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Omnichannel Solution for Magento Store Manager

Keep your store running safe and sound with minimum effort.


Manage store with less time and more efficiency

Checkout 10x times faster and stop customers from waiting. Keep your store running smoothly even during peak hour

Deliver personal shopping experience with custom discounts and full data invisibility, no matter where you sell

Manage staff easily by assigning multi-layer access levels and overseeing sales in each working shift

Improve store performance and make faster decision with insightful sales reports

Thanks to Magestore’s Omni-channel Solution, all the selling process is clear and organized, I can manage all the shops easily so I have more time to do other tasks.


Daniel Ramos, Store

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Get the most-wanted features for Magento Store Managers

Trusted by 70,000+ worldwide customers, our solution combines must-have functions for any Store Manager (Retail Manager) to manage their shop with minimum effort, low cost & higher revenue.

Speed up checkout & cut down waiting line

Waiting is frustrating! Our Omnichannel POS speeds up the checkout line by 10x times. Meanwhile, product & customer info are instantly updated; so that your cashier can serve customers faster. Even the most impatient shoppers will be happy!

Split & Partial Payment

Offering multiple payment methods is important at Point-of-Sale. Customers can pay in cash, Credit Card, etc. or by your tailor-made method. They can also pay partially at a time, then come back and pay the rest later.

Custom discounts & coupons

Shoppers love discount! And a custom discount at the right time will turn them into your Raving Fans! You can either:

  • – give custom discount (percentage or fixed amount) on the whole cart/ a specific item
  • – apply coupon code on the whole cart/ a specific item
  • – add a custom sale item that is not on the product list yet

You get your sales, your customers get discount AND a personal shopping experience

Manage staff in working shift

Managing sales & staff performance by their working shift. Staff need to enter opening and closing balance for each shift. By that way, you control your in-out cash flow in an efficient way.

Multi-layer permission access

Don’t do everything by yourself. Assign work to subordinates by granting permissions to a specific role. You’ll get more work done while relax, knowing everyone is doing what they are supposed to do only.

Real-time stock updates and records

Always have the latest stock status across the system despite changes. All thanks to the perfect integration between our Point-of-Sale and Inventory Management modules.

Supply need prediction and auto notifications

Avoid out-of-stock and overstocking situation. Our Magento Store Management software forecasts future demand based on custom thresholds and alerts you of low stock. You will be informed at the soonest by an auto notification.

Control thousands of SKUs with barcodes

As your business expands, your inventory can grow up to thousands. Barcode will reduce stock management time and keep you focus on selling instead. Just scan and full product info is displayed for quicker process.

Edit product Qty. in line

There are times when customers return or exchange products, and you’ll need to update stock status quickly for sales. Being able to edit stock qty. right on page is the fastest way to retain selling speed and avoid dead stock.

Step-by-step stocktaking process

Stocktaking is an important action to ensure no stock loss, but it takes time and effort. Now that everything is much more simple with 5-step process and barcode management. No more mistakes, no more mess.

Process orders fast with correct inventory status

As your store grows, the large inventory and customers make it hard to manage products & fulfill orders without mistakes. 100% native with Magento, Magestore’s Store Management Solution maintains accurate stock. All data is right in your Magento backend.

Order control by status, batch & custom tag

The advanced Order Fulfillment allows you to track order by different ways (by status, batch or custom colored tag). So you can review the order you need anytime via an instant search.

Display store details on Google Map

Help customers find you as easy as possible by publishing store name, address and opening time. You can set up details for multiple stores. The perfect integration with Google Map allows your shop(s) to reach all customers in demand.

Offer cost-saving delivery method

Store pickup offers customers a cheap and convenient way to get their products. Customers can choose the closest store, a preferred date and time (in matching with your opening hours). By the time they arrive, you already have their package ready to pick up.

Allow multiple payment methods

Ensure shoppers have the same experience between store pickup and buying at store. They can choose among different methods to pay for their order, before or after picking-up.

5+ different types of reports

Our multiple sales reports keeps you aware of the latest situation in the most correct way. You can get a sales report on daily/ weekly/ monthly basis or within a specific period. Acknowledging the best salesman & the store performance takes as least time as possible.

Make a better decision to drive sales

Real time updates keep you informed of any potential sales trend. Trust that this gives you such a helpful hand in your money-making decisions.

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Daniel Ramos, Store