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One Step Checkout Goodbye Checkout Complexity (3.7.0)

One Step Checkout
  • One Step Checkout (3.7.0)

Fix where your website is "leaking" money the most with Magento One Step Checkout extension (Magento One Page Checkout). All checkout steps appear together on a single page for customers to modify any step at once:

  • Use Google Suggest to automatically fill in address info
  • Support 50+ Payment Methods
  • Responsive and flexible checkout page design

magento one step checkout updateHot Update: Auto-detect location by Geo IP & more in v3.5.0

Recommended: One Step Checkout is supported in Retailer Kit

One Step Checkout is now available for Magento 2.x versions
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Community Edition 1.7 - 1.8 - - -
Enterprise Edition 1.9.x - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13 - - -
Perfectly Compatible with Latest Patch SUPEE-9767

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Magestore no longer provides this extension. Get a similar product from our trusted partner. Buy at Partner Website


50+ Payment Methods Supported

  • Check/ Money
  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Paypal Pro
  • SagePay
  • Moneybookers
  • 3D Secure
  • 2Checkout
  • Icepay (10 methods)
  • Wirecard (26 methods)

Rocket Sales with Faster Checkout

  • Display all checkout steps at one single page
  • Auto-update latter fields when editing previous ones
  • Select what fields triggering AJAX update
  • Auto-complete address with Google API (Hot)
  • Skip Shopping Cart page
  • Edit at checkout

*Tip: Using other payments? Contact us to integrate!

Custom Layout & Style

  • Choose any theme colors
  • Support 2 design styles:

- Flat design

- Material design

  • Support 4 types of layout:

- 2-column
- 3-column (optimized) (New)

- 3-column

  • Show/hide/rearrange/set required fields
  • Support multiple store views & languages
  • Compatible with responsive themes

Various Login/ Checkout Modes

  • Support 3 login modes: sign-up, logged-in, guest
  • Sign up/ Log in via pop-up (Social Login Supported)

Extra Options at Checkout

  • Delivery date & time
  • Coupon code
  • Gift message & comment
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Gift wrap
  • Poll
  • Newsletter subscription

Why one step checkout extension is your must-have

Do you know that the average abandoned cart rate is over 66%? Many customers abandon online shopping at the checkout page due to a complicated process. There is one way to partly control & decrease the abandonment rate by using Google Analytics. Or, for instant improvement, use our One Step Checkout (aka Magento One Page Checkout) extension! All checkout information such as billing address, shipping and payment method will be displayed together for customers to fill in/ correct information any step. You will be amazed at the significant increase in your store's conversion rate after installing our Magento One Step Checkout extension!

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkoutextension | Benefits


How One Step Checkout stops you from losing sales

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension | How it works


Explore the features that make your sales rocketed

The most important part? You get paid Much Faster with Advanced Technologies!

+ All-in-one Checkout Page

As mentioned above, when using Magento One Step Checkout (One Page Checkout) module, your customers will see all checkout information right away in one single page and can fill in or edit any step without waiting or going back and forth.

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - One Step Checkout page

+ Auto AJAX Updates

When customers change their information such as an address, other sections - Shipping, Payment Method, Order Review will be auto-updated as configured in backend. Why is this useful? Let us give an example. When customers are considering two shipping addresses, they may see right on the checkout page that for one address, the shipping fee is cheaper and payment method can be Cash On Delivery, but with the other address, just money transfer and advanced payment are accepted.

Magento One Step Checkout - Magento One Page Checkout extension - Auto update latter steps when there's any change on former steps

+ Google Suggest Auto-fill

Your customers are tired of filling their address again and again? With Google API integrated, customers can see the matching addresses suggested as they type, then simply select the correct one. The system will auto-complete address fields in a blink of eyes. The best part of using this technology comparing with GEO IP is that your site loads much faster and you don't need to update GEO IP database frequently!

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - Google Suggest function

+ Checkout page as Shopping Cart

Have you ever thought of skipping the shopping cart and going straight to the checkout page? Surely it will help customers save time and increase your conversion rate. Our extension gives you the option to redirect customers to checkout automatically after adding products to cart, and then they can remove products, edit Qty. right on the Checkout page.

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - edit product at checkout

The best part? You get paid Much Easier with Various International Payment Methods supported

The extension supports many popular payment methods, thus, you can be assured that Magestore's One Step Checkout (One Page Checkout) can work perfectly in any stores of any countries. Just see the summary of 50+ payment methods supported below or the full list here.
  • Check/ Money
  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Paypal Pro
  • SagePay
  • Moneybookers
  • 3D Secure
  • 2Checkout
  • 10 payment methods of Icepay
  • 26 payment methods of Wirecard Checkout

*Quick Tip: Using other payments? Simply contact us to integrate!

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension -Magento One Page Checkout - Payment Methods

Everybody loves a little extras! Why don't satisfy your customers with more add-on options?

+ Preferred Delivery Date & time

If a busy customer orders a product online, he certainly doesn’t want it to be delivered when he’s away from home. But how can you know the most suitable time for him? Here is the solution - simply let the customer selects a preferred date and time at checkout.

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - delivery time

+ Coupon, gift message, comment, newsletter

Previously, customers only can apply a coupon code on the shopping cart page. Now with our extension, they can apply/cancel the coupon right on the checkout page. Also, it's very convenient to add comments to the order, such as what time they want to receive a package, or special instructions. You can ask customers to sign up for newsletters and even have the setting checked by default. 

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - Add coupon code, comment, sign up for newsletter, attach gift message

+ Gift wrap option & fee

One Step Checkout supports gift purchasing effectively. Besides adding a gift message, customers can choose wrapping products right in the checkout page. Order review will be auto updated with the gift wrap fee added. 

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension–Giftwrap feature

+ Polls

Quickly survey customers? Absolutely doable with this module! Admin can add a question such as "How did you hear about us?" or "What do you like about us?" and provide answer options. It's a perfect way to collect customers' opinions, isn't it?  

Magento One Step Checkout extension –Survey feature

+ Terms & Conditions

Clearly published Terms and Conditions is crucial in any businesses. Before placing order, customers can easily view your Terms and Conditions in a pop-up window.

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - Terms and Conditions

Want a professional & beautiful Checkout page that is simply "You"? Sure, easy breezy!

+ Show/ hide/ rearrange address fields

What information do you wish customers to provide and in what order? You can easily configure it for each Store View in administration. Simply enable preferred fields and set the position for them. 

Magento One Step Checkout extension–Arrange field positions in checkout

+ Different layouts & design styles

With Magestore's One Step Checkout extension, you can select in 2 checkout page styles (material & flat designs) & 3 types of layout (2 columns, 3 columns, 3 columns - optimized) that best fits your store theme when showing in the page. Here're the hottest looks from this collections.

