Expand your retail by switching from Clover’s basic POS system to Magestore

Clover’s limited POS features couldn’t handle your fast-growing business? It’s time to switch to feature-rich and customizable Magestore solution.

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Your business won’t scale if you stay with the wrong system

Breakups are never easy. But when it comes to POS providers, sometimes they’re necessary.

For many Magento retailers reaching to us, the POS from Clover they originally fell in love with has begun to cause them troubles.

They thought using integration to connect Clover POS to the Magento site will keep all data streamline smoothly. But things have started separating due to the updates between two systems. Inaccuracies and manual works happen all the time. Basically, the honeymoon phase is over.

If you’re unhappy with current situations, it might mean that you’ve outgrown your POS system.
And that’s okay! Not every relationship is meant to last forever, and you might be ready for bigger and better things.

Top reasons to switch your Clover POS system for Magestore POS

Here are three common problems Clover POS ex-customers faced before they came to Magestore.

Synchronize All Data Across Channels

Clover is not native to Magento

  • Clover POS
    Clover POS is not native to Magento, they have their own base system with online ordering, the POS, and hardware. Retailers who want to use Magento for eCommerce websites will take extra integrating works. It causes data inaccuracies in the system. You have to manually check data on a day to day basis, especially after updates from two systems.
  • Magestore POS
    Unlike Clover POS, Magestore’s POS solution is native to Magento and ensures real-time data sync between the online website and physical store. Your staff doesn’t have to manually check information in many different places, avoiding inaccuracies and inefficiencies.

Clover’s base system is too basic

  • Clover POS
    From real feedback of many customers, Clover’s base system is so limited that they would not even consider it a POS system, but more of an expensive payment processor. Clover is well-known with their hardware device, but lacking of functionality in a POS system, especially inventory management, is a huge minor point for every retailer.
  • Magestore POS
    Magestore, in contrast, provides you all essential features with advanced functionality for future expansion. Even more, we offer customization to help you design the most unique features of your business at a competitive hourly rate.
Customization projects
POS comparison: Payment terminal and POS hardware

Clover’s hardware is limited

  • Clover POS
    Unlike other POS systems that run on Apple or Android devices, Clover’s proprietary hardware mostly works with Clover POS. It means if you buy the hardware and you end up not liking Clover, you can’t use your equipment with any other system. You’ll have to buy a whole new hardware bundle.
  • Magestore POS
    Unlike Clover, Magestore POS system uses modern technology called Progressive Web App (PWA) allowing you to open the POS screen with just a link and on any browsers. Also, the POS system can work well with a variety of hardware and payment methods. You can also request a new integration with any device.

More reasons to love Magestore

Enjoy policies that guarantee your success

Magestore offers policies to make sure retailers get the most values from your investment:

  • Free 365 days support
  • Free lifetime software updates for your purchased package
  • 365 days refund back

That is our promise to your success.

Launch successfully with our expert team

We follow a transparent implementation process with clear scope and milestone using agile framework. Magestore scales resources to meet any project sizes and new requirements, so you can save cost while still launching on the expected date.

What customers say when switching from

non-Magento system to Magestore POS

I still think the cost is very good for what we get; the program is very good and stable. This is our 3rd POS program. PWA POS is by far better than the others. This is truly a revolutionary product.

Greg Penno, Owner of Mr. Pet’sPet Shop | Canada

Web store stock status updated live, sales were a lot quicker. But more than that, the Magestore package has been a huge time saver! I’ve saved approximately a full working day after each event.

Eva Dejmo, Owner of LolitabutikenFashion & Apparel | Sweden

When we made the choice we wondered why you would pay a monthly fee when it is all here and in a way you can bespoke build piece by piece to fit your needs.

Andy Noon, Owner of Poppets StoreHobbies & Toys | England

After doing a lot of research, Magestore POS came up as one of the better products. It speeds up a lot of the processes that we’d manually have to do. It saves us a lot of time. I’d recommend Magestore POS through its ease of use.

Simon, Owner of Ministry of BassHobbies & Toys | Australia

We had looked at some other POS providers, but we just feel that Magestore is the best solution for our business. Being able to customize is huge for us. That’s really what we need and the Magestore team is great to work with for our needs.

Matthieu, Owner of Upper LimitsE-cigarettes | USA

Plan for your future growth, today

Opening your first store?

If you plan to open a new business, we’re here to shape your desired omnichannel solution and connect your online website to physical store.

Ready to plan for your future retail business with Magestore POS?

Is your current system holding you back?

It’s never too late to start a new and better direction. If the current system makes you exhausted, don’t hestitate to talk with our consultant to get a free switching analysis.

All you need is addressing your difficulties and what you want in the new system, we will take care the rest.