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Omnichannel Retail Software for Magento

A retail management system streamlines separate sales channels to provide seamless shopping experiences anytime, anywhere. Built native with Magento ensures a hassle free implementation!

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How we can help you become a true omnichannel retailer

Transform your operations to easily track and manage orders, inventory, customers
from a single view in real-time

Our customer success story

How Retailers are growing their business using Magestore solutions

Omnichannel Retail Software - Retail Management System
Omnichannel Retail Software - Retail Management System
Omnichannel Retail Software - Retail Management System

We spent some time exchanging about my request and what solution Magestore propose. Until today, we always got satisfying result. Your solution seems to be very adapted to our need and, considering that our need was not easy to create, as it includes many specific request, I think your solution would fit many other clients need as well.” - says Max

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With Magestore solution, Esmokes is able to allow their customers to check stock availability in separate stores as well as online. “Expected delivery dates, notifications regarding a certain product or product's alternative are some of the things that make shopping in our webstore enjoyable.” - says Vedran.

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“There are many metrics we can now track and reports which allow us to have an actual picture of the business rather than a gut feeling. We have only just started to explore these but know as we continue to grow they will be invaluable. I look forward to using the full power of the prediction tool as we build up historic data to enable automated advice on stock replenishment.”- says Andy.

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