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PDF Invoice Plus Create your well-designed & customized Magento PDF invoice (2.4)

PDF Invoice Plus
  • PDF Invoice Plus (2.4)

With the widest range of variables, PDF Invoice Plus is the perfect tool to easily customize your invoice without any technical knowledge required

  • Simply drag-n-drop fields & insert any variables to create exactly the documents you need. (the-only-Magestore-has feature)
  • Support all kind of languages (6 default ones & guide to translate into any of your wanted languages)
  • Unbelievably match your brand identity to create a lasting impression in customers

Hot Feature: Enjoy all built-in premium templates for Freemagento pdf invoice templates

Recommended: PDF Invoice is supported in Retailer Kit

PDF Invoice in Magento 2 is also available

Community Edition 1.7 - 1.8 - - -
Enterprise Edition 1.9.x - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13 - - -
Perfectly Compatible with Security Patch SUPEE-8788 & 9652

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Magestore no longer provides this extension to focus on Omnichannel Solution for online-offline Magento business. Read why?

We still provide support to existing customers within a year from your purchase date. Please contact Magestore Support for further inquiries.

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Sales documents with well-design and layout can project a professional image of your company to customers. However, Magento default Invoice not only limits information shown but also is difficult to customize. Luckily, our Magento Invoice PDF generator offers the step-by-step Template configuration to help you accomplish this task with ease.

Magento PDF invoice extension Benefits


How it works

Magento PDF invoice extension how it works


Features Detailed

Quickly Create Magento Invoice Template with Pick-and-Click Options

PDF Invoice Plus helps modify the default Invoice, Order and Credit Memo to make them perfectly “You”. Simply pick a Template Design from our Magento invoice template collection, select a default language, and add information that best presents your brand in a matter of minutes.

Magento PDF invoice extension custom invoice

Do you want different template designs for different store views or different types of Sales Document? We provide a ready-made collection of Template Designs that perfectly fit on each chosen paper size.

Magento PDF invoice extension unlimited designs

Advanced Design Editor In The Most Visual with Way Magento invoice PDF generator extension (Exclusive Feature)

The most amazing feature of PDF Invoice+ is the easy-to-use WYSIWYG Design Editor. It allows you to edit elements with instant updates right on the design layout, thus you can customize your templates in the most visual way.

magento pdf invoice extension | advanced drag-drop editor

magento pdf invoice extension | advanced editor

Simply drag-n-drop columns, edit colors and texts, insert variables to create unlimited designs that match your brand and usage purpose. No complicated coding involved! No extra money required!

Magento PDF Invoice extension | customize design

Enhance Company Image With Nice and Informative Sales Documents

Besides full information of seller and buyer, PDF Invoice+ also lets you add Notes or Terms and Conditions to Sales Documents, making them noticeable. For example, if you state clearly that “Please complete your payment within 15 days” on Orders, you may get paid faster.

In Footer, you can place your company’s slogan, branding statement, domain URL, etc.

Magento PDF invoice extension Free-text fields


Adding barcodes to Sales Documents in Magento typically requires custom fonts and it’s not an easy task to do. PDF Invoice Plus enables you to configure this in one-single-click. Various types of barcode give you wider and more flexible choices. You can simply insert variables to select information encoded, such as Invoice ID, Customer Name, etc.

Magento PDF invoice extension barcode variables

One click to print in frontend and backend

PDF Invoice Plus enables customers to proactively access and print their Invoices, Orders and Credit Memos whenever they need via email or in frontend. Timely professional invoices will ensure a positive impression to your customers and increase their engagement. In backend, admin can conveniently print PDF documents in mass.

Magento PDF invoice extension print invoice

Support any languages you need

This extension supports English, French, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish for templates. If your language is not one of those, don't worry because it's crazily easy to translate into your own language with this guide.