New material design with interactive animation

Equip your site with the latest design trend introduced by Google in Android 5.0 Lollipop:

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - Material Designs

Plus, checking out just gets more fun with text animation & shadow animation to make customers “stick” to the checkout page.

New optimized 3-column layout for better conversion rate

According to Nielsen Norman Group, web users spend 80% of their time looking at information above the page fold. Although users do scroll, they will click more if the place order button is closer to above the page fold. That’s why new responsive 3-column layout is created to help you convert better. Elements were reorganized & “time of delivery” was merged into “Shipping method” to save space, thus put the “place order” button way above compared with the old version. This new optimized version is available in both material & flat design.

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - Time of Delivery & Shipping Method

Magento One Step Checkout -Magento One Page Checkout extension - 3 Columns Optimized & 3 Columns


In Love with these awesome features but still have concerns?

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Release Notes

Version 3.7.1 (released on Oct 6, 2017)

  • Integrate with Paypal redirect using 3D secure
  • Integrate with cryozonic_stripe payment
  • Show notify if did not setting google api
  • Allow to config default country when using google address suggestion
  • Fix error do not show remove item icon in order review (3 columns material design)
  • Fix multiple currency of gift wrap amount
  • Fix conflict with Paypal Express
  • Fix conflict with p_method_trustcommerce payment method
  • Fix error when gift wrap option is free
  • Fix error on Magento site do not check form_key
  • Fix error when subscriber on OneStepCheckout page
  • Fix error invalid shipping method on order completion

Version 3.7.0 (released on Aug 4, 2017)

  • Fix error if enter wrong email address when checkout
  • Fix issue when remove items in mini-cart box
  • Fix error Direct Post isn't shown in order review
  • Fix error can not remove coupon code
  • Fix conflict with ICheck JS in Magento Enterprise
  • Fix error do not update shipping fee after applied coupon code
  • Fix error do not active Place Order button after corrected the credit card form
  • Fix error showing bundled items in order review box
  • Fix error showing default address information in checkout page
  • Fix error updating shipping information after changed item qty
  • Fix style error of 3-column layout
  • Fix style error when enable gift wrap in checkout page
  • Fix error do not apply default shipping method
  • Fix error email validation
  • Add guide to configure google address suggestion
  • Allow to restrict access to One-Step-Checkout page by ip-address
  • Integrate with Amazon Pay
  • Integrate with Iways PayPal Plus
  • Integrate with Store Credit Magento Enterprise

Version 3.6.0 (released on Jul 13th, 2017)

  • Fix wrong billing address after reload checkout page
  • Fix error do not apply coupon after change country in billing address
  • Fix error showing wrong product image in order review in checkout page
  • Fix error allow to checkout with wrong customer email-address
  • Show custom order comment in order view in front-end
  • Show delivery time in order & shipment print-out
  • Update translation labels
  • Re-structure template files to easy customize & control issues

Version 3.5.2 (released on Jun 13th, 2017)

  • Compatible with Magento SUPEE-9767 patch (form_key validation in checkout process)
  • Integrate with Sellerdeck payment
  • Fix display issue of delivery information in Order view in backend
  • Fix calendar issue in delivery information in checkout page
  • Fix conflict with Gift Message in Magento EE

Version 3.5.1 (updated on Mar 27th 2017)

  • Fix error auto update shipping address the same billing address after pressed F5
  • Fix error minicart is not defined in some custom themes
  • Fix issue when checkout using Paypal Express
  • Fix issue duplicate column name 'onestepcheckout_giftwrap_amount'

Version 3.5.0 (updated on October 27th 2016)

  • Fix bug
  • Auto-detect location of customers by Geo IP
  • Allow admin to enable/disable the header & footer on checkout page
  • Admin can restrict the delivery date & time in the backend
  • Allow to enable the house security code so that customers can fill in their information
  • Perfectly compatible with Braintree Payments v2.1.0 of Gene

Version 3.4.1 (updated on January 29th 2016)

  • Fix bug of Persistent Cart
  • Fix bug of gift wrap when using PayPal Express
  • Fix bug of DOB field
  • Fix some small bugs of template

Version 3.4 (updated on November 5th 2015)

  • Add material style with 3 new layouts
  • Add new 3-column layout for both material & flat style

Version 3.3 (updated on Sep 1st 2015)

Version 3.2 (updated on July 7th 2014)

  • Update with responsive flat design

Version 3.1 (updated on June 7th 2014)

  • Redirect customers to checkout automatically after adding products to cart
  • Suggest customers' address by Google instead of GeoIP
  • Allow customers to edit product quantity, remove product on checkout page
  • Edit Order Review template
  • Allow customers to choose delivery date and time
  • Be compatible with Magestore extensions: Gift Card 4.0, Store Credit, Reward Points

Version 3.0 (updated on April 14th 2014)

  • Support more payment methods including SagePay, 3D Secure, 2Checkout, 10 payment methods of Icepay and 26 payment methods of Wirecard Checkout Page.
  • Modify JavaScript to fasten checkout process: only auto-update selected sections when having any changes
  • Allow setting different Checkout page layouts for different store views
  • Fix problem with the Login, Terms and Conditions popups in IE version 10,11

Version 2.0.2 (updated on April 12th 2013)

  • Improve performance while running Geo IP features.

Version 2.0.1 (updated on Mar 27th 2013)

  • Add Geo IP function: auto-detect and auto-fill country, city, state/province and zip code of Customers by their IP address

Version 2.0.0 (updated on Jan 29th 2013)

  • Work with Paypal Pro and SagePay payment method
  • Add Gift Wrap feature
  • Add Survey feature
  • New style for one step checkout page.
  • Fix error while displaying one step checkout page.

Version 1.2.3 (updated on Jul 16th 2012)

  • Fix error: wrong default billing address in checkout page.
  • Fix error in getting & saving shipping address.
  • Add title & middle name in account information box in checkout page.

Version 1.2.1 (updated on Jan 3rd 2012)

Version 1.1.9 (updated on Oct 29th 2011)

  • Fix error when loading payments (can not load payments).
  • Fix error when using urls.

Version 1.1.8 (updated on Sep 20th 2011)

  • Fix error when reloading shipping methods & payment method after changing billing address or shipping address.

Version 1.1.7 (updated on August 25th 2011)

  • Fix error that occurs when two credit card payment methods are enabled.
  • In some cases, the payment option may be hidden.
  • Fix error that occurs when not choosing payment method.

Version 1.1.6 (updated on June 29th 2011)

  • Add the configuration about reloading payment methods (reload payment methods after all fields are filled or after one field is changed).

