Comprehensive Omnichannel Solution for Store Manager

Keep your store running safe and sound with minimum effort.

Free Yourself from Feeling Out of Control

Do you feel run-down at times due to hard work? Being a Store Manager (Retail Manager) can be a huge challenge, overseeing too many business sides of a store. Worry no more! Magestore is here to simplify the retail management and help you gain back control.
Magento Store Management software oversees sales and inventory

Ensure store run smoothly and cleanly at all times

Control working shifts efficiently by assigning multi-layer access levels and overseeing sales amount in each shift. You can easily get a sales report on daily/ weekly/ monthly basis or within a specific period. Even better, real time updates keep you informed of the latest store situation even when you're out of office.
Magento Store Management software POS fastens checkout

Make customers love you by delivering excellent service

Customers hate waiting! Our Magento store manager software eliminates long checkout queues and replace frustrating faces with happy smiles. Having all updated customer and inventory information in hand also ensures a tailor-made shopping experience that makes customer stick with you forever!
Magento Store Management software boosts sales with insights and incentives

Exceed sales target with irresistable incentives

Ready to boost your sales to a new peak? Based on customer insights from our reports for Magento store manager, you can plan to grant Reward Points to loyal customers, offer Store Credit for return customers, or run a Gift Card program during holiday seasons. Now that you know exactly who loves what, how can they resist the allure you created?
Support is the best i have ever had. Easy to configure, support team is very kindly and helped us to fix the small problems we had. Recommended for everyone that needs a Solution for Physical Sales and Warehouse Management System...
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