Features Full List



Simple Pick-and-Click Options

  • Quickly create a Template by choosing from default Designs
  • Can use a consistent Template for 3 types of billing documents: Invoice, Order, Credit Memo
  • Support 5 types of paper size, including Letter, A4, A5, A6 and A7
  • Provide a ready-made collection of different Template Designs matching paper size
  • Choose page orientation and language for Template (English, French, Dutch, German, Italian and Spanish supported) 
  • Preview Template Design with real order information added in 1 click
  • Print PDF files in mass with a few clicks
  • Configure to auto-attach PDF files to emails sent to Customers 
  • Support multiple stores, multiple languages, multiple currencies – Enable setting different PDF templates for different store views
Advanced Design Editor In The Most Visual Way (Exclusive Feature)
  • View any changes in real time when editing Template Design
  • Change background image, block background color and text color (Featured)
  • Click to edit fields and insert variables
  • Click to add, delete or drag and drop to change position of any columns in Product Item grid (Featured)
  • Provide advanced HTML Template Design Editor
  • Enable reloading default Template if needed
  • Configure which variables can be inserted on Design Editor page
Comprehensive Information Options
  • Display full seller and buyer information on PDF documents
  • Show Company detailed information, including Name, Address, Email, Phone, Business ID, VAT Number and VAT Office
  • Show Company Logo on Sales Documents
  • Add free text to Sales Documents, including Footer, Notes, Terms and Conditions (Featured)
  • Allow showing Barcode and support various types of Barcode (Featured)
  • Allow displaying Product Image on printed Invoice, Order, Credit Memo
  • Allow admin to disable printing action of Magento core (New)
  • Allow showing tax variable in Invoice & Credit Memo (New)
  • Allow adding page number in PDF file (New)
  • Receive Invoices, Orders, Credit Memos attached right to emails
  • Easily save and print Invoice, Order, Credit Memo in PDF format after login
  • 100% Open source
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure
  • User-friendly interface

Release Notes

Version 2.4 (Released on Apr 28, 2017)

  • Fix secure issue: anyone can view order information when print PDF Order from front-end

Version 2.3 (Released on Apr 17, 2017)

  • Fix bug displaying tax of items in order
  • Upgrade to mPDF 6

Version 2.2 (Released on June 19th 2016)

  • Fix bugs of price display while printing in multi store
  • Optimize template (small adjustments)
  • Allow arranging product order before printing
  • Allow printing shipment information

Version 2.1 (Released on Feb 13th 2015)

  • Allow admin to disable printing action of Magento core.
  • Allow showing tax variable in invoice & credit memo.
  • Allow adding page number in PDF file.
  • Optimize the previous version by removing minor bugs.

Version 2.0 (Released on April 8th 2014)

  • Use a real-time system to edit Template Design with highly customizable capability and lots of additional variables.
  • Allow printing multiple PDF files at once.
  • Allow attaching PDF files to emails sent to customers.
  • Preview template design with information added.

Version 1.0 (Released on November 5th 2013)

  • Release the stable version.
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  • Highly Recommend Magestore's - Magento PDF Invoice Extension AAA+

    IT-vl. Mile Brkanovic

    Highly recommend using this well thought out extension. Magestore's - Magento PDF Invoice, does everything you'd expect it do and features a thoughtful, easy to use user-interface to edit and create the PDF templates. Most importantly it's worth mentioning that Magestore's customer service and after service technical support are most professional and helpful. I had a small conflict with the extension and Magestore team had the issue fixed, up and running on the same day. This is what I call service. As a Magento store operator, I highly recommend any extension by Magestore. If you need a custom sales invoice to meet your countries regulatory requirements, Magento PDF Invoice Extension is a wise choice.

  • Great extension with perfect support


    Great extension, great support. They are offering really premium gold support. The extension works as described. It is possible to easily adjust invoices, change colors, texts, or change pdf invoice layout. I wanted to have many custom things, so I asked Support team. They were extremely helpful and adjusted the extension to meet my needs. Thank you very much for your help! You are the best :)

  • This is awesome


    This solved my all problems related to invoice. $99 worth it. You won't be disappointed.

  • Great PDF Extension


    We've used this extension on a number of occasions and have found it provides much needed functionality to the invoice PDF generator enabling us to quickly style the document to our clients existing branding.

  • Good Extension


    Extension is good and provide to me everything what I need

  • Nice Extension to have

    Jakub Kroutil

    I am happy to use this extension. Made settings of printouts much easier.

  • Fantastic extension, and support goes far and beyond expectations


    Great selection of extensions and the very best support that can be asked for. They go out of their way and beyond their own extensions! Excellent extension. Very useful and easy to use visual editor for the invoice templates. They helped set me up when there was a site specific issue. Furthermore, on this particular store I use a Multi Fee component during checkout. It wouldn't display correct on the invoice by default and Mark went out of his way to fix a problem that was not even caused by their extension. Can only recommend them! Great selection of extensions.

  • Great PDF products as I compared to at least 10 products

    Peter Banga

    I used Thai language, many PDF invoice have to DIY, mean you have to edit fonts and copy more fonts to the system, which makes me a lot of headache. This one gives superb usage to my customers. Excellent job. And also the reward poings system is very good. It's a good teamwork though. Peter Banga

  • Fast Support - Great Product


    Here in Australia we have specific laws for what should stated on an invoice. Magento is setup more American tax laws. With this extension I was able customise our requirements right out of the box nice and easily right away. I had an issue at the front end with rendering the pdf due to my sites custom extensions minfiy/combining my javascript & css files. Their support responded and fixed the issue same day. I am very satisfied with their help ad support. For the people talking about down time on their live site, I would suggest investing in having a development/testing area to avoid these issue in the future.

