Magestore no longer provides this extension to focus on Omnichannel Solution for online-offline Magento business. Read why?

We still provide support to existing customers within a year from your purchase date. Please contact Magestore Support for further inquiries.

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[Discontinued] Membership New updates with new user-friendly interface (1.5)

[Discontinued] Membership
  • [Discontinued] Membership (1.5)

This extension has been discontinued.

For Magestore target to provide the ultimate omnichannel solution for Magento retailers, we focus our efforts to Retailer Kit - a group of well-integrated extensions that empower your retailing business.

  • Rocket sales on your webstore
  • Ensure consistent sales activities across multiple channels
  • Streamline inventory management & order processing operations

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Community Edition 1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9.x
Enterprise Edition 1.9.x - 1.10 - 1.11 - 1.12 - 1.13 - 1.14.x
Perfectly Compatible with Security Patch SUPEE-8788 & 9652

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Magestore no longer provides this extension to focus on Omnichannel Solution for online-offline Magento business. Read why?

We still provide support to existing customers within a year from your purchase date. Please contact Magestore Support for further inquiries.

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Why you need Magento Membership extension

Looking for a way to encourage customers to keep purchasing from your store? One handy tip is letting them join a membership plan, which gives them the exclusive access to special discounts for different membership levels or even free products.
Magestore Magento Membership extension is exactly what you need to give these privileges to VIP customers or subscribed users on your site! This extension helps you create unlimited partner/ membership packages with different registration fees and benefits. If you want to increase customers’ engagement, subsciptions and loyalty or witness a soar in sales, undoubtedly this would be a must-have Magento module for your site.

magento membership extension | benefits


How it works

magento membership extension | how it works


Features that help you engage more with customers

With Membership extension, you can create a separate page to show membership packages with different fees, duration and benefits for customers. Your customers can view details of each package before choosing the most suitable one.

magento membership extension | membership packages

On a product page, special membership prices are shown attractively to visitors to encourage them to join your partner programs.

magento membership extension | membership on product pages

Customers can view the information about membership packages they purchased (expired date, product bought, money saved) and renew the membership when it expires.

magento membership extension | membership information

Customers are able to receive notification emails to renew their membership package when it is about to expire.

magento membership extension | notification email

Besides certain percentage discounts on products’ price, you can group multiple products and offer them at a same special price, such as a group of free items.

magento membership extension | group products with special price



All powerful features in a package

For CustomersOn the Membership Plan page
    • Show all membership programs with general information (duration, description and price).
    • Show detailed information of each membership package, including products, regular prices, membership prices and saving amounts.
    • Enable signing up for memberships easily by purchasing them as normal products.
On product pages
    • Enable registered members to see the special discount prices of products under the membership package.
On the Membership Plan Management page
    • Show information about the membership package(s) purchased.
    • Enable members to renew expired memberships.
    • Show all payment histories for membership, including pending orders.
    • Notify members via email when their membership expires.
Membership package management
  • Allows creating a Magento partner program with many membership packages with different benefits, fees and durations.
  • Able to add, edit and remove membership packages.
  • Allow setting package name, price, discount percentage on assigned products, duration and description.
For Admin
    • Able to choose whether or not applying membership discount on product custom options.
    • Allow assigning individual products or product groups to each membership package.
    • Able to view members registered for each membership package
    • Auto-extend time for membership plan of customer after order is saved in back-end.
Product group management
    • Allow creating groups of products which are given the same special price.
    • Create description for each product group.
Member management
    • Able to view, add and remove members
Flexible settings
  • Allow configuring member program’s short description that shows on the Membership Plan page.
  • Allow configuring order status to auto-active/ update membership package.
  • Allow configuring the number of days before expired date that the package status turn to warning.
  • Allow sending email to members before their package expires.
  • Allow configuring styles of membership box: colors of title, hovering, etc. or use custom css. (NEW)
  • Support multiple stores
  • 100% Open source
  • License Certificate valid for 1 live Magento installation and unlimited test Magento installations (No license key required).
  • Easy to install and configure

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Customization - Have it on your own way

Being provided with opensource, you can easily modify extension. If you want to be faster & better, Magestore can give you a hand. We provide Customization Services for Magento Membership Extension at reasonable fee.

Wonder two most frequent customization request fors Membership?

