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Track Serial Number

Tracking serial number is essential for warranty products. Explore 3 benefits of serial number tracking and the process to track serial number in a retail business.

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Product exchanges can be easy and convenient for both your customers and your staff. Explores the 4 benefits and 5 steps in an in-store product exchange.

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what is retail managementRetail Tips & TrendsSales & MarketingStaff and Store Management
October 4, 2022

What is retail management? All you must know (2022 Updated)

Many people suppose that a small retail business doesn’t necessarily have a retail management system. Or even other people didn’t…
How profitable is furniture business?Omnichannel POS SolutionPOS KnowledgeRetail Tips & TrendsSales & Marketing
September 30, 2022

How profitable is furniture business? 7 best practices to improve my business

Research from Fortune Business Insights reveals the global furniture market in 2021 is $493.6 billion, and it is projected to…
7 furniture store layout best practicesCustomer ExperienceOmnichannel POS SolutionSales & Marketing
September 25, 2022

Top 7 furniture store layout best practices to boost customer experience

The retail store layout, also called store design or layout design, is the way retailers set up their product displays,…