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Your Magento website is ready. But you wonder a little bit: Is it necessary to backup Magento database every day? How strong is your Magento system? Is it possible that you will lose all database of customers, orders someday? Well then, the only way to protect your database is a Magento system backup and recovery plan

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Why you need a Magento system backup and recovery plan?

To backup Magento database is an important part any website owner need to know, because your database can be lost any time due to numerous possible reasons such as IT infrastructure failures; system breach; staff mistakes; hackers and more....

Just imagine someday, your website with the database of customers, orders, and catalog is gone. Or you’ve lost the information on the new orders because of a suddenly damaged system server. It's extremely horrible. So, that’s reason why you need to start making Magento system backup copies or recovering one of them right now. Don’t delay until you need a Magento system backup to create one. Backup Magento database should become a part of your regular maintenance task.

What is included in Magestore Magento website backup and restore service?

  • Facility to backup source code and database at specific path
  • Create onsite backups on your server or another server
  • Scheduled and fully automatic Magento backup daily, weekly, monthly according to your requirement
  • Backup both the files and the database to restore a Magento site

Have you got started making a Magento database backup for your webstore right now?

 The website database backup process includes these following step:

  • 1 Fill in Form & Submit to get a quote
  • 2 Within 24 hours, we will contact you for more details of the backup request
  • 3 Discuss to finalize the price & specific requirements
  • 4 After payment completed, SSH, Backend account, Database account & FTP information are requested to test the backup on site, then, apply on live site (we ensure that customers' website information is secured and confidential)
  • 5 Customers can check the process of daily/weekly/monthly backup via detailed email reports sent to the administrator each time when the backup is created

Please pay some attention to this note when you consider using Magestore Magento Website Backup service:

  • This service is applied for Magento website only.
  • If you want to backup database to specific server, you need to prepare specific requirements relating to the server
  • The reward points you earned from previous purchases do not apply to this service.
  • Refer to Refund Policy applied to Magento Services for more detail

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Backup Magento database should be a priority in your regular routine

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