Product File Upload Checklist Enables you to upload different files to product pages

Product File Upload Checklist
  • Product File Upload Checklist


Magento File Upload extension enables you to upload to product pages such files: images, user guides…

  • Support many file types: pdf, doc, docx, jpeg, zip…
  • Customers can download file or view via Google Docs
  • Attach a file to many products together

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Why you need this kind of extension

For certain products, there is much more additional information needed to show to customers rather than the normal description on product pages such as product’s images, instructions or user guide.

Do you want to fascinate your customers with a nice and informative website? Our Product File Upload extension is designed to help Magento merchants upload many types of file to product page quickly and easily.

magento product file upload extension | benefits


How an extension like Product File Upload can benefit you

magento product file upload extension | how it works


Let's see what you can do in details

Support various file types

Do you want to showcase a demo presentation for your product? This kind of extension helps you achieve that in a matter of minutes by adding a powerpoint file to the product page. It also supports other file formats such as pdf, docx, mp3, jpeg, zip, etc.

magento product file upload extension | support various formats

View & download within a click

On product pages, Customers can instantly download files or conveniently view them using Google document viewer.

magento product file upload extension | view and download files

2 ways to upload files

For your convenience, files can be uploaded in two different ways. You can either choose a product and add its files or assign a file to many related products at once.

magento product file upload extension | 2 ways to upload



See Full Checklist

For Customers
  • Customers can download or view files using Google document viewer
  • Easily gain more information of product
For Admin
  • Easily upload and manage various files to a product page
  • Attach one file to many products
  • Automatically show the information of the files: name, type and size

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  • Compliments


    Extension is user friendly and exactly what i wanted - to be able to attach information on a product page. Great and immediate support by Marko. Recommend it.

  • Highly recommended!


    I'm very happy when using your extension. I don't have to worry about how to provide product information 'cause this extension offers me a wide range of uploaded types. I recommended it for my friends who run e-stores and they said they were satisfied.

  • Good extension


    Products and product files can be handled independently, which is so convenient for any store owners like me. This extension also supports multiple store. Does it support responsive theme?

  • A great extension


    I must say that I like this extension so much 'cause of different types of files that can be uploaded easily. This is not only a time-saving extension but also a great one for me to provide products' detailed information for customers.

  • It's helpful


    It's convenient to provide our products' information to our customers by uploading different files. I found it really helpful for my e-store when trying the demo so I bought it. It works as description. I also give thanks to Magestore 'cause of your prompt support.

  • What a convenient extension!


    By using this extension, I can quickly upload different files as I want. It supports a variety of file type so that I can flexibly choose which one to post on my website. Another thing is that customers can see them using Google document viewer without downloading if they don't like. What a convenient extension!

  • Detailed information of products

    Justin T.

    The information of our products can be shown in details. Besides, we can upload other files so that our customers can understand more deeply about our products before they make their decision.

  • Reply to Joe


    Hi there, We'd like to confirm that the extension does support CE 1.8 Regards, Magestore

  • 1.8.1 Compatability


    Does this extension work with 1.8.1 of Magento?

  • Thank you for this extension


    I can explain every detail about my products to customers by using Product File Upload of Magestore. Another thing I like is that it supports various file types. Thank you for this extension.

  • Easy to install and upload files


    Products' introduction is given fully to customers with this extension. They can understand deeply about what they want to buy. It's also easy for me to install and upload files.

  • Excellent support


    Very pleased with the extension. To be able to handle the files independently from the products is a huge plus. We had some issues installing the extension due to the theme we used, but the support was swift, very friendly an handled all the problems.

  • Magestore support is great! Thanks Stephen


    The support that Magestore provides is great. They are more than happy to help and go out of their way to make sure that their customers are satisfied. Will definitely buy from again in the future and it's great to know that there are developers like Magestore that stand behind their products.

  • Must Have Feature

    It's a must have extension because magento community don't have it when your first install CE platform. Also it's has an great sort of files to be uploaded. =)

  • Relply to Edgar


    Hello Edgar, To obtain the trial license, please click on the "Request for Free Trial" button then fill in all required information. We'll approve your request soon then the trial license key will be sent to your email. Best Regards, Magestore

  • trial


    I can not download the key for a free trial.

  • Nice module


    Our technological products need this tool very much. The module helps customers easier to see and learn what our products are and how they do. Really nice module.

  • Exclusive extension and support

    Chan Young

    When running this module for my store, I had some troubles. However, thanks for Magestore's supports, these issue did not significantly affect my business and be solved exactly and quickly. This module now runs well on my sites. Thanks for all.

  • Your product is the best


    I have never seen any extensions better than this. I did not have to take so much time to have the module run properly on my store. Until now, I have not met any issues of it. I'm looking into Affiliate plus module. I believe Magestore's extension will be the best selections for us.

  • Remarkable extension


    Great extension, easy to install, smooth operation, manage uploaded files effectively. I have submitted some quetions to Adam, and receive support right after few hours. Sure these guyz can handle any further requirements. Thanks

  • Save time and convenient

    Lucas Rogers

    It helps me save a lot of time. I can attach a file to some products at the same time, instead of choosing each product to add the file. For example, I attach "How to use" file to some products that work similarly.

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