, campaigns in one place. Reach your prospects easily on social networks and turn them into leads.

Ad networks

Use dynamic retargeting to send special offers to prospects. You can predict their next purchase intents with AI product recommendations.

Increase eCommerce on-site conversion and lower bounce rate with real-time website personalization

Turn your store and website visitors into customers. Create dynamic website content to sell more and use lead generation tools to collect more contacts.

Website product recommendations

Surprise your web visitors with tailored offers. You can show your latest products and increase the chances for cross and upselling.

Website automation

Deliver real-time contextual and customized touchpoints such as popups, web push, or live chat to your web visitors.

Personalized banners

Display dedicated offers for your web visitors. You can define which banners to show to which customers.

Social proof 

Convert sales faster by showing others’ interests in the product when a visitor is viewing the product page. For example: How many purchased the product, added it to the watch list, etc.

Lead generations

Use relevant content and lead gen form to build email lists and nurture them into paying customers.

Optimize sales processes and increase conversion with AI omnichannel marketing solution

Automate sales process to deliver customized offers at different stages in the customers’ buying journey and reduce manual work. Use omnichannel communication platforms to make sure you deliver the offers successfully.

Dynamic product retargeting

Retarget and re-engage visitors who browsed products in your store but left without buying with personalized product recommendations.

Upselling and cross-selling campaigns

Use last purchase data to start a campaign and sell additional products. Talk with customers in their preferred channels and increase close rates.

Recovering abandoned carts

Encourage customers with an abandoned cart to complete their purchases by sending the list of abandoned products and other suggestions.

AI recommendations

Predict future purchases based on behavior analytics of individual customers. Analyze how the products correlate in categories and suggest attractive offers to each customer at the right time.

A/B/X testing and optimization

Utilize detailed analytics and run split tests to enhance campaign effectiveness.

Boost customer retention and turn customers into your loyal fans on this omnichannel marketing platform

Extend customer lifetime with campaigns based on their buying habits. Build loyalty and encourage them to buy again in your store.

Customer onboarding program

Send welcome emails to your customers after their first purchase. You can explain how they can buy in your store, delivery options, loyalty program terms, and promotions.

Increase the frequency of purchases

Easily identify customers whose purchase activities have decreased and run appropriate campaigns to entice their repeat purchases.

Win-back campaign

Check AI churn prediction value to find customers who haven’t bought from you in the last 60/120/180 days. Re-engage them with incentives and social proof to convince them to return and buy.

A complete omnichannel retail solution to operate business seamlessly and cost-effectively

Streamline daily retail operations

Develop solutions to meet unique demands

Operate system without disruptions

How Magento merchants talk about us

If you like the Magento platform, this is the POS for you. Having one database that streams down on PWA to all tills is genius, most companies have it backward. Incredibly fast and super easy to understand and can customize any function you desire.

Greg Penno, Owner of Mr. Pet’sPet Shop | Canada | 5 years of engagement

Magestore's gone above and beyond time and time again, to ensure that their product is dependable, reliable, and cutting-edge. They have always been true to their word, very responsive, and caring. It feels more like a partnership.

Matthieu, Owner of Upper LimitsE-cigarettes | US | 4 years of engagement

We considered many providers, but in the end, we chose Magestore because Magestore has more advantages. We saved a lot of hours using the new POS system because it’s very fast and it feels safe.

Marco Baratella, COO of Swiss Shooting GroupSporting & Outdoor | Switzerland | 3 years of engagement

From the start of the project they were highly professional, nothing was any major issue. Had some additional custom work done for our business, this was also done very slick and professional from start to finish. 100% highly recommended.

Nick Hunter, Director of McVapeUKE-cigarettes | UK | 6 years of engagement

It’s brilliant to see that it’s possible to have what we want without breaking our finances. Magestore knows how to deliver things that we have in mind and we’re impressed with the quality and time that we receive. The Magestore team is very competent in what they do.

Matheus Santos, Owner of Top ShoesFootwear | Colombia | 2 years of engagement

We decided to go with Magestore because we wanted a system that would integrate with Magento, where we would have the sales in one spot rather than two systems. Magestore POS would help to start with and then grow into what we need.

Marilena Rudd, Co Founder of HoohaaDesignWeb Agency | United Kingdom

Turn customer data into actionable insights, attract more visitors and convert them into lifelong fans

Let technology make your life easier and happier. Are you ready to maximize your sales profits?

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