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Simple thing like installation, not properly be done will cause unexpected concequence. Will you step into a mess from the beginning or have all basic setups in order? We test carefully to ensure site stability & normal system operation after any installation.

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When it comes to Magento installation, choosing a professional team to take care of is a must! Remember you are going to get some good hands doing the job. After analysing your site's current status, our certified experts will come up with specific deployment plan to install. Whether it's Magento platform, theme, integration/extension.. we make sure things are accomplished with finesses!

Magestore Installation Service is applied for:

  • Magento Platform

    Whether you prefer Magento 1 or Magento 2, it is required to set up Magento platform to start building up your e-commerce website ($100-$300 per installation)

  • Magento Theme

    Your new build-up webstore need a theme to be set up? Or your site's interface need a complete change? Better call our team for theme installation service for only $100 each theme

  • Magento Extensions

    Not to be worried if you do not have developer team to support. We cover the task with a fix rate ($50 per extension)

  • Magento Security Patch

    Provide us the current Magento version of your website, we will support to install the matching security patch. Keep customers' information being protected, let us do the job for you! ($100 per patch)

How do you benefit from Magestore Magento installation service?
  • Provide consultation before installing
  • Ensure installation is done quickly and completely (estimatedly in 01 day)
  • Review & test your function after installing, make sure the website runs properly and do not create conflict with other elements
  • Support re-install 01 free time when the extensions is updated

Have you had any installation request in mind?


 The installation process includes these following step:
  • 1 Fill in request form. It's recommended to provide your SSH, Backend account, Database account & FTP information to ensure the request is proceeded quickly
  • 2 Receive quotation & discuss in detail. Base on the requirement, the consultant or supporter will contact to you with detail plan to execute. The plan also includes estimated time and cost
  • 3 Execute the installation within timeline. Once the quotation is agreed between two sides, the payment link will be sent to you to complete. Then, the installation request will be deployed instantly
  • 4 Finish Installation & Review. After the installation is completed, the developer who is in charge will send you a notification. You will have time to review the result and test the function

Apart from major steps as mentioned, the Magestore technical team will involve in testing the normal function of the website after installing. This action is to ensure no bug or conflict is out of control.


Please pay attention before you request for using Magento Installation Service from Magestore:

  • The reward points you've earned in previous purchases do not applied for the Magento Installation Service
  • You can complete purchase the service by simply choosing to buy installation service when buying extensions, or, sent us your special request and we'll send you the specific checkout link
  • The installation service is applied for Magento platform exclusively. If you request for installing extensions/modules which is not from Magestore, make sure they are well-functioned on Magento site
  • The installation request will be implementing on 01 Testing site (DEV site) and 01 Live site only.
  • In case you have purchased our installation service for a Magestore extension, when the new updated version is applied, we offer you 01 FREE re-installation. You can choose to not update the current version if it includes a critical customization. For any other request about re-installing for theme or Magento platform, the fee will be charged as normal
  • Generally, it takes about 01 day within our working hour (17:30PM - 3:00AM PST) to install any extension. You will be notified when any problems arise
  • For Magento theme installation, we can recommend partner list in which you can choose one to support you in having a customized theme as you would like to design
  • Refer to Refund Policy applied to Magento Services for more detail

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