Version 1.1.5 (updated on May 13th 2011)

  • Fix error in saving credit card number.
  • Fix error in showing order comment in notification email.
  • Fix error that occurs while using IE9.
  • Fix error in loading shipping methods.
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  1. In terms of checkout process, Magestore's One Step Checkout is a milestone. The checkout process is much faster now.
    Alejandro CEO
  2. The support fixed a few things without ever asking questions - It was done BAM! like this!
    Lars Willsen CEO
  3. Very good extension and working very well as described.
    Wiwat CEO


Enhance customer shopping experience with One Step Checkout extension

One Step Checkout makes shopping experience easier for our customers. They are satisfied with one step checkout.

Why highly recommends One Step Checkout extension

Bill chose both One Step Checkout and FAQ extension for his business. There are 3 main reasons for Bill’s choice, which are the quality of code, support service and the ability to integrate with his system.

Magento Extensions - Speed up checkout with One Step Checkout

Speed up checkout with One Step Checkout
United States

Speed up checkout with One Step Checkout

With the motivation of fostering his business, Alejandro tried hard to find something which was really useful for his website: “I found Magestore when I was searching for some extensions for my website". At Magestore he found valuable support for his online business. “In terms of the checkout process, One Step Checkout is a milestone. How... read more

How One Step Checkout fits your online business's needs

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  • Good job!


    Many thanks for the extension! I compared your One Step Checkout with the same module by Amasty and decided on yours, as the installation is cheaper and the support service is free for a 1-year period instead of 90 days.

  • Great

    Stig Haaning

    Absolutely great

  • Excellent Support & Great Extension

    Just like all the other glowing reviews about the One-Step-Checkout, we are also in completely satisfied with the extension and the support. If you check our Active Wear website, you will see that we have many of Magestore's extensions. The reason is because their extensions all integrate well with the various themes and third party extensions, and if their is a problem Magestore's excellent support department is right there to support you. Whenever you have a lot of various extensions and theme customizations you are bound to encounter difficulties with the extensions sooner or later. We couldn't get our third party gift card extension working right with our one-stop-checkout and were having issues with our payment gateway. So we decided to try Magestore's One-Step-Checkout as we already had several other of their extensions. It still required custom work to get our gift card extension working, but Magestore's support staff helped us out quickly and efficiently, and then later we upgraded to Magestore's Gift Card extension as well instead of our existing extension. Aside from the benefit of the great integration with the extensions and the essential payment functionality, it is also a great looking checkout that instills confidence in customers as it looks professional and functions excellently with ajax. We highly recommend this One Page checkout extension and Magestore.

  • Great attention to detail extension and A+ customer support


    Though I was skeptical to buy this extension because of too much overwhelming reviews (which i thought could be fake), i decided to give it a try. Installation was very easy however later on I realized that this extension didn't support my payment getaway (Payfort). I thought that my money were wasted as Magestore would need to do special and time consuming programming specifically for my case and they will charge fortune for it. I cant express how happy I was when they agreed to program it and didn't asked any extra charge. It took them 2 weeks to program new payment getaway and now my clients and me enjoy the most sophisticated checkout page ever. I had also some bugs with summary blocks which they fixed within one day. My regular clients admit that new check out page became much user friendly, faster in loading and it has everything to complete the order without initiating conversation via online chat or call (as date and time delivery, order comments). My customer agent was Lee and I want to thank him for A+ service

  • Great Extension


    This is a great Magento single page checkout extension that makes the Magento checkout process so much easier for customers. Better than other magento one click checkout

  • One Step Checkout is a great extension!


    Thank you Magestore for a great extension. The address auto complete is one of the best features for customers since it saves time for them. The installation was easy and the extension is very customizable. It has helped our business by greatly increasing the speed in which customers can checkout without a hassle.

  • Great extension!


    Works just as expected, it is responsive single page checkout process - our checkout couldn't be better. Highly recommend this extension for a seamless, slick onepage checkout. Best example for magento one click checkout.

  • Good thing


    It's perfect extension, work pretty good with cdnsun.

  • Best OnestepCheckout from Magento


    Its one of the best One step Ceckout from magento! Its a must have extension!

  • mr

    rob wace

    Very impressed with this extension, quick to install, easy to use and looks amazing! So much better than the stand multipage Magento checkout

  • mr


    Very impressed with the one page checkout created by Magestore, it's quick to install, easy to set up and looks very smart. I researched a number of one-page checkout services and this came out top.

  • The Best One Page Checkout


    This is an amazing extension. It will transform the checkout process on your Magento store from ordinary to top of the line. Great response from the team. You can't go past Magestore for one page checkout.

  • Great extension and wonderful support


    A very useful extension to facilitate the process of buying the clients, easy to configure and install. The Magestore support is the best, always attentive to help solve all problems. I totally recommend it!

  • The best extension for One Page Checkout


    It's really good and user-friendly for any Magento stores. We're using it for our online fashion store.

  • The best checkout for Magento


    I've used a few of the one step checkouts and I can confirm that this one is by far the best. Not only is it way more attractive than the others but it also functions much better. I needed a few small custom changes and the Magestore team were very fast to help and make the modifications. Thanks for all your help and your great extension!

  • Superb extension


    We've used this extension on a popular e-commerce website and found it an absolute godsend. The users love it's simplicity and it's definitely provided us an up-lift in sales.

  • one Step Checkout

    kuldeep kalonia

    hello guys, I just buy extension and really its too good for user while checkout... eye chapter, looks good, user friendly, fast checkout & mobile responsive as well... I love this extension

  • Good checkout extension, easy to use


    A really good extension that is easy to use. A lot of adjustments possible (eg. color, columns, number of fields, etc.), however translations is a somewhat tricky. Fortunately the developer offers a really good support for any help or questions.

  • Best Module & Excellent Support


    I encountered a few issues and they are very responsive and very dedicated to help. Amazing products and support team!

  • 6 Months Ago


    We've ordered and implemented this plugin for some time now. I have to tell you that there are some headaches that this plugin does not play nicely with. We have squashed bugs and continue to squish more bugs with it. Overall, it's a better customer experience than the One Page Checkout Magento, but not without flaws.

  • Owner


    Purchased One Step Checkout from Magestore and was satisfied from the start. Had a few questions before my purchase due to the fact that I had purchased one similar from another company that was limited to what I wanted. After speaking with Magestore support I felt I should give it a try. They helped me not only install it but configured it to my satisfaction and today it has paid off. Thanks Magestore for such a great product and support.

  • It's gotta be Magestore


    There are three good reasons to choose Magestore's One Page Checkout, the first being that it looks great, the second is that it contains a range of additional must have cart functions and thirdly the support team are there to resolve any issues you may have. We have no hesitation in recommending Magestore's products and after service – they're one of our preferred developers and should be one of yours!