  • Great extensions with great support


    Magestore is my extensions mall, once I need an extension I only have one direction,

  • Best Extension

    Kapil Sahu

    This is the best invoice extension i have found out till now in magento. This save our countless hour

  • Best extension to create PDF with Barcode


    I was getting some problem while instating extension but developer Jack helped a lot to fix the issue at earliest is really appreciated. Thank you Mr.Jack (Support) This is best extension which I get to print Barcode in PDF. As well, support from Jack is very good and excellent.

  • Fantastic Plugin - Even better support!


    Fantastic support from Jack. Quick responses and customised the plugin for me as a feature I needed was not there by default. The best support I have received from a Magento plugin developer. This plugin does everything I need and even when it didn't I asked support and they implemented some customisation free of charge. The support was really fast and top quality and this is probably the best support I have received from a Magento plugin, ever! Hope to work with this company again in the future!

  • Best PDF Invoice extension


    This extension is very flexible and works great. Also great support by Magestore to fix some conflicts with other extensions.

  • Outstanding support


    I used this extension for one website of my client. We are also a company that develops Magento but Magestore's customer service is really outstanding. A technical developer (Jack Tran) worked directly with me and brought me a very big help. He even helped me customize the module to meet your requirements. Great job!

  • Best pdf extension on magento connect


    I've tried many PDf extensions on magento connect, but The PDF invoice extension of Magestore is best extension that i used, and it works perfectly! I had some little trouble with setting the extension, but the good and lighting fast support department of Magestore helped me out. I also use some other extensions of Magestore and i already knew that the support was very good. That was also the reason that i wanted to buy an extension at Magestore, and not somewhere else!

  • Awesome Product and even better support


    We needed a tool to build pdfs with your own style, but MageStore had it and for a good price. Easy customizable tool and even support for your own font. Incredible :-) And when we needed support, they are always helpful and making your invoice/order/credit note as perfect. Thanks guys! Ciao.

  • Excellent!!


    Excellent service provider. We will recommend it to any potential buyers! Thank you. It is our pleasure to find this application and purchase it! Product itself is very good and the service is excellent! We don't have any programming background. Their team guided and assisted us throughout the process. It works perfectly now! Thank you very much!

  • Very nice


    Its the best extension. Support helped me to solve all needes for our shop! The best support.

  • So good!

    Lukas Aumair

    Good extendsion with great support!

  • Developer


    Very good extension. We're also very satisfied with the support they're giving. Always answering quickly and helpful. Customized changes were made perfectly to make the extension fit even more.

  • Easy Invoice for B2C and B2B


    It is very good to add in invoice barcode, company info and product images. This extension extend invoice and create simple design for customer

  • mr


    Absolutely fantastic service and support supplied by Blanka. Highly recommend

  • Reply to santosh


    Hello Santosh, Thank you for your question. Our support can help you to add the shipping address at the bottom of invoice with dotted line for cutting. You can contact our support via and provide your FTP & admin, our support will help you. Best regards, Magestore

  • shipping address at bottom of invoice


    Is it possible to add shipping address at the bottom of invoice with dotted line for cutting?

  • Best extension in the field And absolutely Greatest Support


    Well.. The extension is great and the best in the field. But what i really value is the support. Words can't give their right. So i'll put it in two words.The best.

  • Best extension for custom invoice pdf on Magento connect!

    Viktor Hlupko

    Really best extension for deep and what is very important easy customisation of pdf invoice in Magento. Custom pdf invoice it's one of the tricky parts of Magento customisation and this extension really help make this! Before select this extension for production we try about 5 another paid solutions and all fails with our needs. Amazing support from MageStore also, help us resolve all issues!

  • Reply to Antonio


    Hi Antonio, Thank you for interest in our product. Regarding to your question, the model " $ordermps = Mage::getModel('pay/order')->getMpsOrder($putOrderId);" seems to be taken from another extension on your site? We do not gurantee the compatibility of third party module with our extension, however we provide 30 money back guarantee. You can download and install our extension then our support will help you to integrate. If it doesn't not meet your requirement , you can request a refund. If you have any concern, feel free to contact us via livechat support on (from 7:30-4:30- GMT+7 from Monday to Friday) or submit a ticket to, we are glad to assist you. Best regards, Magestore.

