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Ebook Magento Made Easy

  • Ebook Magento Made Easy

A must read ebook for those who want to master and build a site on Magento platform on their own

  • The "bedside book" of more than 5,000 Magento Gurus
  • Everything is as clear as day, even beginners can understand and self-study
  • A series of two e-books covering from basic background of Magento for beginners to complicated topics for advanced developers
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Be a store owner or a person paying attention to e-commerce, you are surely familiar with Magento - an open source platform for online merchants. Using Magento, you can be flexible in setting up and developing a website as you desire. However, some of you may find it difficult to use this platform at first and are confused with a wide range of Magento books.

Based on the idea of helping everyone master Magento platform, our developers have been urged to collaborate on publishing this book and sharing with Magento community.

“Magento Made Easy: Comprehensive Guide to Magento Setup and Development” is a series of two e-books. The Volume 1 is for beginners with the fundamental knowledge of Magento. The Volume 2 is for advanced developers with more complicated topics in Magento.


This work is the achievement of Magestore’s dedicated and enthusiastic technical team members. They are David Nguyen, Alex Nguyen, Michael Nguyen, Blanka Pham, Johnny Giap, Marko Pham and Zackie Duong, who not only have the Magento knowledge, but also own practical working experience in this e-commerce platform.

Especially, four out of these authors are certified developers who passed the Magento Developer Certification Exam. Moreover, David Nguyen is also the main author of “How to pass Magento Certification Exam in 30 Days” - an ebook received a lot of great feedback from our customers.

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This e-book is the first volume with two parts: Magento Overview and Module Development.

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- Part 01. Magento Overview: The first part is an introduction to Magento (architecture, folder and data structure, configuration and naming). It provides you with a basic background of Magento to prepare for the next part.

- Part 02. Module Development: This part has 14 lessons and focuses on many essential topics in Magento. They are module, menu, grid, form, layout and template, JavaScript and CSS, email, events and class override.

You want to develop a store on Magento platform on your own, don’t you? So don’t hesitate to download “Magento Made Easy: Comprehensive Guide to Magento Setup and Development” and learn right now!

Do you know that David and Johnny are lead developers in our new project "Mobile app for Magento"? 
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