  • Works good and very good support


    It's very flexible, works good. I like the inclusion of images in the order review and the support is quick and good. I recommend!

  • Great Cart and easily customized


    Extension works great with a very nice UI. Support is very responsive within 24hrs with solutions to fix an issues. Highly recommended for single page One Step Checkout

  • Great plugin. Super useful.


    Great plugin by the way. This is the 5th time I have purchased it, for completely different clients each time. Super happy with the decision to continue using it. Have never found any problems. great support when I needed a small customization a couple different times.

  • Great support


    This is a great plugin. The support provided was very quick and all issues were sorted out very quickly. Thank you SJ

  • Fantastic Experience


    Hard to believe how much help MageStore provides to make sure your cart is exactly how you need it. I'm thrilled to have their development team available when we need assistance. Typically everything is handled within 24 hours, The extension itself was exactly as described with a lot of control panel flexibility to save us from hiring outside dev teams to fit new requirements. I wish they had a few shipping extensions and other elements so we could have everything from MageStore.

  • Support went above and beyond!


    Installed the extension and it worked great, but I wanted to make it more obvious on the order in the admin backend when a user selected 'gift wrap'. I contacted support to see what they could do and they quickly came up with a solution to show some text in the 'shipping' part of the backend order page - exactly what I needed! Great stuff and well beyond the level of support I expected.

  • Really good extension and support


    The extention is great and the support very fast and effective!

  • Good extension


    Good extension, easy to install and lot of options to change layout, essential piece of software for your online shop :)

  • Top product and Outstanding support


    This extension is top-notch. We have tried some other Onestepcheckout modules before and this one is the best by far. The included features are great and very easy to customize. This extension is a must have for every magento store. Impossible to finish my review without mentioning the outstanding support from the Magestore team. These guys are not only great professional developers with a lot of experience in this field but they are right there when you need help. Excellent overall!

  • Great extension with solid support


    Some conflicts with my theme were easily solved by Magestore support team after contacting them. The developer has a way of solving problems nice and smooth. Even if you have some own thoughts what should and should not show, they are there to listen and help you to get the best result. Great work!

  • One of the best one step checkouts there is!


    Using Community Having tried a few one step checkouts, I have found this to be one of the best, not just in terms of features, but also support and ease of customization. Support is prompt and very helpful, solving a couple of issues I was having very quickly. Colours changes can be done via the admin panel, so no CSS required. Would highly recommend!

  • Great Product, Even better support!


    Couldn't be happier with my purchase. Every problem I've run into (not many problems) these guys were on it. Very useful, user friendly extension. Highly recommended to any Magento shop.

  • Support was fantastic.


    It seems that there was a conflict with another one page checkout extension that we were using before Magestore's one page checkout. We contacted Magestore and they made adjustments to our site the same day. It works fine now and we really appreciate the time that they took to support their product. Thanks, Mike

  • Very good

    Budiono Darmawan

    Nice extension

  • Good product.

    Vishal Juneja

    Excellent product great discount.

  • User friendly extension


    Really good extension. Its easy to install and use. User friendly. Support is really good.

  • Perfect Support


    I updated an old Website with the Ultimo theme and I took the opportunity to install the One Step Checkout extension. I had some problems, opened a ticket and the support team helped me to solve my issues in a while, even if some of them were not directly related to the extension. This is the best support service that I ever experienced.

  • Better then your regular checkout experience


    The magento checkout really drove me crazy. It was disorganized and didn't function that great. Mage Store checkout not only got everything on one page but it also has the ability to add coupons on the page and when you're typing in the address it is integrated with google so it auto suggest it for you. Love that feature.

  • Fast is the speed of One Step Checkout!

    How tedious it is when wanting to quickly check out, to be required to proceed through several pages of Check-out steps. (That is a frustrating time-waster.) Enter One Step Checkout. Only one page! And if you have an account, your account information awaits your confirmation. Fast is the speed of One Step Checkout! Your customers will appreciate the convenience! This is an excellent extension!

  • Awesome extension


    Awesome extension. Installation was super easy. I love this extension. Thank you Magestore

  • Very flexible Extension


    I was looking for best one step checkout extension over the internet and at last i decided to buy it from magestore. Because it is very flexible and easy to install.This extension is what exactly what i am looking for and it has lot of option to custom the module to match your requirement without any coding.Thank you magestore for this extension and your great support.

  • High quality checkout


    It's brilliant, the technical support has been amazing when we needed it to get Sagepay working. Since we installed it a few months ago we've seen an increase in conversion rate too. So it's quickly paying for itself. It works well with the Magestore Reward Points extension too.

  • Solid checkout extension


    Easy to install and configure. It's responsive and the design is good out of the box. The broad support of payment methods and other extensions is a big plus. I like that the individual blocks refresh separately when the customer is filling/changing another, so it does not interfere with the customer's checkout procedure. I will purchase a license for my second store. And thanks @Katherine for your kind support!

  • Great Service, Great Product

    As great as products/extensions are, without service to support it, it means nothing. These guys have it! Quick replies, support in minutes, etc. It is all about reliability and Mage Store certainly has been reliable and now earned our trust for future extensions.

  • A must have extension

    Danny Liu

    A must have extension, nice design, compatible with other Magestore extensions, can have gift message, leave comments, this can help to increase the conversion and boost sales! Thanks Magestore, and Thank you for all your support Adam.

  • Worked out of the box


    Just download, copy over and configured how it should look. Whole process = less than 30minutes. Pain free even on as old as our 1.5.1 Magento install. Auto complete is a great addition and works flawlessly. One of the main concerns we had when we implemented this (as seen from some other onestep extensions) is the speed the other fields update. Thankfully this extension proved to be snappy enough so customers bounce less than the onepage checkout. Sales so far have seen an average of 10% jump over the last 3 weeks compared to onepagecheckout. However Signups have dropped, guest checkouts have risen. Perhaps if we can get the optional sign up, but with the box pre-ticked? A "PayPal Express" button in some corner would be great for single click for PayPal users. I know there is one on the Cart page, but one on the checkout page would be even sweeter.

  • Nr.1 Magento extension

    Igor Damjan

    Using this extension on all my sites and it is just perfect. Also support from Magestore team is great!

