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Magento Mobile App

Magento Mobile App is one module in our Omnichannel solution for Magento retailers.

Manage and convert on the go. Magestore's Magento Mobile Apps provide you with access to your latest business situation, no matter where you are. With these best magento mobile apps in hand, now you don't have to worry about late problem solving or missing growth opportunities anymore.

Mobile App features

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1. eMember Card

Magestore E-Member App is a powerful open-source magento mobile app, which well integrates with loyalty programs (gift card, reward points and store credit) and a cutting edge innovation to optimise your customer relationship management. Instead of issuing a handful of paper/plastic loyalty cards for customers, it becomes easier for both the ecommerce manager and their customers when the clients can quickly register as an Emember account to the eMember Mobile App site. The manager also receives a full range of information related to loyal customers. This ensures correct business direction as well as the best experience for your customers. If you are looking for the best mobile app for Magento, you can't miss this one.

Key Functions:

  • 1.1. Customer can register for a free account on Magento mobile app open source(sign in/sign out, sign up, reset password).
  • 1.2. Customer can view and edit/ update their personal information.
  • 1.3. Customer's ID card would be displayed as a serial number or a QR code.
  • 1.4. Customer can view his membership level, expiration date of his rank, the discount rates for his card rank.
  • 1.5. Customer can view their reward point details, such as: current balance of earning points, transaction histories related to both spending points and earning points from past shopping carts, the reward point policies published by the admin, redemption values.
  • 1.6. Customer can view their electronic wallet details: wallet lists, available balance, history of the cash flow, wallet policies and wallet term expiration.
  • 1.7. Customer can view the complete promotion program details.
  • 1.8. Customer can view their order history, give feedback and request for warranty services.
  • 1.9. Customer can allow the magento mobile app to determine their location, choose the nearest stores, provide them a guidance for the shortest way by a detailed map - a useful sidekick to Magento Store Pickup module which allows customers to place order online and receive products at store.
  • 1.10. Customer would be suggested about the most appropriate items which can meet or exceed their expectations. This function would help the firms to rise their sales amount dramatically.

2. Barcode Scanning

The great thing about Magento mobile app to scan barcode is that they’re often compatible with the users' existing api software, and many are available with cross-device compatibility. With this solution, inventory staff will be equipped with the best barcode mobile app for magento ecommerce site. This works as a great sidekick plugin to their inventory management duty, which allows their personal smartphones to act as a Magento barcode scanner (for products, for delivery slips and receipt slips) on the job. All data will seamlessly be synced with Magento backend on website portal.

Fuctions provided to inventory staff:

A - Warehouse input and output process

2.1. Sign in with an existing account, view general information: name, role, staff ID.

2.2. View the history/ status of goods delivery and goods receipt (Approved, Processing/To do or Cancelled) in Magento inventory management workflow.

2.3. Scan barcodes of a stock slip to view the details of a delivery or a receipt slip.

2.4. Scan barcodes of products on his mobile/devices screen. After scanning, details of products would be displayed (name, attributes, image illustration) on the pop-up screen.

2.5. Validate stock transfer, confirm to export or import items in stock.

2.6. Cancel an export or import transaction related to inventory, the reason for cancel is required.

B - Stocktake and stock adjustment process

2.1. Scan barcodes of shelves in a warehouse to start a shelf stock adjustments (optional).

2.2. Scan barcodes of products to check the quantity.

2.3. View inventory records, to be specific: Real quantity, Theoretical quantity and the discrepancies per product lines.

2.4. Add comment per each line of items.

2.5. Inventory adjustment records would be automatically updated (synchronized) on backend system, therefore the inventory admin can manage every movements in warehouses.

2.6. View history of inventory adjustment as part of Magento inventory control.

3. Dashboard for Manager

An analytics dashboards mobile app for Magento is a collection of widgets that give the director level, specifically ecommerce manager an overview of the reports and metrics they care about most. Dashboard App lets the manager monitor many metrics at once, so they can quickly check the health of their firm or see correlations between different reports. Dashboards are easy to view and share. With an analytics dashboard mobile app for Magento, the manager can make sense of massive amount of data and make fact-based decisions in real time by using their technical devices such as: iphone, ipad, adroid mobiles, etc.

This analytics dashboard mobile app for Magento ecommerce manager by making it easier to:

2.1. Register an account to the mobile app (sign in/ sign out/ sign up/ reset password)

2.2. View top 10 best sellers reports on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

2.3. View day-, week-, month-, or year-end total sales amount/ total expenses.

2.4. View the proportion of sales through any sales channels (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)

2.5. View the forecasting business revenue in the future (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)

2.6. View stock reports and actual values of inventory to evaluate/update the inventory levels daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

2.7. View the Supplier Debt Reports to find out how much the firm owes to their suppliers

2.8. View the Customer Debt Reports

2.9. View the annual profit and loss reports

2.10. View all the reports via chart formats: such as bar charts, pie charts and column charts, or a single or dual chart

2.11. Export (save) the chart-formatted reports as an image/PDF file to their devices

2.12. Send charts via emails

2.13. Comment/ take note or highlight on charts

2.14. View charts with year-to-year comparison

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