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How to manage Magento Cache

Magento Cache management system is an useful way to increase the performance and speed of your online store. In Magento, you can see all current status and associated tag of cache in the Cache Storage Management page. Besides, you also can flush the cache of Magento-specific files, cache storage of all files, the catalog product images cache and the JavaScript/CSS cache.

How to refresh caches

Step 1: Login to your Magento Admin Panel, go to System -> Cache Management

 Magento cache management - Login

Step 2: On Cache Storage Management page, you can see some caches have yellow status. They are caches that need to be refreshed. For each cache, click the Checkbox at the beginning of them.

 Magento Cache Management - Cache Storage Management

Step 3: Change the Action field to “Refresh” and click Submit button

 Magento Cache Management - Refresh


How to flush magento cache

Step 1: Login to your Magento Admin Panel, go to System -> Cache Management

Step 2: On the Cache Storage Management page, under Additional Cache Management section

-     Click Flush Magento Cache button to remove all items in the default Magento cache (var/cache) and the var/full_page cache that have a Magento tag.
-     Click Flush Cache Storage button to remove everything but might affect other applications if they’re using it. This is the equivalent of deleting the entire contents of the cache folder on the server.If your system uses an alternate cache location; any cached files used by other applications will be removed.
-     Click Flush Catalog Images Cache button to remove all pregenerated product images files that are stored at: media/catalog/product/cache. If recently uploaded images aren’t visible in the catalog, try flushing the catalog and refreshing your browser.
-     Click Flush JavaScript/CSS Cache button to remove the Themes JavaScript and CSS files combined to one file from the cache. If recent changes to the style sheet or JavaScript aren’t visible in the store, try flushing the JavaScript/CSS cache and refreshing your browser.

After that, you should clear your browser cache to see the changes

 Magento Cache Management - Flush


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