  • Best One Page Checkout

    Sean Scott

    I tested various one page checkouts including Free and Paid version. I returned a all of the paid ones I tried and got my money back. What sets this apart from the other extension I have tried. - Review order ajax loads quickly when calculating shipping and or taxes. - Ajax only loads on review order block and not the entire page. This speeds up the checkout process as a customer can add in shipping address or CC info while the block updates. - Ability to turn off shipping block to update ajax on Review order block. We offer free shipping on everything and other extensions I had to manually turn off the ajax loading for the shipping to speed up the checkout process, which is not something you want to try if you are not JavaScript savvy. - Everything the customer needs is on one screen. Some extensions would use a drop down box to display a different block. - Really nice layout that is simple for customers to use and easy for you to make changes in the Magento admin without modifying templates. - Quick and Easy setup and install. I did not have to change any template files to suit our needs. Install and setup took probably under 10 mins. - There was an issue where the second column was not loading. I contacted support and under 2 days, they had it fixed. It would have been a day sooner if I did not need their IP address to white list on our server for FTP access. The changes made will be on the next update, which makes my life easier updating. The was the best one page checkout I have used and I highly recommend it.

  • Super !

    Jamie Gill

    WIr sind wirklich sehr zufrieden. Ich kann das Modul jemdem weiter empfehlen

  • Hope My competitors Don't find this extension...


    But I am going to review it anyways. We spent over a year, and many thousands-of-dollars developing a checkout process on our previous commerce platform. This involved consultants and extensive A/B testing. When we decided to move to magento, we again faced the daunting task of re-developing checkout flow. At least we were armed with a very costly education in our needs, and this makes abundantly clear that the default magento checkout is extremely flawed. See, Checkout is about credibility and friction. Make it as easy and comfortable as possible for customer to part with personal info and money. Luckily this extension not only checks all the boxes for us, it also has a few neat features we had't even identified as needs, or were unable to code into our previous cart. Ajax Refresh - Check Simple, True one page checkout - Check Google Address - Check Etc Etc This is the lowest friction, simplest, most logical extension available for magento. I'm not sure how much scientific effort went into developing the flow at magestore, but they really nailed it. It is so in-line with the science behind checkout flow it is uncanny. We did need to configure some of the on screen language, which was easy for our dev to do, and Magestore was very helpful with the small piece we needed assistance with. I would recommend this 100 times over, as long as you are not a competitor

  • Another great product from Magestore


    Installed this extension on Magento EE 1.12 to replace an existing one page check that wasn't as nice. This extension was very easy to install and setup. We had no major problems with the installation however, we did need a few minor tweaks once we had it installed and the support team at Magestore responded quickly and was able to complete all the request we sent over. Truly appreciate these guys, I've used several of their extensions in the past and its good to see that they are quick to respond to the simplest questions and help out. The response time by these folks is unmatched. So with that said if you are looking for a One Step Checkout for your store either EE or CE then you can't go wrong investing into Magestore One Step Checkout.

  • Just what we wanted


    Only just installed and started using but the install team got it all working within a few days and it looks great so far

  • The best must have Magento extensions


    I definitely recommend this One Step Checkout Adam was extremely helpful assisting through the whole process and acted quickly getting my questions answered. Great response time and amazing customer service. I look forward to working with Tracy again on our next project. Thank you again Tracy! I definitely recommend this One Step Checkout Adam was extremely helpful assisting through the whole process and acted quickly getting my questions answered. Great response time and amazing customer service. I look forward to working with Tracy again ...(read more)

  • Great extension and it actually works on a complex website


    It was a little time to get all the bugs ironed out before we could use it in a live environment (almost two months), but to be fair our site was very complex and big. But they stayed with it until the job was finished and bug free. They made sure the checkout functioned as it should without problems. We have a ton of customization done to our website which always made it impossible to use a one page checkout until we found this one. With help from their support they were actually able to get it working on our website perfectly, (something no other company has been able to do and we have tried a lot of them) Aside from the great support, the functionality is awesome, it works with every type of device and displays perfectly. The google address fill option is a huge time saver for our customers. If you are looking for a fast reliable checkout we would highly recommend this one.

  • Great Extension, TOP NOTCH SERVICE!!!


    I'm really pleased with this extension. It's working really well for us! It functions just like it does in the demo. Bundling up the Web P O S to place orders via admin is a huge add on benefit in my opinion. I emailed to ask if the Web P O S could be modified so admins placing orders could modify the price, and the response I received was a free custom patch for the extension! That's some great service! Looking forward to working with Magestore for a long time!

  • Good extension, excellent service!

    Medeka Media

    We are very pleased with this one step checkout extension. Besides the well-functioning checkout we received outstanding support for some specific needs in the delivery time function. Keep up the good work!

  • Excellent, works wonderfully.


    Utilised the professional installation, so I didn't mess things up with Magento. Had 'Adam' overseeing this, installed within an hour and had it up and running. Spot on!

  • It's excellent!


    It's great. We are so excited to see how it rocks my business.

  • This is good extension.


    It's Great.

  • Love it


    Fantastic, extension. Wonderful and fast installation service. Extension is super easy to use and my customers love it. Very satisfied.

  • Review Promotional Gift


    Really Good! Love it.

  • Working Good


    I love this extensionand it works great. It will reduced my work..

  • Great Product, Awesome Support

    C Little

    We run a Magento EE website and our checkout was not performing like it should. After we installed this extension our conversion went up by more than 50% and our customers love how fast it is to get through the cart. The one step checkout extension has a lot of configuration options that are well documented and the support is top notch. We had several problems with our initial configuration that were due mostly to our customizations but Magestore support jumped right in and helped us out quickly.

  • Another great product from Magestore


    I've never considered one-step checkout on any project I've worked on before. But this particular client requested it. Based on my experience with Magestore's other products, I didn't bother looking at other alternatives. I've purchase many extensions for many different Magento projects from Magestore. Took some minor tweaking to get the extension wrking with my theme, but their developers sorted me out right away. Not only are their extensions rich and feature-full, but they also go out of their way to ensure that their extensions work with any custom theme you implement. Efficient and prompt. I highly recommend them!

  • A must-have for Magento-based stores!


    In terms of checkout process, Magestore's One Step Checkout is the ultimate winner! The extension is well-coded and offers huge flexibility when it comes to configuration. Easy to install and use. When we faced a subtle problem during testing relating to required fields, the support guys were very helpful and fixed it (however, it took almost 2 days - could be a little faster :) ). The checkout process is much faster now.

  • saved my checkout!


    I was having lots of issues with various checkout extensions, but this one fixed all my problems. Easy to install and it just works! I also love having the option of a survey in my checkout. Keep up the great work :)

  • Best checkout extension I've seen!!!


    After trying out some other checkout extensions which seemed to break various parts of my checkout process, I decided to try out this one. It was easy to set up and fixed all my problems. I love the interface the users see when going through the checkout process and it comes with a survey option which is something I have been thinking about for a while too. I would recommend this extension to any magento store and after using other Magestore extensions and contacting their support I'm more than happy to recommend them as after sales support is fantastic too.

