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Magento performance optimization: this service is a key Magento service of Magestore to enhance your site's performance. Don't let the low-speed site keeps making your customers leave and abandon their carts! Need consultation of Magento performance optimization service? Check it below.

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E-commerce merchants, do you know that a 1-second delay in website speed could result in a reduction of 7% in conversion rate (according to Kissmetrix 2016)? Obviously the speed of site loading time is a key factor that not only hugely affects website customers' experiences but also your site's ranking in search engines. Therefore, Magento performance optimization is a must-have for any Magento digital business. However this task normally requires plenty of skills and an understanding of Magento website structure, and should be deployed by professionals. Magestore Magento website performance optimization service is here to help you improve your Magento website performance with ease. In order to optimize Magento site, our experienced & high-qualified Magento experts will analyze the website, identify then solve the issues that slow the loading speed. After reviewing, we will propose a specific score of GTmetrix or Google Insight that your site will reach after being optimized.

Price: You will get the quote after our Magento optimizing experts review your websites.

How do you benefit from Magestore Magento performance optimization service?

Our Magento performance optimization service will analyze your Magento store’s speed and make it run faster with speed optimization:

  • Review & test your Magento website speed
  • Identify and solve factors that badly affect your site performance speed
  • Analyze your Magento extensions and identify the optimization for the performance speed of website
  • Analyze your Magento theme and identify the optimization for the performance speed of website
  • Analyze your Magento database queries and response time
  • Analyze potential conflicts that might cause issues for Magento performance speed
  • Analyze large images and files that might affect your website performance
  • Optimize Magento website speed and efficiency

The final report for website speed optimization includes these following aspects and recommendations

  • Overall overview of your Magento performance optimization status and overall speed optimization
  • Suggestions for extensions you might need to remove or replace for better Magento performance optimization
  • Suggestions for others services to help you speed up your Magento website
  • Suggestions for theme to optimize the performance speed of your website
  • Overall conflicts of your site and how to resolve them
  • Time estimation for implementing these optimizing changes and suggestions mentioned in the report

Are you ready to spur your webstore performance?

The Magento performance optimization process includes these following steps:

  • 1 Fill in Form & Submit to get a quote
  • 2 Our Magento professionals will review your website & provide list of to-do-tasks for Magento speed optimization. We also propose a specific score of GTmetrix or Google Insight that your website will get after being optimized
  • 3 Discuss to finalize the price and estimate working time
  • 4 After payment is completed, we will request for FTP account & Admin access to conduct the tasks that have been suggested. We will test and make sure the site get the committed score after Magento optimization
  • 5 Customers check the result and confirm the completion of Magento Performance Optimization Service

Please pay some attention to this note when you consider using Magestore Magento Performance Optimization service:

  • This service is applied for Magento websites exclusively.
  • We are commited to level up your store to a specific score of GTmetrix or Google Insight after we optimize your Magento website
  • The reward points you earned from previous purchases do not apply to Magento speed optimization service.
  • Refer to Refund Policy applied to Magento Services for more detail

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