  • Custom field from model


    Goodmornig, you had develop great extension and i evaluate to buy it in short time.But actually i need the possibility to insert one filed from magento model to retrieve a custom data and associate it to the invoice inside the invoice. Is it possible? I retrieve data in this way from the model $ordermps = Mage::getModel('pay/order')->getMpsOrder($putOrderId); where the variable is store in a database Thanks Best Regards

  • Reply to mauro


    Hi mauro, Thank you for your interest in our extension. Regarding to your question, we can help customize for you. You should submit a ticket to with your FTP and admin, our supports are willing to assist you. Best regards, Magestore.

  • Customer's VAT Number on PDF invoice


    It's possible (on PDF invoive) to insert after billing address the customer's VATID number?

  • Great extension and Team


    Needed help implementing order comment on the invoice pdf extension, there support staff did a great job implementing it really quickly and helping with any enquires. Awesome job guys :)

  • Reply to Davide Lo Porto


    Hi Davide, Our PDF invoice supports different pdf layout for each store, however it hasn't supported for customer group. If you have any concern, feel free to contact us via livechat support on (from 7:30-4:30- GMT+7 from Monday to Friday) or submit a ticket to, we are glad to assist you. Best regards, Magestore.

  • Info

    Davide Lo Porto

    Hi guys, is possible to have different pdf layout for each store and customer group with your extension? Davide

  • change the invoice after an order?


    Hi there. The demo works as described. However, can I change the invoice after an order? Thanks in advance for your answer

  • Reply to Spy


    Hi Spy, Could you please explain more details about your question? Best regards, Magestore.

  • A so cool extension


    The first time I tried the demo, I really really liked the template invoice. I found it interesting to use this extension. So I made my decision to buy it immediately. Since then, I receive my customers' feedback that they are impressed by the eye-catching templates that the extension offers. What a so cool extension of Magestore.

  • Cool templates


    The templates are really cool. I can also preview my design so that I'm much more satisfied with my work. Your support is cool, too.

  • Drop-n-drag options


    Actually, I like drop-n-drag options that I can't find anywhere 'cause it's quite easy to use and saves me a lot of time. I can add more variables as I want without any difficulties. What an interesting extension of Magestore!

  • Reply to Bill


    Hi Bill, The extension has a CSV file in English, you can translate it to the language you desire, then add it to the folder. By this way you can enable multiple languages for the extension. If you have additional question you can submit ticket to, our support will assist you. Best regards, Magestore.

  • Multiple languages supported?


    Thanks for your reply. For my concern, I want to confirm whether it supports multiple languages or not.

  • Reply to Bill


    Hi Bill, Thank you for your interest in our product. We would like to make it more clear about your question, do you want it support multiple language? or do you want to add a language field in the PDF invoice printed file? Best regards, Magestore.

  • More languages?


    Can I add more languages to language fields in backend?

  • That's great!


    Wow, now I can even print invoice in mass easily. Many Customers tell us that they want to receive documents in their emails, and actually with PDF Invoice, this problem can be dealt after just a few clicks. That's great!

  • Make an eye-catching invoice


    I have to spend much time customizing the default invoice without satisfaction with it. But with PDF Invoice Plus, after few seconds, I can create a professional layout that I really want. It's no longer complicated to make an eye-catching invoice.

  • Dedicated and professional support team


    My customized template caused some problems so I contacted your support. They answered quickly and fixed it imediately after receiving my questions. They are so dedicated and professional.

  • Useful features


    I am not regretted when using this products of Magestore. PDF Invoice Plus is great by its useful features for customers, for example, it is easy to save and print. I have finally found the unique image for my company.

  • Impressive extension


    This extension impressed me at the first time of using. It's not only quite attractive but also easy to use. I like its various colored templates. Wait for updated version.

  • Cool invoice templates


    I decided to purchase this extension because of its convenience and attraction. The invoice templates are really cool and available for me to choose the most suitable one easily.

  • Image option is great


    To show the product images makes it great. This also helps you and your customer not to confuse with product code and further able to differentiate products through product images.

  • .


    Great extension, made my life so much easier. So many functions and changes can be made on the fly. Hope to see the update soon, one very big feature I got them to update ;)

  • Fantastic Extension Fantastic Support


    I Got this extension a month back, first thing I liked about the extension is the pdf templates they look attractive. The extension works exactly as per my requirment. I had a few customisations to the templates, the support team did that very politely. Above the best support till now I have faced, you create a ticket and within minutes you get a reply that the issue has been fixed. Great team to work with, I would definitely recommend others to use there service.

  • Must have Extension


    I must say customers these days need a comprehensive invoice instead of typical standard format and this is a perfect solution to do so.

  • I am satisfied with this extension


    I purchased this extension on first launching day. The available invoice templates are cool. My customers was very impressive with our new invoice templates.

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