  • Developer


    Nice extension with a lot of options! We requested some customisation specifically for European address fields. They were very helpful and quick to fix to it, thanks!

  • Great extention


    I installed the extention on my ecommerce. Installation very simple and without problems. The support, with a very quick answer and skilled support, helped me integrating some customizations in minutes. This extention make the difference in User experience and usability.

  • best checkout extension and support


    I try various checkout extensions on the market, but this magestore extension is definitely best. Also I had best support from magestore team for make some customisations.

  • Very configurable, excellent support


    The extension is well thought-through and hugely configurable. Easy to initially install. When we hit a subtle problem during testing relating to required fields, support was very helpful and responsive and fixed it for us.

  • Super support


    After the install the plugin did not work. i contacted support and the support team was very helpfull. They detected an old one page checkout plugin from another company and after disabling this everhing works fine. Easy to configure and a works fast.

  • look great


    a great extension, I wish i have a chance to try it !

  • All round good product and service


    I had a few minor layout issues and had a different poll type on my old checkout. This is likely to do with my theme. The guys at magestore have been really good with everything. They replied quickly and not only fixed the layout issue they even added my poll into their software at no charge. The checkout itself looks nice, is responsive and very easy to use and setup. Very highly recommended company and products.

  • Reply to enrico


    Hi Enrico, Our One Step Checkout supports Paypal, Paypal Pro, Moneybookers, SagePay, Check, Credit Card, 3D Secure, 2Checkout, 10 payment methods of Icepay and 26 payment methods of Wirecard Checkout Page. If you want it to supports payment methods other than what I mentioned above, you can send a ticket via, our support will help with it. Best regards, Magestore.


    enrico ravazzolo

    Hi, I would like to ask about the One Step checkout extension. This extension uses the payment methods which we have already installed on our websites in Magento Enterprise without carrying out any changes/alterations ? Or some of the payment methods which work during the Standard Check Out may not work, because One Step Check requests some different configurations from the Standard version.

  • Great Extension, Great Support


    The cleanest, fullest-featured, most customizable one step checkout I have encountered: I found the initial installation a little frustrating, but support was absolutely fantastic - they went above and beyond to ensure the extension integrated with my theme and other modifications.

  • Must Have


    Magento's default extension asks too much from the customer. This one step extensions made it a lot easier for the customer to finish the sale as it is very simple and quick. It helped increase our sales.

  • Great price and great support


    I've found this module to be really useful, it looks clean, makes the customer's journey a lot easier, and was extremely easy to install.

  • Good price, great support


    You'll save a lot of money buyin this module instead of the "official".com version and get very rapid and intelligent support.

  • Great support


    I can highly recommend this extension. The support is very good.

  • Does the trick


    I am not one to usually write reviews but the support is great and wanted to shout them out. It's very easy to configure and setup. I was having problems with uploading the GEOIP files, but it was my testing server that didn't have enough ram and CPU power to handle the load.

  • Functions and very good support


    The extension works as described and the support is very good.

  • One Step Checkout


    Magestore One Step Checkout is a best professional plugin I ever use! Grate functional extension with grate support. I only wish you can work on weekends:)

  • Great support


    I can highly recommend this extension. The support is great.

  • An amazing extension


    This extension simplifies purchasing steps of customers when they visit my site. It's an amazing feature that Magestore provides in this product. I'm very pleased to own it for my site.

  • Responsive design


    I truly appreciate the responsive layout once we shift to mobiles and that makes it unique unlike to many other One page Checkout extensions available for Magento.

  • Highly Recommended!


    We looked at a lot of different one step checkout extensions and liked this the best. The layout is professional, it is intuitive for users. The ajax updates are fast and reliable. It has all the backend configuration options we wanted including a few different color schemes, so we didn't even need to edit the css :-) It worked out of the box with no modification, we installed it, changed the color scheme and and a couple of other settings and we were done, the easiest possible installation of a plugin like this. Another thing we found with this plugin was the bloat on our codebase was lower than alternatives which installed a vendors wider framework. We also needed a POS solution so the offer of One Step Checkout + discount on Web POS was perfect for us. Very happy with this purchase!

  • Very pleased!


    I cannot fault this extension and Magestore! Great extension, great support - there when / if you need them and always ready to help!! Thank you so much!!

  • It works just as expected


    This is a great extension! It makes all the checkout process visible at once, making it easier for customers to complete an order. There were a few problems installing it, but the Magestore support was great resolving them.

  • Great extension - great support!


    Very easy to installation, excellent support. absolute must have. simply top

  • Excellent Extension!


    I am almost certain this will reduce our abandoned carts. We had a small issue with how a button was looking at checkout but support fixed. A+!

  • Very Good Extension and Excellent CS Team


    I bought the One-Step-checkout extension from Magestore, installed it immediately and it works smoothly. The extension is responsive, works perfectly on my Android and iPhone. The only problem is that I need to do a customized job and thier support team needs my FTP access to get it done. I'm a paranoid man, always, I can't give my FTP password to them. I have a junior technician who's not capable of doing the job, so I have to give up the extension. Their CS Team is really nice, helped me a lot. I would recommend this extension to anyone who needs a one-step-checkout extension.

  • Good


    This is a fairly good extension. I does what it is supposed to.

  • This extension is really useful and has a great client services


    When I bought the extension I had a little problem because I made a mistake installing it. I contacted the support. They replied to me really quickly and took care of my problem almost immediately. Thank you for this great extension !

  • Excelent support


    I did have few problems after installation because my magento was messed up, so I contacted the support. They were quick and very patient in solving everything. It all works now great.

  • Great Support


    The support from Magestore is great. Problems where solved within a day! I recommend your extension to anybody.

  • Superb extension


    This extension has great features and easy to installation . The support was swift and precise. Thanks Magestore.

  • Nice Produxt


    Very pleased in the end. At first there were a few things I wanted changed as we have the product matrix shipping app as well as paypal Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution. Justin put up with all my questions and concerns and solved everything to make it the way we wanted. It looks the best out of every one step checkout and works flawlessly. Can't fault anything :)

  • Great extension from Magestore


    After sorting out some issues, and doing some customization, everything works quite good now! I had to admit I could be a pain sometimes, but the support was swift, patient and precise. I will continue purchasing extensions from Magestore.

  • Goede Checkout, snelle support


    De mensen van Magestore zijn erg snel en accuraat op problemen (als deze er zijn). Nu de problemen opgelost zijn ben ik erg tevreden. De layout is erg overzichtelijk en nodigt uit tot bestellen

  • Perfect werkende One Step Checkout


    Deze extenties werkt perfect op 2 van mijn magento webshop's. Ondersteuning is perfect wordt snel geholpen en eventuele problemen worden snel en goed verholpen.