  • Automatically add customer to a membership program after his/her purchase amount reaches a certain number
  • Set different membership rules for different stores
  • Integrate Membership and Reward Points extensions

Read here for full request

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Release Notes

Version 1.5 (updated on Feb 17th, 2016)

  • Update interface for better user experience
  • Optimize to configure membership program more easily

Version 1.4 (updated on May 21th, 2013)

  • Fix error occurring when customers sign up for membership packages from guest account
  • Support multiple stores.

Version 1.3 (updated on Jan 7th, 2013)

  • Allows admin to add/remove members in backend.

Version 1.2 (updated on July 2nd, 2012)

  • Fix error: extend time automatically for membership plan of customer after saved order in back-end.

Version 1.1 (updated on July 12th, 2011)

  • Can't select all products in backend Membership -> Manage Packages -> Manage Products.
  • Add pagination for detail page of package.
  • Change Buy Now button to Signed Up button in membership page on frontend if customer has bought the package.
  • Modify My Payment History in frontend My Account-->Membership Plan-->My Payment History to contain also pending orders.
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Magestore’s Happy Customer: More sales driven with Membership extension

“Membership extension helps our Customers easily see the details of their membership packages. Also, information is directly attached to each product, making it very functional but still not compromising its simplicity. Thanks to these membership policies, our store has witnessed a soar in sales. Members are encouraged to purchase more when they... read more

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  • Great Extension


    We had some small issues with compatibility as our store has many-many extensions installed, but support fixed those issues. This extension has increased customer loyalty at our store. Having a unique and special price just for Members of our "VIP" program is a nice touch. This encourages customers to make purchases more frequently. We also have the GiftCard extension from MageStore and this combo has helped us with customer loyalty immensely!! Highly Recommend to get both.

  • A great product


    Hello, I recommend this extension because it's really great ! You could ask for a cheap fee some customization if needed. You will get a fast and great support from Magestore.

  • A five stars extension :-)


    Hello, I recommend this extension because it's really great ! You could ask for a cheap fee some customization if needed. You will get a fast and great support from mister Johnny :-). regards,

  • Good extension


    Good extension for our store to divide customers into each group that will be offered different fees or advantages when they're shopping. I've found that this is one of essential extensions that can encourage customers to buy more. Thank you.

  • Reply to Raju


    Hi there, Thank you for contacting us. Regarding to your question, our Membership extension doesn't support multi sellers. Therefore, we're afraid that the extension can't meet this requirement and you might use customise service in this case. If you want to discuss more details with our developer, please send email to Regards, Magestore

  • Raghavan


    Hello, we are planning for multi seller extension, as such we plan to put in place a member ship fees for all sellers who use our platform to sell their product. Does your extension support membership for multi sellers. please let me know. Also if you have a detail video demo, pass me the link. Thank you Raju

  • A great product

    Joey T.

    This is an encouragement for our customers to buy more products with different membership's benefits. That's the reason I choose this extension for my site. So great!

  • Reply to Tim


    Hi Tim, Thank you for your opinion. We noted this feature to our updates list. Our technical team will review and consider to add it to next versions of Membership in the future. We'll inform you instantly when it's available. Best regards, Magestore

  • This is a good extension!


    I have used this extension and it's really amazing !

  • Owner


    It seems to be a good extension, but it does not have auto renewal. Will that feature be available in your next upgrade, if so any time frame for it? Thanks.

  • Reply to Patrick Lefebre


    Hi Patrick, Thank you for your question. Our technical team can customize Membership module to make it works as you want. For mere details, please submit a ticket here or send an email to Best regards, Magestore

  • Membership (1.4)

    Patrick Lefebre

    I have installed the trial package of membership extension and saw the features that the extension provides. However, i could not find the feature that i need the most. I need to implement a feature where a user can purchase only 5 products a month for free. Is there any option in the extension that can help me to do this. Or if it is not available, is there any chance you can do it for me.

  • Still a request from your customers


    Membership extension still a request from your clients and is on my wishlist. Free trial is on demand. Thanks

  • Reply to Tom


    Hi Tom, Thank you for contacting us. Regarding your question, our Membership module doesn’t relate directly to CMS page. It includes different membership packages with different products and product groups. If a same product appears in different groups, it will show in group that has higher priority score. In case of different membership packages, it will show at lower price. If you have further question, please send an email to, we’ll assist you shortly. Best regards, Magestore

  • Reply to Ulf Meyer


    Hi there, thank you for your interest in our product. Regarding your question, we're sorry that the current version of Membership module hasn't supported monthly payment function. We've noted your suggestion into updates list and will inform you shortly if it's available. Best regards, Magestore