  • Great OSC plugin


    I tested many OSC plugins and the Magestore plugin is quite nice. It has some nice layout options (2 and 3 columns) and the checkout information is sorted very well, so you have a good overview. Unfortunately, the plugin had some issues with other third party plugins I installed. Those were fixed very quick and accurate by Justin from the customer support. Everything works quite good now!

  • Awesome extension


    The guys from Magestore made an awesome extension. And the support was swift and precise. Thanks Magestore. I highly recommend your extension to anybody looking to increase sales.

  • Easiest extension I have ever step up


    Great extension. Installed with no problems. Seems to work seamless with my theme Ulitmo. Also added the responsive patch and that is also working fine. Looks great out of the box, no modifications required. It just looks like page of my theme. 10 out of 10 :)

  • Perfect product and support


    What a lovely extension. This product is very useful. Customers can buy much more faster than before. I had some problems with my lay-out, but after I contacted Magestore, they repaired it immediately.

  • Simple and convenient


    An ideal extension to offer buyers a simple and convenient way for checkout and with its responsive feature I am sure this will help to boost mobile sale too.

  • Great product, great support


    One Step Checkout is a MUST have extension. I ordered some customization, and after some bumps in the road during implementation, all has worked as expected. Developer support has been really good and I will continue purchasing extensions from Magestore.

  • Support couldn't be better


    extensions is very complete. i had a few minor issues, but the support was excellent so as a customer you get a royal treatment.

  • Works as advertised.

    Komodo Commerce

    Everyone who has built a number of Magento sites knows that the one-step-checkout extensions are popular and better than the native AJAX accordion checkout. (I've been developing on Magento for 4 solid years.) The is extension does what it is supposed to do.

  • Reply to Abbas


    Hi Abbas, Thank you for reviewing our One Step Checkout extension. We've updated the Responsive style for One Step Checkout in the latest version,therefore it is responsive to mobile themes. Best regards, Magestore

  • Excellent!


    Great, we have installed it on our store with success. It worked out-of-the-box, though we had a problem review orders on the backend. I contacted support and Justin solved this issue in practically no-time. Great product, great support!

  • Responsive Style


    This extension is one of major requirement for Magento store because I personally feels that customers dont like to follow 6 step checkout process but I am little concerned if it is responsive to mobile themes or not.

  • Super checkout!


    Great extension. Installed with no problems. Seems to work seamless with my theme Ulitmo. Also added the responsive patch and that is also working fine. Looks great out of the box, no modifications required. It just looks like page of my theme. 10 out of 10 :)

  • One step checkout


    The shipment method must update each time. But not with us. Woke this I reported the problem and found that IE stopped this. The Helpdesk immediately solved the problem and it works great. We are very pleased with the product and the company.!

  • Super Checkout Made Easy


    This is excellent checkout module that replaces the default clunky one. It is very configurable and will fit any template. We had an issue with our template conflicting with some css but magestore were quick as a flash to fix it.

  • Resolve quickly problem with Sweet Tooth Rewards module


    Everything works just fine and as advertised. The only problem I am having is with the Sweet Tooth Rewards Extension. It no longer works when I enable this extension. But their developer had gotten back to me shortly on the issue.

  • This is a very usefull extention


    After payment the installation was very quickly and it works very well. I had a problem and the support is super, quickly solved and we are very happy with this extension and support we got. Thank you!

  • AKROSS Canada

    Emin Ak

    Very pleased with this extension and the work that support group put to install it. Thank you!

  • CEO

    PHCH Soap Co.

    This is simply an awesome extension that reduces the time needed for my customers to checkout. Works as advertised. Support was very thorough and responsive to all issues and incompatibilities. We have bought several extensions from Magestore and will do so again in the future when the need arises.

  • Great extenstion, lightning fast and professional support!

    Alex Lemar

    I am a long time to choose onestepchekout extension, I have tried different modules, but usually did not want to support those helping to make minor changes, this is actually a problem that I did not want to buy other extensions of the company, but the magestores employees really help me and they were very accommodating after i 3 times asked for help in minor changes to the module, now everything is working fine, and I had a huge desire to work with this company and further, next module which I will buy - "Reward Points", and yet, they are very good discounts. In the end, I recommend the module! They really help me!

  • Great Extention and fantastic support


    Extension works great There was 2 problems with integration extension in my extrem customized magento theme, magestore have corrected this 100% and make it more than fast (10 hours response time incl. correction).

  • Quick and simple Checkout!


    Great one step checkout extension. The different optional theme makes the checkout page on the webstore look just incredible. The input fields are well laidout and features a functional updater for entries requiring quick updates before checkout. The only thing that would make this the absolute best-of the-best is if the product thumbnail of any items in cart were actually shown at checkout page. The Customer support is world class service and response time is quick and straight-forward to any issues at hand.

  • Great extension - great support!


    Fantastic support from the team at MageStore and a great checkout extension. Miles better than the default extension. We had some minor issues with integration with a custom theme, Justin and the support team were amazing on more than one occasion! Advocate right here!

  • Super extension and excellent support


    A problem after the installation was quickly handled by support. The result now is a sleek and customer friendly checkout procedure. The price is very competitive too Highly recommended

  • Reply to cintia


    Hi Cintia, Thank you for your question. Our One Step Checkout module has ajax updates since it's a very useful function. When customers change their information such as an address, other sections- Shipping, Payment Method, Order Review will be auto-updated. You could test it in our demo site for better understanding. Best regards, Magestore

  • Fantastich


    Het geld meer dan waard!!

  • Excellent Extension for magento


    one step checkout is an excellent extension for magento.

  • Ajax


    Hi, Wondering if this extension has ajax updates? Otherwise seems to be a great extension.Looking forward

  • Fantastic product, awesome support!


    The support fixed a few things without ever asking questions - It was done BAM! like this! - I have translated this module into Danish, and just waiting for the Magento to 'suck' it in :-)

  • Great extension and support


    Very good extension and working very well as described. There is an error after installation but because of my mistake. The support team helped and solved the problem, after that everything works properly. I recommend this extension!

  • Absolutely the best One Step Checkout extension


    Absolutely the best One Step Checkout extension, It makes checkout steps are very easy. It has lots of feature, Keep up the great work guys.

  • Great support!


    Had some great support on the OSC extension and even the 2.0.2 was advised they continue support on an older version which was heavily customised to our needs!

  • Very good extension!!


    Bought the extension but we encountered some issues with installing but the service was great and resolved in no time!! I recommend this company because they are very good in support and useful extensions.