  • DB Manager


    One last question before purchasing the extension: can we restrict access to CMS pages by membership level, such as only gold members will be able to see wholesale prices? Thanks

  • monthly payment

    Ulf Meyer

    Hi, can the plugin manage different Levels of memeberships with a mounthly automatically payment? Thx for fast answer Ulf

  • Reply to Phil


    Hi Phil, thank you for your interest in our product. Regarding your question, we're sorry that the current version of Membership has not provided this function yet. It requires customization with time and effort. But we'll consider it to update in near future. Best regards, Magestore

  • free shipping cost


    Hi, I wonder if it was possible to set up a subscription offer with a discount on the price but also free shipping with the same offer on all the products? Thank you for your reply.

  • Reply to Luciano


    Hello, you can go to to submit a ticket. Our developer will help you.

  • Time Slot Configuration


    Hi, My question here is to know if this extension has the ability to configure the package subscription time into days... With this I mean, for example, if I can create a package that will have a duration of 14 days... I await for responses...

  • Reply to Jeff


    Hi Jeff, Regarding your question, currently our extension has not supported this feature. We will consider and try to update it in the next version. Thank you! Best Regards, Magestore

  • Help


    How can you display the membership price in the product list??



    Not only is this is a perfect extension for setting up membership plans to your products but the service is amazing. Highly recommend this, able to change colors and customize just enough to your needs. Using it for fashion site and couldnt be happier with product and amazing help from extension staff. Very prompt in answering questions and they understand your needs quickly.

  • Reply to Adrian


    Hi, If you want to change the color in Membership extension, you can edit the code in file skin/frontend/default/default/css/membership.css to display the color as you want. Best regards, Magestore

  • change color scheme on membership extension


    how do i change color scheme on the membership extension

  • Reply to Marcelo


    Hi Marcelo, Thanks for your interest in our Membership. We have added this function to Magestore. You could refer more here: and select the suitable for your package. Best regards, Magestore

  • Reply to Innovation


    Hi there, Thanks very much for your suggestion. We could review and find the best way to add the feature as you mentioned in the next update version. You could follow our update news through the Release Notes tab right on the product page. Thank you again, Magestore

  • Membership - gives store's manager extra profit


    HI.I was wondering for something that allows me to give customer subscription to my services. The modules is very flexible allowing to add time period and conditions. This can give store manager additional profits instead of one-time-purchase.

  • on magestore


    do you have this module on magestore for I become a member?

  • Reply to GmbH and Gopinath: Language Package


    Hi there, Thanks much for your good feedback on our product. Unfortunately, our Membership extension just offers the English translation file in this folder: app/locale/en_US. We are very regretful about not being able to support Dutch language package since we are not knowledgeable about Dutch. However, we will provide you with the translation file in English (app/locale/en_US/Magestore_Membership.csv). You can copy this file to your language folder (app/locale/your_language) and translate the text after the right comma into your language. It's quite easy to do that. Best regards, Magestore

  • NIce and Great Extension


    I installed and worked in this extension which works great. Do you have multiple language pack for this extension especially Dutch language pack?

  • Need Language Package for Membership Extension GmbH

    We have installed the Membership Extension and it works with no issues. But just we need to have the extension for Dutch language also. Is there any possibilities or procedure to have the language pack for Membership Extension, kindly let us know. Your help will much more appreciated. Thanks in Advance!

  • Reply to Edmund- Membership Numbering Format


    Hi Edmund, Could you explain more about your question? We don't understand of "generate numbering format". If you could submit a ticket to our support system and explain more about your question, that would be great! Best regards, Magestore

  • Membership Numbering Format


    Hi, can the membership extension generate different membership numbering formats? thanks.

  • Fantastic extension


    I downloaded and installed this component and the instruction manual in less than a minute. There were no settings to worry about and after two minutes I had created a 'front end' Membership very well .It worked flawlessly and I recommend it for constructing Magento platform. it suggested me the effective program (for both sides: seller and buyer) so a lot of customers have been curious to join. Full marks for this extension!

  • Nice extension and good support


    Selling products through membership package is not new in traditional commerce, but it's hot in ecommerce. I had thought of this kind of selling long before this extension was released. But of course, I'm not a developer to build such extension ;) When receiving newsletter of releasing this extension, I read every detail, used demo and decided to buy it. What amazing is it has all features that I expect. 10 votes for Magestore and for the developer built this module. Ah, I have to mention about Magestore support. Very good! I had a small bug with this extension and got fixed in 1 hour after submitting ticket.

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