  • Great Support and Extension


    I have previously purchase the affiliate extension from magestore, and recently this checkout extension. On both time I have had the best possible support compared to other extension developers. They helped me to get this extension working with a custom theme which is something many developers dont do. Overall this extension is working great and I highly recommend it!

  • Great Extenstion


    This is a good extension. I believe it makes checkout process a lot easier than regular multi-step checkout of magento.

  • Web Developer


    Magestore's One Step Checkout Extension has been one of the staple additions to all of my projects. With the number of clients we have coming to our business, we needed to make sure that we are supplying a stable one step checkout extension that will be sure to not disappoint, and this is it. If you are looking at other extensions to do this job, look no further. We have used all of them, and Magestore has achieved top tier in my book.

  • Mr

    Rajeev Mongia

    An excellent product, from a very dynamic company. When things do not go quite right, they are right there to help you along the way. we would highly recommend both product and company.

  • trial


    I already installed store pick up and very satisfied yet. The trial version of one step checkout is compatible and I am obliged to buy it.

  • Phenominal Checkout


    I purchased this 1 step check because the integrated magento one is severly clunky, and I even hate checking out on it. The ability to customize the checkout page with this extension is well worth it's weight. Really speeds up the checkout process... which will hopefully lead to more conversions!

  • Worked Perfectly


    Installed this on a friends site when he bought it. Worked great out of box in a basic themed website (Haven't tried any advanced theme stores yet). The single page is much more fluid than the clunky one built into magento. Looks much smoother and is much more responsive.

  • Great extension and even better support


    The extension installed very smoothly. This is way better than the original magento checkout. After trying similar extensions from other companies, I have to say that this was the one that worked best, and the support was very helpful guiding me on how to fix the little issues I had.

  • Sales Booster Extension


    I am using similar extension on my store and I can surely say that this extension makes a huge difference in number of sales. Since I have found some bug in that one page checkout extension so I will probably consider to try this one in near future. As Magestore always have excellent extensions due to their professional coding.

  • Helpful and professional support team


    Had some problems at the beginning of installation, but then the support team was very helpful and very professional and where able to correct the website and install this module very quickly. Very impressive and very easy to work with. As this is my first time buying from Magestore after the experience I have had with these people I will definitely keep buying from Magestore.

  • Good extension release


    This is flexible extension for store.

  • A nice module & really good support


    A nice module (works with 1.7.2) and have-to for every self-respecting web-store! And the helpdesk (especially Justin) were providing really good support for customising it to the needs we had in mind!... Thanks!

  • Great extension, Outstanding support


    Extension is great, and the support is outstanding. I use Magestore extensions regularly and in a few cases I had a bug, which they fixed within a few hours. *like* :)

  • Best part is support!


    Extension works as intended, but the best part is the support! I had a bug impairing some admin area functionality, and they were able to get in and fix it in a few hours.

  • Good extension, great support.


    We like Magestore's extensions, we have several of them. You get good quality for a good price. One Step Checkout offers us several advantages: faster log-in and checkout, customer comments, discount codes on checkout page... With this extension we encountered some compatibility issues with other extensions, but the support is always fast and ready to help. We really love this.

  • Great extension


    Great extension works fine. For installation problems support is really fast and professional. Thank you guys!

  • Reply to Red InGo


    Hi Red, Thanks for your interest in our products. One step checkout extension can work with Facebook login together. When a customer logs into your store through his Facebook account, the information including: email, name... will be recorded as the info of a normal customer. Best regards, Magestore

  • magento one step checkout & facebook login

    Red InGo

    i'm want to know is it work with your 'Magento Facebook Login Extension', i mean, if we login with Facebook then on one step checkout we'll heve completed form?

  • Reply to Tony


    Hi Tony, Thanks very much for using our product. We will consider your suggestion and try to upgrade the extension to integrate into 3D frame secure. The updated information will be sent through newsletter and posted on our Blog, Facebook and Twitter for you to easily follow. Thank you again. Magestore

  • Great but doesn't work with 3D secure


    This is a great extension and we have seen an increase in conversion rates sinces installing, but we have now had to integrate 3D secure from Cerdinal Centinel and this extension wont work along side it, therefore we've had to go back to the standard Magento checkout :( do you have any plans to upgrade this extension to integrate the 3D secure frame? Other than that, really is a great extension, well done :)

  • The Extension are amazing!

    Athanasios Kangarakis

    The Extension are amazing. Thank you Magestore for the great support.

  • Much better!


    This is much better than the original Magento checkout system and it's very easy to install and customise.

  • Owner Indigo Webstudio


    Great extension: smooth and simple integration. Response time support is perfect.

  • Really powerful!


    This extension is really powerful, and it is top quality. Works perfect for Magento 1.7.0. Support is fantastic, need answer to a question, and they replied within a couple of hours. I will recommend this extension or any other extension from MageStore.

  • Customers are buying more!


    This guys are really the best developer here. I did buy this extension already 1 year ago, but every time we make some changes they help us with all of the modification. The module is simple to install and easy to use. And the best part of this :) The customers are buying more. I recommend it!!

  • Project Manager

    Hans Andersen

    Are you planning to make auto generating as an option of customer accounts? It would be a lovely thing to add :)

  • Great module and great company!


    This extension is amazing! It just makes so much sense to use this over the usual checkout process. This eliminates all of the backtracking a customer can do and makes it so much easier for my customers to checkout faster! I'm also thanks for your quick support!

  • Recommended extension


    I have tried the trial version of this extension to check the compatibility with Magento version 1.6. It has really encouraged me to recommend this extension to my client to get ordered.

  • A very high-quality specialty checkout extension


    This is a great extension for sure, thank you to Michael especially for the wonderful experience and swift professional support, and thank all of your team for such a perfect and actually very useful/critical extension. If anybody out there is looking for a very high-quality specialty checkout extension for Magento I would seriously highly-recommend this. And you'll definitely get top-notch support on top of that as well. My very own experience speaks in volumes Thanks again guys, excellent product!!

  • feature


    True to it's name, One step checkout let's customers finish their order easily and quickly by filling out a field conveniently displayed on one, simple checkout page. Now, our customers satisfy much and save more time. Thank very much.

  • Best Module


    These guys really sells the best module and provide exellent support on the modules. I love this module and it works great. Wanted to change the layout and they always will help. Keep up the good work. My points is 11 out of 10.

  • Good stuff


    We tried this product and evetually bought other extensions from Aitoc, ending up with a lot off support-requests towards Aitoc. I wish we stayed with this product.

  • Good extension


    This module is totally the solution to our website. It's convenient, no doubt of it. And a lot of useful features added. I'm very satisfied. Good job, Magestore!

  • This extension is amazing


    I bought this extension two months ago. The layout is really nice and there is no bug at all. Thanks Magestore for your great extension!

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